Of Police Officer, Rains And Traffic Control


In Journalism school, we were taught that a picture tells thousands words and true to those words, the picture of a Police officer, a woman for that matter controlling traffic in the midst of rains tells me many things.

Firstly, apart from the traffic section being ranked one of the most corrupt ‘free’ department of the Police security wings, yes, corrupt free if you know what I mean, there are still souls which go beyond their call of duty to render selfless service to the public.

Then there is this aspect of climate change which speaks to the public that it is no longer business as usual when Zambians knew the months for the rainy season.

But the picture also exposes our lack of interest in weather as we dress up to go for work or should we blame our Meteorological department for lack of pro-activeness to inform the public about the weather pattern for the day?
Don’t argue, like Diamond TV Zambia has a weather segment in its News Bulletin at 8 PM, I have been to countries where the Meteorological department is in the forefront of sponsoring weather bulletins and they do that every day.

But assuming that all the above was met, the question that begs an answer is WHY WAS the procurement OF UNIFORMS done without consideration for rain coats?

My humble appeal to the Police procurement department or is it the Ministry of Home Affairs is to include rain coats in the procurement of Police uniforms because whether rain or sun shine, Police officers are expected to perform their duties.

Assuming in the midst of rains, some criminals had attacked a bank and were helping themselves to cash, should Police sit back because they lack rain coats?

To the Lusaka City Council, can those who worked on the drainage system in the central business district of Lusaka go back as rainy water still cannot find itself away from the roads that is what the pictures are telling me.

To the Police officer, of course the Police command will say woman police officer, who braved the rains without a rain coat to control traffic, it is; bravo!*

*George Chomba is a seasoned Zambian journalists with extensive experience in covering political, economics and human interest stories.


  1. Eukapo D

    Well articulated

    • Hammer

      Each weather has a dressing code ! Did Chomba leave home with an umbrella and a rainy coat yesterday!!! Me I didn’t it and when the rains started I started running towards a shelter and waited till the rains stopped ! Since you are a journalist tell me how many people were ready for that rain! The lady police is courageous and deserves attention ! If this Chomba wanted to make an impact he was to go to the meteorological department to find out how they missed this . The rest is cheap talk we have seen police in rainy coats before .

  2. PF

    True Statement But, Meaning~less.
    Dnt Tel Govt To Imperiment Ur Laws Ok.
    Govt Z Govt.

  3. PF

    They Knw Wat They Doing Ok.

    • Anthony lukhelo

      Stop being stupid on reality ,, one concerned citizen giving a free advice and there you busy rubbishing up at meaningless ,,,asebenza what??? Gvt is govt …c’on don’t just support anyhow

    • wesly chanda

      Thank you. Police. Wuwen

    • wesly chanda

      Thank you. Police. Women

  4. PF

    Asebenze Ma Bwana Sa Gona!!!

  5. Jopesi

    He should be promoted

  6. victor

    I think the government should do something, Ba Mai Ba Nana zona, awe

  7. Claps James Mphande

    She have to be promoted coz were are the men’s.

  8. Demutal

    True she needed to up

  9. Mambala

    Ba George Chomba you claim to be a journalist of sorts but you write FAKE (ala The Donald) news. If you had cared to do just a little research, you would have discovered that they actually do have very good quality rain coats. It may be that she, like most citizens, was caught unawares by the rains – Where is the Met Dept? Otherwise good work attitude to the Woman Police Officer for her selfless attitude!

    • wesly chanda

      God. Bless. You. Mama. Is. Ad. Week. Police. Well. Donn. Like. For. Week god bless you have to the other day of this message and the year of the other day

  10. Junior Lordgamer

    omfg Africa is hell

  11. Kipushi dobo

    Nid antivirus to scan unwanted part

  12. Joseph David

    she is working, don’t blame the government.

  13. mawema

    Hard working lady

  14. Steven moyo

    Good news, this police officer has been elevated from constable to sergeant. Well deserved promotion.

    • wesly chanda

      Hard work ing

      • kali

        She just need to be promoted if not so,if officer In charge is a man he is weak.

  15. OP

    iwe ka George Chomba with your foolish thinking trying o promote Diamond TV because that where you are.Foolish indeed with your stupid Costa who failed at muvi tv

    • Benson

      Ba George don’t be like upnd where its good to them is bad and looking for a problem

  16. Sianga Musialela

    Police are trained to be prepared for all eventualities therefore the officer was just doing her job! Because come rain or not a police has to perform.I should she just forgot to a raincoat when

  17. Sianga Musialela

    She forgot to carry a rain coat

  18. Big Brain

    As for me, I blame the Meteorological Dt for failing to forecast the heavy rains. Mind u we are not rain season that we should be carrying rain aparels. The police officer deserves a promotion for her hard working.

  19. Alex

    In Zambia we like to talk sometimes even when it does not make sense. The police can not be blamed because the police woman had no raincoat yesterday. Who knew that it would rain yesterday. The rain season is over, even if the Met department said it was going to rain who would have believed them especially also that there report is always full of errors even in the rain season. Kudos to the woman police officer not many would do that.


    Gentlemen our social media is good people should not abuse it. some people are busy insulting even high ranking officials. Can we stop leaders.

  21. Barotseland

    I conquer with you Sianga Musialela every Traffic Officer has a rain coat maybe she forgot or didn’t know that it will rain .

  22. Does it matter?

    She is a real Zambian, imagine if we had 60% people like her in the top 30????

  23. Alfred Munyeme

    How one rainy may afternoon changed a traffic police woman’s life in Zambia. BBC, from our own correspondent. Just thinking.

  24. Shaka

    She had an ace up her sleeve. When it is raining and you have no raincoat, stand under a shelter, unless there is traffic jam and resume your duties after.

  25. Razor

    She was just doing her duty. That is what she is paid to do. It is unfortunate that she was just caught up in a freak rainstorm which was unexpected.


    DPO,arrest everyone not in favour of a promoted sergeant quickly. Exercise Commence.

    • MK3 power

      We thank God for this and women are courageous indeed

  27. Robson

    we need police officer like her in Zambia

  28. ba specialb

    iwe ka chomba did u carried a rain coat yesterday. who new about that weather? Post somethings that can bring development.

  29. John Luke

    Good work

  30. Anknown

    Musiyeni, ndiye mwamene adyela.

  31. royd

    congratulations to her

  32. top blaze188

    Wat a strong woman

  33. Jms

    A true leader is seen on how he/she behaviours every where no matter how and when any difficult may come well done

  34. drex

    That’s the cops we want in Zambia…kip it up☝👏

  35. P.n.p.z

    Had work police

    • wesly chanda

      Ngabali. Abali. 90. Ababomba. Ngabamayo zambian. Kuti. Yaya. Patashi police. Hod. Workng good

  36. Igwe

    I’m not happy that these promotions are not gender sensitive. For crying out loud, she’s a female officer who deserved a female rank, but alas, she was handed a male related rank. My appeal to the police command is that, they should swap the rank given to the female officer with the correct one. Just as we have female and male toilets in most public places, they should consider introducing ranks for women officers like, Margeant, for females, whilst maintaining Sergeant for the male officers. Otherwise it’s congratulations to the lady for a deserving rank

  37. Ziba zako

    Congrats to the officer. I am now drawn to remember a soldier who also suffered the same fate of directing traffic in soaking set rain in Lusaka during the cholera outbreak. What did he get?

  38. Self nyokozi

    She really like a job which she has been entitled to.

  39. Pa Kamunga

    It brings tears to my eyes to see a Zambian who is so committed to her job. Most police officers would have left for home the moment it started raining. She felt she had a duty to deal with the traffic jam. She needs to be given an award.

  40. lisa

    let them talk,God is God no matter what pipo say you are unique and God will guide n protect you coz at the rite tym you got your promotion,great woman of integrity.

  41. Gibson Ngulube

    Hard work lady continue with the spirit

  42. sean roxy online genius

    right now seems like if you want to be promoted we have to be working unnecessary …the woman was just doing her job and she is paid for …rain shouldn’t be the big idea for one to be promoted no…let not the government be stupid by taking an unnecessary steps


    It’s a very Sirius police so gvmt do some thing

  44. agrey

    Bravo to that woman she really deserve it.

  45. Chizman

    May God bless u female officer u have a heart for your country u deserve promotion.

  46. Supajo

    U all made a serious noise guys.

  47. KAJABA

    Well articulated



  49. Chisomo

    Congrats sergeant 👮👮👮

  50. Zolileshamboko @shamboko.com

    Congratulations madam

  51. west


    • wesly chanda

      Ngabali. Abali. 90. Ababomba. Ngabamayo zambian. Kuti. Yaya. Patashi police. Hod. Workng good

  52. Moses

    Since she was on her way for work and it is her duty, she must perform her work or act like police.because all force servant must ready at all time.

  53. Moses

    All police Officer in uniform must meditate to her congratulation to madam under stanf

  54. Kajaba the first


  55. Mutondo Wa Katongo

    Was that not a PR stunt? who took that photo?was it because there was a photographer at the right time? how many Policemen and women risk their lives everyday and nothing is talked about them. the officers who have to confront criminal is chubbily or gather the bones and prices of flesh after an accident.
    at the end of the day…It is their duty right?
    you might say

  56. talalamusonda www

    The policeservice should provide traffic officers with raincoat to make their work easier during the rain season.

  57. bb

    Yakaba pa zed

  58. Jms

    Igwe you are fine how can you comment like that I know you admire her i will be watching if I see you just near by I will teach you a lesson and promote you to your very post

  59. normal chilifye

    Liken yourself to this woman.Zambia would Develop

  60. peter chipoya

    No retreat no surrender good work madam

  61. 30pin

    that’s the kind of people we want congratulations madam

  62. Misheck shift

    congratulations madam continue with the spirit and make Zambia a better place

  63. Albert

    Am not a news reporter but that woman deserves a promotion

  64. Dopest

    Tapali efyoulelanda yatekefye!

  65. Lazarous mumba

    She will be rewarded on well done duties.

  66. normal chilifye

    Labour is coming for her reward.

  67. chaisa

    I mean labour day is coming for her reward

  68. Twåmbø Nselukë

    She has to be promoted



  69. Tessy

    This shud b a very good example 2 police men en woman shes a true zambian ladg

  70. Tessy

    This shud b a very good example 2 police men en woman shes a true zambian lady

  71. Charles sinyangwe

    wuuuu praise GOD my sister!! Wishing you more favour and continue with the same hard working madam

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