Kagem Workers Down Tools

Workers at Kagem Emerald Mine in Lufwanyama have downed tools demanding a 50% salary increment.

Management at the emerald mine proposed a 9% salary increment which the unionised workers rejected resulting in withdrawing labour.

National Union of Miners and Allied Workers (NUMAW) National Treasurer Saul Simujika has said workers demanding a 50% salary increment walked out of a meeting as they were being addressed by union officials.

He has expressed disappointment that workers are treating union officials like their enemies despite them negotiating for their improved working conditions.

Simujika said despite failing to get the 50% salary, the union has managed to negotiate for medical discharge and education allowance.

He has appealed to the workers to get back to work and understand that Kagem emerald mine has not recorded favourable production in the last one year.

“It is unfortunate that workers are not respecting Union officials who have represented them for years.

“Walking out of a meeting is not a solution to solving the problem at hand, we have been discussing with management and we have seen that they have not recorded any favourable production in the last one year, that is why we settled at 9%, but besides that we have also negotiated for medical discharge and education allowance for our members,” said Simujika.


  1. Claps James Mphande

    It’s just ok if the company is negotiating you for school fees and medical discharges. Mmm

    • Ndeloleshafye

      You don’t know the exploitation which goes on at the mines.If I may ask are you a Kagem Mine worker or What?You should ask how much is the management as settled on as education allowance, it’s a laughter, it’s mockery.

  2. Nkonkosheni

    Mmmm from 50 to 9 u people consider borth sides.

  3. PF

    Kaya Where This World Going, 4rm 50% To 9%

  4. Norman phiri

    Ba Union u are stupid.

  5. Mk

    Have u been corrupted for you to agree 9% increment? Union official s we know you be fair.

  6. Joseph

    Late us be fairy from 50% to 9%

  7. Davido

    They walked away because they know u as a purppert who says yes even to the nonsense suggestions the so called management decides
    They don’t have confidence in u as far as wear this matter is concerned why cause of every outcome of the meetings they are not what the expect at the end stop corruption and do your job as union and stop defending what is stupid on the expense of others shame union ata

  8. Jackson Chipulu

    Union plse be considerable sure how can you agree that kind of nonsense muleumfwako ne nsoni

  9. Ndeloleshafye

    There is eploitantion of man by man at Kagem Mining Limited people.If you didn’t know, You should know fellow Zambians.As permanent worker I don’t have pension scheme apart from Regina Saturnia which was introduced by the union as a Voluntary contribution. In short what iam trying to say is that at Kagem Mine Limited there is no pension scheme and whether you save 20 years or 30years you won’t be given anything. We need decent conditions of service at KAGEM we have not been talking now we have started we want the nation to know the state of affairs at the Mine.The sad party is that there certain Zambians in this company ( Kagem) who are assisting the so called ‘investors ‘ to exploit the local workers. This ‘cancer’ Corruption should come to an end.

  10. Ndeloleshafye

    We just don’t know whose interest some of these so called ‘unions’motherbodies are saving.We know what is happening during negotiations for salary increment. We know the ethics of a good union representative and if a union representative will side with or connive with management to disadvantage or exploit the local workers such a unionist does not deserve to continue representing employees.We should have a win–win situation at Kagem, workers should be given a decent salary.If management is saying that there’s no production of the emerald what is it that they have been selling for the past nine months? Auctions have been following one after the other nearly every after 3 months even right now as I’m writing there is one currently in Lusaka –Zambia.

  11. Ndeloleshafye

    Kagem Mine the single largest emerald producing company in the world, so it is known world over but when it comes to comparing the salaries paid to the KAGEM mine workers and rest.Kagem workers are the lowest paid miners in the Southern part of Africa if not the world over considering the value of the emerald. We have information on our palms. We need a win–win situation please Kagem management.

  12. frank

    Is it true ftom 50% yo 9%?

  13. Steven


  14. Sunday Chisha

    be serious with your employees

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