Police Command Promotes ‘Wet’ Cop

The lady cop who got social media buzzing with her rain sodden body as she directed traffic on the Lumumba/Ben Bella junction in Lusaka has been promoted.

Constable Charity Nanyangwe has been promoted to sergeant by the police command for her heroic act.

Zambia Police Director of Administration Lombe Kamukoshi decorated Nanyangwe.

It was one rare moment that Zambians used the power of social media for a just cause.


  1. deigon

    People’s voices have been heard. Thank you ZP command.

  2. Shaka

    Give praise where it is due.

  3. mjay z

    Now thats true dedication!!👏👏
    Congratulations madam!

  4. Shone romesh

    The way social has worked for the first time to promote this cop let social media work again on the issues of keep lusaka clean campaign the city is again stated to look dirty we need 24 hours police service. People have stated again selling in the streets and again simoson building is a mess gabbage is all over just find time to come and supervise this place u will be disapointed

  5. Philso

    The listening IG has done it. Congrats to both the IG and madam Nanyangwe.

  6. Philso

    Congrats to both the IG and madam officer.

  7. Andy k

    Yes keep on madam God bless you and leave longer, bcause you’re the only police we have in zambia.not this thieves we have busy stealing people’s money pama load blocks.

  8. Razor

    Now does it mean every cop will first have to receive praise on social media before being promoted?

  9. suntwe

    Congrats bwana!

  10. Augprina

    To tell the truth she deserves more that! Congratulations

  11. Starboy

    Congrats Nanyangwe hard work pays I believe in that, a fool should not eat, only hard workers, mwe mbwa mwe

  12. Claps James Mphande

    We waited for this moment and we knew that it will happen congratulations madam for your hard work.

  13. National councillor

    Congratulation madam sergeant, let’s always recognise people who work hard and not just who we know or the name rings a bell.that is the only way we can develop our nation as we encourage people to work hard.

  14. Dainessmpofu

    Thanx bwana IG 4 promotion to madam charity

  15. Steve mwaka

    Thank you for your gesture. I admire your lovely response to her heroic performance

  16. G4S

    Congrats Madam… u deserved that…

  17. Mukomango Mwansa

    Congregations continue with the same spirit

    • Gabriel

      Congregation to the madam for job well done

  18. mengmoreler

    That’s good spirit madam and now work more than u dd sky z da limit!

  19. Smoking marijuana

    From constable to sergeant ,from sergeant to ??? Guess 4star,,,,,,,,,well done madam carry on more shall fall bhind u

    • msingo

      Madam nanyangwe deserved for further promotion .She is a hard worler and commited to her job ,so please her us as the nation you semior officers .from J.Simwaba Chipata

  20. Austin

    Congrats madam 😁😁


    Police command, she deserves better than that

  22. PC

    Thank you command for prompt response. Congrats Sergeant charity

  23. Norman

    Well deserved for true dedication to duty. You received your shower of blessings. May God continue to bless u.

  24. Bondema

    That’s the way to go, hard workers should always b taken good care off. Congrats madam committed officer.

  25. Uncle Bizzo

    Congratulations my dear sister, take it easy for easy does it cos your fellows are now jealous of you .

  26. Don doc

    Mama keep it up! Surely u lol yo job! Pipo lyk nid to be respected! Coz that day u saves more lives. May God bless u all the time. I have a k20 to give u, an appreciation for what u did. We can’t let let only the Government to appreciate you mama, all Zambians is behind you!!!! Thanks!

  27. GANNY

    Congratulations officer Nanyangwe, you put your job first before your make up, not many women could do that, your hard work has paid off.

  28. ba specialb


    congratulations madam Nangwe.
    Thank you madam THE LISTING IG

  29. PF


  30. Js

    Good that she left home to put in an honest day’s job and ”hey presto,” lady luck was on her side. Keep out shining in your performance. Hard work never killed any one. It has its secret reward such as this. Strategise more and keep it up. Comment

  31. Joseph David

    5 police officers, their searching for rain, along great north road, without rain cot.

  32. Kafula

    Congratulations. You deserve it.

  33. top blaze188

    the lady cop deserves that promotion,congrats to her

  34. mr sikuka


  35. Anos Tembo

    Congratulations, I wish every cop had the same attitude toward their duty..

  36. rambo john

    Good work

  37. open Analyst

    It’s indeed a good thing to give praise and thanks where it’s due, but does it mean if all Men and Women in uniform carried out their duties diligently would be promoted,? And if so, who would be doing the Work?

  38. Teka,Teka

    Congratulation to both the IG and the madam

  39. Master

    Congratulation madam God bless u

  40. Francky

    God Bless Congrates

  41. Cox

    Congratulations madam charity,ths will surely teach th rest of corrupt cops on road tht hard work pays,its rare to find a lady working tirelessly in th rains lyk u did without caring of yo make ups,u deserved it madam sergeant coz u saved lives out if serious accident which may hv been caused by tht traffic u controlled.

  42. Big Brain

    Gud muv ZP 4 promoting the hard working police ofisa.

  43. TBk

    Congrats mama keep it up

  44. V.k

    What about that one whose legs got broken along G/East road?

  45. Maxiwena Maxinal

    Congrats bwana for your efforts

  46. Philso

    Let her also be recognized on the 25th of this month coz she has brought a bit of freedom in the department of utusote TWA white.

  47. mawema

    You reap what soal . look at this lady she planted good seeds now its bumper harvest keepon planting good seeds for another bumper harvest .congratulations madam you are a blessing to our nation .

  48. Chris B

    Deservingly; discipline pays off.


      We thank God and we need such people congratulations ma’am

  49. Self nyokozi

    Work well done for her to be promoted.

  50. Tom London

    Well done Madam IG , you really have an ear to the Social Media comments .
    And for you sweet Nanyangwe to you I say thanx a lot .

  51. HNS

    Congratulations madam and God bless you for your dedication toward your job.

  52. mauto nkhowani


  53. Bsquare

    Congratulations for your commitment

  54. Fucking Anything

    A Leader Leads By Exaple Whic She As Done . Shame To Police Bandits On Road brocks Who Spends All Year Lobing Vihecles. May God Punish Them. But You Madam Have More Blessings From God


    Well done madam Lombe 4 promoting dat hardworking officer, dats De spirit of leadership.

  56. GM

    Great job ZP commanding officer,continue

  57. Nalishebo Mwale

    Congrats!!!! Bwana

  58. breezy bwoy

    Well deserved …. Congrats

  59. Elvis manzi sibale

    Bwana God bless you 👮👍📰.

  60. fanta coca

    Congrats madan

  61. Paulo lukamwba gato

    Lombe kamukoshi I salute you madam director ! We need such Bose’s who act where it is due.

  62. Kayoya kingsley

    the rank is it enough she deserve to be sub inspector

  63. mulase

    That promotion wz not enough.Iam now waiting for a State house invitation nd another promotion.This lady cop had to forego her makeup just to save pipos lives an act many women CAN’T do.President Lungu we ar waiting for another nd better promotion osati chabe u sergeant. I hope she can run her own station.

  64. Herbert Nduulwa

    Congratulations madam & never should you look back,thank you.

  65. Chikonde Mutuna

    Congregations to u madam. That’s how a dedicated worker must be. I think this is a lesson to those that uses other methods to grab promotions. Hard work pays. And let us all be dedicated to our duties so that our country can develop.

  66. mazpower

    god has answered the madam charity

  67. circles

    atleast the IG as responded to social media not the ant corruption officers who have been told to investigate on some operations of government offices like zisc,Napsa and other government offices

  68. MANFIELD maurice

    Job we’ll madam IG for promoting madam nanyangwe


      wanted for promotion: one cop to stand in my yard then we will sprinkle you with water from a horsepipe so that you tell the IG that you have been soaked by rain you will replace IG

  69. Edward tembo

    Congratulation madam for your promotion and kudos goes to the IG.

  70. efford ngobola

    When God says yes no one can say no.

  71. mulase

    Kkkkkkk ba George chirwa osati sebanya navizungu vanu.To “Deceive” is to mislead,cheat,etc etc.Hope u meant to say “Deserve” otherwise u ar saying the officer cheated.Wat a contrast!!!

  72. CB

    Congratulations madam

  73. CB CEO

    Congrats madam cop…atleast Boma ya yanganapo

  74. Abel Zulu


  75. TBk

    People that work hard should be promoted. Come see Petauke Police Station. It is the best in the county. Joseph Ngoma the officer in charge should be promoted

  76. mlD

    zambians muleiluka asthe bible sayz be fast to understand bt tak tim to respond thts hw zambians promote family memberz or there tribe amwebelefye ati imininapo pakuti bekalandati nshaba bwino au teling me dat shez the first one to stand in ran coz there even thoz who manage to arest robez y they havnt promoted thm? zambians lets be fair ubwafya mulalaba.

  77. Make Sure

    Congrats my God given wife Sgt charity Nanyangwe.

  78. Tim


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