Kitwe Cop Arrested For Aiding Notorious Tokota Gang

Charity Katanga

Police in Kitwe have arrested a member of the anti-robbery squad for allegedly aiding members of a notorious gang called the Tokota boys.

The officers have allegedly been tipping members of the gang to evade police pursuits.

Copperbelt Police Chief Charity Katanga has confirmed that the police officer whose name has been withheld has been tipping off members of the notorious gang.

Katanga said the strategy used by the named cop has made it difficult for her officers to corner members of the gang on the wanted list.

She said the police are still looking for more members of the gang to put a close to gangs in Kitwe and other parts of the Copperbelt.

Katanga said the police officer is alleged to have been working with the gang for reasons yet to be established.

“We have arrested a police officer under the anti robbery squad for suspected tipping off members of a notorious gang Tokota boys. You are aware that we are still searching for more members of this gang and as police we are not leaving anything to chance,” she said.

So far 19 members of the gang are in police custody including a driver who took them to some place where they beat up one of their own members.

Tokota boys have been terrorising residents of Ndeke township in Kitwe but their activities have gone beyond the township in the recent past.


  1. Chris B

    Well done Charity please that fool who call himself an officer must be punished double the punishment slated to be mated out on these stupid people who do not deserve to live with the community anywere around the world.

  2. Claps James Mphande

    They must stay long time in jail so that they learn a lesson on how to stay with other people. And that fool also himself police

  3. Claps James Mphande

    They must stay long time in jail so that they learn a lesson on how to stay with other people in the community. And that fool also called himself police officer should stay or forever for him

  4. Claps James Mphande

    They must stay long time in jail so that they learn a lesson on how to stay with other people. And that fool also call himself police officer should stay or life in prison,people are looking for criminals kansi police is one of them mumangeni nayeve adye binzi yosasa. …

  5. Nkonkosheni

    Teach them a lesson stupid young boy.

  6. JR

    Hey Officer Charity do you know that some group of tokota are here in chingola they stay in mikiloni and know them this is there namies k viper, fk2, jack power,kopala,domi dollar,………………..

    • mpundu

      Some people the will post other names so you get them…the are not all in the Group.

  7. PF

    Dnt Realise Them.
    Boma Isebenze Mwaami Apo!!!

  8. Jopesi

    We have suffered mwandi mwami!! !

  9. zeke man

    Just shoot them one by one

    • may jay

      what if your son were in that position would you like to shoter him by yourself

      • Suge Knight

        Wakwipayafye chilaka chakwe why being found in useless groups

  10. Eustace

    There could be more to this than what meets the eye.govt should go down to the root cause & deal with it squarely & conclusively.otherwise we may jailed the so called Tokota Boys,but another group may resurface.

  11. top blaze188

    all thanks i give to the police.make them drink a 20ltr contain of water one by one

  12. Weagans Kanubu

    Wait till Part

  13. PM

    Well Done Officers.

  14. fair access to land

    some years ago a known officer used to run a gang of street kids in Northmead shopping area that terrorized people at night and grabbed cell phones from victims which would later be given to the officer.
    It took one incidence when the street kids attacked someone who managed to overpower them and they ran away but he caught one of them who after a serious beating ,pleaded for his life and revealed that they were working for a certain officer. Disappointingly ,the officer was just transferred to another post nearby .
    Even during the days of the Sene-Senes on the copperbelbelt , some officers in the flying squad used to tip the senegaleze whenever there was a planned clean-up operation.
    We are proud of what the police command has done this time.

  15. prince paul

    may good Lord bless police…kill those so called tokota boys. they are evil. they are not Christian’s. they will NEVER repent.

  16. Bro Epikaizo Rmc

    Sentence Them To Life In Prison

  17. TINTOZ

    I Thought The MAILONI Brothers Were The Last Bad Seeds In Our Country…..Too Bad To Have The Rise Of Another ”Guided” Group.


    That police officer deny him bail,fire him, & jail him with hard labour,afwile atampakale ukwiba,ngamwamuleka lwenu.

  19. Sunta sunkutu

    Well done. Ba jerabo seem to be in good books with govt, can’t they be used to round up ba Tokota? At least ba jerabo don’t commit atrocities .


    Comment Jail Them,by The Way That Office From the ant Robbery Could Be Hiding Something By So Dowing Gun Him Down Pleas! Please! Chipuba Sana.

  21. laxy

    dnt let em out aba bakaboke batupesha namano yabo ayabola

  22. Slim

    Punish them

  23. prince paul

    May good Lord Christ Jesus bless you Officer Charity…please teach those tokota boys a very exallent lesson so that other crimal practices will learn from it.

  24. mjay z

    Its about time mwebantu!!…
    We never used to have these incidents way back..
    Its time to put this unrest to a stand still!
    Thank you ba charity,mwabombeni!

  25. Terminator

    Kill all the rats to save society. If you ever make a mistake to release these rats they will bring hell in this country. Just kill them. Why should small rats give us hell. Infact before you kill them ask them where their leader is!!! We don’t want to have terrorists here.

  26. Chikwimi Mwila Chisombo

    Chilambu cha lubembu ni mfwa please officer do your job mwibaleka baye iyoo pantu nga baya ifyo bakesacita fikacila palifi, kill them to have a lesson to others.

  27. radine


  28. Mbulli

    Cage them all

  29. stark

    we should look at the reason why there are so calld gangs in our country…..the gvnt can put this to àn end by youth empowerment programmes… kip them busy…sponser programmes like boxing..soccer and many more…let them fight in rings…..killing em wont solve anything…

  30. James banda

    Well done officers this must give them a very good lesson ,that same their here in Ndola in a compound called chipulukusu their you can one of the tokota you arrest in Kitwe name called bill

  31. ba k

    Wat about 408 empire,bafwile ukwishibakofimo pantu teti balelumbula amashina yafipondo

    • F. Lubambula

      4O8 EMPIRE Are Good Guys Live Them Alone.

    • Comfort

      408 empire has no problem. Leave them alone

  32. one zed

    well done

  33. kanyama

    Don’t let them go..even in chingola pliz

  34. Julius kango

    Well done,great work and they must be punished for their wrongful activity.


    Just cut off their hands and release them.we did it to certain animal thieves and that’s how stock theft ended in namwala

  36. derrick malubeni

    Well done the Zambia police for working hard

  37. big John

    plz government dnt release them try to kill them coz z fool boma i appreciate police well done for ur job may God bless u

    • may jay

      we are called Christian and our God gives and he told us to forgive why can’t we

  38. Emmanuel Reigns Fundulu

    Ati mwalitwishiba ifwe? mamamamama ba tokota how serous is this notorus gag coz i have been hearing this since i came to copperbelt?

  39. Mendrix Motoka

    Put them in jail For life in prison please I beg to the gvrnt to work with all means, because their to moronic.

  40. msingo

    this called gang tokoto is being engineered by the same attested anti robbery offocer from the look of things .qiestion hom he might be one of tjem pleasr do something on mutual killers we do not want them in society from j.sims

  41. kingsley mangisha

    that is our zambian police thats gud√

  42. Comfort

    they shud be punished. Punish them.

  43. may jay

    God be with them

  44. pethias k

    just kill those shits!!!!!!!!

  45. pethias k

    just kill those dogs!!!!!

    • This is very ss with the Police Comaimnd in kitwe now kindly arrest all those stealing fir the public through allocaillegal allocation of private land

      Next inline all those criminals allocating land illegally and stealing money from the public that the land is theirs the Kitwe police has failed to move in to arrest all these people please Ba Charity Katanga move in

  46. Dada Jr gong

    #Gash them and light them…!!!

  47. Rodrick Nyangu

    The only problem is the government , let the government upgrade the system not old one these quacks are using new technology …

  48. Ezekiel simmzy

    They deserve a big punishment with hard labour

  49. sailaa

    Even close groups in copper belt especially in chingola pliz

  50. Chinyama Christopher

    Good job

  51. Chinyama silver

    Fuck them up

  52. P Man

    Yeah They Deserve A Very Big Punishment Just Lock Them Up For 15 years and above

  53. Mist

    Gud News

  54. Sunday Chisha

    gud job,screen them

  55. Gehomk

    just kill those rats pliz, ba charity mwabombenchito let the others to learn the lesson pliz.

  56. Joseph chanda

    Fuck team tokota teach them

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