Security Expert Warns SADC Of Imminent Unrest In Congo

A Congolese security expert Yav Tshimbind has cautioned the regional SADC community of a potentially serious humanitarian crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo as the hope for the country’s election fades.

Tshmbind says in an interview that incumbent President Joseph Kabila, constitutionally barred from seeking another mandate, is not ready to leave office and will do anything to stay on.

As a result, according to Tshmbind, President Kabila has developed various strategies to stay in power which includes disregarding any meaningful road-map agreed with the regional SADC.

“Kabila has no respect for SADC. He’s lying to them that he’ll hold elections this year. He has no such intentions,” Tshmbind says.

The expert states that President Kabila was being economical with the truth by submitting to SADC that everything in Congo was under control.

“He has been telling people that he will appoint Felix Tshisekedi as his Prime Minister.

“Felix has refused because he doesn’t want to be part of an illegal and brutal regime,” he says.

Tshmbind says SADC and the Great Lakes region will have no one but themselves to blame if a fully fledged war breaks out in the DRC.

“Instability, rape, killings, corruption and total chaos are the order of the day and these will only increase if Kabila doesn’t leave office. The international community should intervene,” he cautioned.

The DRC is beset with civil unrest which experts state may degenerate if Pres. Kabila extends his stay beyond December.

President Kabila’s two term constitutional mandate expired in December 2016 but the government has prolonged his stay in office twice without holding elections claiming logistical challenges.

The Congolese are growing impatient with President Kabila’s stay in power and have since January 2017 clashed with security forces in protests over the situation.


  1. watch dog

    And i quote ” Tshmbind says SADC and the Great Lakes region will have no one but themselves to blame if a fully fledged war breaks out in the DRC” End of quote.

  2. Joseph Chibuye

    May the Peace of God be with the Congolese nationals.

  3. Anthony lukhelo

    It is so easy just do what your friends did to mugabe

  4. kennedy

    sadc shud show some concerns and help people who have sufered alot in congo,ebola and war hv ravaged the great country.

  5. Augprina

    America is the one to blame for being behind that useless Kabila. Let us not waste time condemning African organisations, they have done their part by castigating the leader in question
    but where America is concerned there is really nothing that can be done. Joseph Kabila has allowed Americans to operationalise the uranium mine in Congo the situation which the great Katumbi is not in favour with hence the problems that our beloved brothers and sisters go through in DRC. Therefore, as long as Kabila allows Americans to run the uranium mine in Congo, he will be allowed to continue holding on to power at the expense of others suffering. Unless if there will be a challenger of Kabila who will still allow the Americans to do what they are doing, there might be good news in Congo!!

    • vivid micheal

      When ever there is a big step to stop Kabila, Ebola cases increase. I wonder why central African countries with rich minerals experience chaos.

  6. Sianga Musialela

    That is what disunity can bring,the Congolese need to be united and fight the ills in their country as a one’ People ‘.This is why foreign powers are taking advantage to plunder their resources.

  7. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya(GBM)

    Ka kabila useless idiot, you smell blood in your hands.

  8. Starboy

    Americans killed our man of vision Muama Gaddafi coz he wanted a united States of Africa (USA) where we could just have 1 president and the rest to be Governors so that some dictators can stop this kind of nonsense. I support the move so that we control and preserve African resources that they steel from us and offer their own prices at the world market, at the end of it its us Africans killing each other. Bullshittt

    • rocky

      True man, who is kabila just a boy ,kick him out ,bullshit, he is not even a small god

  9. FGM

    SÀDC leaders! The blood to be spilled as result of that crisis should be on your heads . You have been very kind with Kabila despite the drums of blood spilled to maintain his cling to power. Be bold enough and do what ECOWAS did to remove Yahyer Jammey of Gambia.

  10. Shaka

    Our nation (Zambia) is enjoying hosting refugees from DRC.Kabila was recently here, what did they discuss! how to hold on to power. Finito.

    • rocky

      Now u understand ,all tricky, coming to bribe our leaders to continue illgel power hanging, the nation needs to know

  11. Razor

    Sorry we can’t help you. We have our own problems of someone who doesn’t want to leave even after completing two terms.

  12. Js

    But these SADC and Great Lakes region countries ‘ve held Summits several times and blow the Vuvuzela that African problems to be resolved by AFRICANS. DO Africans know/understand the Ascension and Desending from power? Lesa twafweni.Comment

  13. Joseph David

    The same problem congo is facing, its also the problem, as we are facing.

  14. Joseph kabila original

    Please please we want peace in Africa kabila can’t kill a lot of peoples like this now Congolese peoples will accept that war because already there is massgrave in Congo but international community is just silent ,OK kanambe will ran a way

  15. Pamusebo

    Another country is pregnant and very soon it will give birth to 2nd Kabila possibly in 2020.

  16. Jms

    Leaders watch out we will need all opposition to unit it means those in power instead of being powerful they are powerless we need all organization to be revoted all true leaders to those Posts.how can live by bribes I can’t understand why education can be defeated by poverty

  17. rocky

    If the sadc and the international community don’t act then we say they are weak

  18. Mulenga Joseph

    It’s nature for congolease.
    They will do, what they think can help them restore peace in congo but “charity begins at home”.
    1. it’s a miracle for a country like DRC to have free and fair elections.
    2. Even if they have elections,the winner will also be like Kabila Joseph, Kabila Lawrent, Mabutu Seseko and Chombe.
    In life.if you spite,insult your mother or father,the same thing will happen to you, your kids will do it to you.


    Only God Knows Kabila Is Not God Mobutu Was Not ; One Day Will Come For No Stone Wil Left Apon The Othor

  20. Sikota

    These people called dictators will always be there to teach us something but we don’t learn, and their ending is never good.

  21. Senior citizen

    Soldiers please do what the Zimbabwean did

  22. mubita Lubinda

    bad neighbors

  23. Jms

    Bad leaders mind u dictatorship Congo DR now in Zambia its plus capitalism

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