State House: ‘Nothing Sinister About Pres. Lungu Swazi Gift’

STATE House spokesperson Amos Chanda says there is no impropriety involved in the transaction involving a gift of a piece of land given to President Edgar Lungu in the Royal Kingdom of eSwatini (formerly known as Swaziland).

Speaking when he addressed the press at statehouse this afternoon, Chanda said the matter is a purely decision between the two heads of states.

Chanda said there is absolutely no building or construction works on the said land as given by social media.

He said that gifting of the land does not constitute any violation of the law procedure as established in the Zambian constitution and subsidiary law.

Chanda said those who are alleging any impropriety must come out and state what kind of impropriety is involved.



    Now we know the meaning of ‘Ubomba mwi’bala.’ The President should not personalise gifts given to him in his role as President when he travels at tax-payers’ expense. FULL STOP. He can only hope that the mansion will be completed by the time he leaves office for life in exile because he will not be welcome in Zambia.

  2. The Voice Of Peace

    If one works hard and receive an award or recognition it doesn’t matter what kind of a gift it is. If you can’t give him I nice piece of land you have behind your unregistered plot or farm, then it’s not everyone who can’t do that. How many foreign people have received gifts inform of land? A lot, Herve learned among other people have been witnesses of such a great gift. Which Constitution denies a president to own a piece of land abroad? If he so wishes, he can even buy and build. But I am not saying using the Country’s most scarcely and limited finances. Let’s learn to appreciate our leaders, Switzerland has showed us the way, what a shame!

    • Collins s

      I don’t agree with you that land us just too much ,what it’s suppose to is that lungi must bundle the land to the Zambian citizens they should built something that will bring income here in Zambia ,because when lungu travel he represent Zambia and when his given such a huge gift it has to be for the country unless small small gifts thank you

      • The πŸ‘‘

        True brother man

      • Herbert Nduulwa

        You are right bros,he doesn’t represent himself whenever he goes outside but he presents Zambian citizens

    • True Man

      U Are Just Jealousy Of Mr Lungu, U Also Go And Ask For A Piece Of Land To King Muswati If U Are Really Trouble

      • Lazarus

        no that is wrong Zambians he will sale this land ad he ll travail to Swaziland

    • Mulenga Joseph

      I see sense in your sentiment brother.
      Appreciations are ingredients or insetives to hard workers but here in zambia we lack the habit of appreciation.

  3. Razor

    Let him build we shall collect it just like we did with chiluba`s properties.

  4. Augprina

    Why building in other countries when your country has vast land and especially that Zambia has lagged behind in terms of infrustructure development whether with roads or houses? The Swazi king was just supposed to give the president the already built house or building instead of land because it will force the president to take the Zambian resources from tax payers to construct whatever needs to be built on that land which is not fair at all! If the president loves the Zambians, let him show us by rejecting that bare land in eSwatini which is aimed at taking what the Zambian people has worked for. Let him build in this country using his highest paid salary FULL STOP

  5. criminal Case

    koswe is very dangerous

  6. mulase

    Koma bantu benangu balibe nkani zo kamba.Mukaziyenda so that naimwe muzipasiwa ma Gifts.Muli la la la lala anzanu ali kunjoya.

    • Paulo lukamwba gato

      Pa z mavuto chabe ! So iyo bare land izadonsa taxpayers money! Awe mwandi!

  7. mengmoreler

    Hmmm!smthng fish hear!

  8. HH

    Dont condemn Lungu even me i was given plenty of land displacing even the poor farmers in southern province by my chief. So why fuss about Lungu given a small piece of land you idiots!

    • N

      Polo yako iwe

    • Collins s

      I don’t agree with you that land is just too much ,what it’s suppose to be is that lungu must hundle the land to the Zambian citizens they should built something that will bring income here in Zambia ,because when lungu travel he represent Zambia and when his given such a huge gift it has to be for the country unless small small gifts thank you

    • Lazarus

      no that is not alright

  9. pompwe

    If Mweene can ge given land by some chief for great performance during a football tournament, why cant Lungu be given a piece of land by his friend?

  10. Smoking dobo

    Koswe is a “trojan horse” he do hide his true colour in something real,well worry not we shall install antivirus in the year 2021,gona scan/format all malicious software that disturbs the smooth running of habitants

  11. Zach

    There is clearly no problem for the President be give land or any Gift out side Zambia. In fact the land should be complained on by people of Iswatin and all well meaning Zambians should welcome the gesture. We have failed to give him land here so let others do. Tax payers money pa land king Muswati nonsense


    Press Lungu.Ine manje chanibaba meaning ndaba bokunyoza bachilamo maningi elo lekani nibatukwane!Minyelo yawo basatana.

  13. Malumo smart jr

    Let koswe do things as “trojan horse” together with his plagiarist, mind u spy pipo are every u go,for your own info 2021 we are installing hectic and asset antivirus to scan/format all malicious that are hiding their true colour and causing threat to smooth living of pipo ,we shall see them acting this word so called locomotion

  14. Claps James Mphande

    Vibantu vinangu vilibe nzelu zoona so this peace of land which he received as a gift has become a problem, ahhhhh maimbwa yenago ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  15. vusi Sithole

    get it ba president. we all get gifts why not you?

  16. Don doc

    Sometimes us zambians we act or comment foolishly! Coz we take anything political! But why? What’s is the problem for your fellow head of state to give you a land? Then Zambian ninshi we are corrupt, coz coz corruption is in our mind!? Does the our law says that a president can not receive a pure gift? Pliz don’t politics anything. That to king muswati for the gift to our president! In fact we need more and more to you our king. Keep the relationship between you and Zambian going on! We thank you! God bless you more and moreeee!!!!!

  17. Augprina

    PF is indeed useless!

  18. Augprina

    PF is ofcourse full of embeciles especially you who support blindly BAFIKAMBA be very wise and think critically and not like idiots which you are like your fellow foolish leaders


    Mmmmmmmm……..pa zed che chilichonse paka bakambepo, koma kano nga ebo,

  20. KING END 1

    Ba Kaunda ruled for 27years tamwaleilishanya nomba ine………….kkkkkkkkkkkkk zed jamz in the mix

  21. Anknown

    Other people are supporting this full just becoz he is in power akayenda ka yendanso asakabweleko nafuti. You are busy supporting you friend but nishi I we ukunya manzi.Be wise you idiots

  22. swana brown

    Zambian people is that how you behave?Change for the better if you want your country to be developed.

  23. CCTV

    No ba amosi he needs to explain to the people of zambia transparent is very important look people are talking about nothing is secret about that the president is a woman bin Olson.

  24. sim1

    Land so what ,better than local pipo deplacement.mr president recieve more gifts,you’r the pipoz & friendly president .ho jealousy .

  25. Dickens

    People of Zambia….i think we have a big psychological mental problems… I have visited the following countries…. SA,Bostwana,Malawi,Tazania,Angola,Mozambique, Namibia ,Zimbabwe and Congo dr …I can’t compare us to any of those countries….. We are not proud of our country…foreiners we entertain them…get our land,we stand for them get their nationality as Zambians….we are good at insults….pretend to be christians….educated..
    Sure just a simple issue….people rush in negative and positive comments….without thinking twice and analyze the situation….
    Those that think BIG don’t rush into comments….but SMALL minds….
    Insult one another….don’t you have things to do…..
    Give Solutions to problems… Not insults…
    Think,analyse …..then offer a positive comment….for 2021…why do you want to elect that one as your president…..??? Be reminded that a Leader….is supported by good followers…. Look at your leaders and their followers….

    • nellie

      So how does your post relate to this story?

  26. Dickens

    The next moment is to hear in the morning that..the son of our president has stolen Tshirt….
    Why can’t you think twice…. What about you and your family …what will happen….

  27. J Cash

    You must stop this foolish comments,have respect to him his our leader.

  28. Benny

    Conglats ba President but l hope u will use your own salary 2 build a house in that country. Share me your piece of land l want 2 go abroad too

  29. Teka,Teka

    Any way we ar Zambians

  30. Jms

    If you are a true leader you don’t have to be ashamed in fact you can’t even see what people are saying Swaziland has offered that land to Zambians you can’t see it OPEN your eyes ,Do you know what and a Temptation can come if you knew who voted for you you could have just laughed and telling us that Chandra is a bad adviser

  31. Jms

    I need Zambians to start building their any person related to state house to be could their has to be arrested force men take charge

  32. Augprina

    Koswe wants to live in a country where there are a lot of virgins to rape like eSwatini

  33. PC

    Remember the debate on FTJ’s BMW car gift from Pilatus? It was said that it came to him by virtue of the office therefore it was state property. The Presidency is an institution not separate from the individual. That is why he can’t even refuse medical treatment on personal grounds.

  34. drex

    Zambians Zambians chill first.

  35. Big Brain

    Hey Guys chill, tuzaiusha i ngani when all the body guards are taken away in 2021. Are we together?

  36. Isidro kamy

    Dont worry every action has reaction……………. Wil see 2022 how his going to behav we get him out of that office.

    • P power

      Is he planning to go and stay in eSwatini come 2022? Is that piece of land really a gift? 😎😎😎😎 m curious, anyways, congratulations sir but better use ur own funds to build the mansion
      NB: don’t get us in another bunch of loans.

  37. Shaka

    We are easily fooled, infact, he is preparing for a second home. Kaunda assisted a lot of nations to attain freedom but never got such an incentive. What has this one done to deserve such a huge land from a foreign country? Something fishy.

  38. Sianga Musialela

    Jealousy down ! A gift from a King! Congratulations Mr President. Zambians let’s learn to be civilised and not primitivity.

  39. Zach

    Konswe niwamene akunyengela anyoko, sabwe use. Leave ECL alone why chikubaba. How can one say that level of the person only go to eSwatini to rape pipo simply because he has been gifted with land by the king.

  40. P.n.p.z

    Even me have land ,,
    Why u talking ifyamasushi,, jerousy

  41. Socrate Plato

    UBUFONTINI,UBUTUTU,UMUNGULU NA JEALOUS fyacilamo zoona pa Zed!ngoliwakaso taupela ikalafye stanyoko!what z t tht u wnt Lungu to do for u to appreciate him imwe bafikala?umuntu ukupelwa mulandu,Renard and Mweene were given pieces of land,u never opened ur fucking stinking mouths,whats wrong with u bafikala,grow up do not politicize everythng

  42. mawema

    There is nothing wrong with that gift

  43. Ignorant

    Nshimwenemo umulandu muli uyu muntu Lungu, its simply a gift & moreover not a zambian land. As Rupiah would put it ni piece of land ya nyoko?

  44. Augprina

    Zach, p.n.p.z, Socrate Pilato and u ignorant shut your highly disjointed mandibles bana baimbwa imwee! What do u know about the foolishness going on in this country? Muli fipuba saana ba idiot mwanunka ubucushi ba stupid

  45. TINTOZ

    My PRAYER Is That Such Offer Of Giving Other People Some Chunk Of Land Should Not Happen Here In ZAMBIA..This IS So Because Our Land Has Already Been Given To The So Called Investors And Many Including Me Are About To Be DisplaCeD.Where Are We Going To Go? Let Land Remain To The Owners Not Giving Out Land To The ForeinerS.

  46. TINTOZ

    Such Offers Are Not Good Because They Deny Some Of The Rights To The Owners Of That Country.

  47. GANNY

    Is it that the president has no salary, and cannot invest in anything?

  48. Socrate Plato

    Augprina,the land in question,yamu kanyo or mundofu yakwanoko?bukala bobe,manyami yobe,wanza wei,kabwa!

    • Augprina

      Ifisushi fyakwa noko ifyanunka fyalikushamika efyalenga nokutila ube an original embecile cikala mwaba ubucushi family yonse ba idiot

  49. Maano

    In any civilised society or organisation, officers are not supposed to obtain from other parties, other than their employers, any other profits, incomes, or assets hat accrue by virtue of their office. Such benefits must be declared and handed over to their principals, their employers, except as any may be provided for as de minimis or small allowable amounts. Even Sitting Allowances are declarable to employers! Just who has allowed Lungu and his staff to keep and fail to declare such gifts? Is it moral, reasonable, or ethical, so to conceal, really? Would Lungu and his staff been gifted such assets if they were not employees of the Zambian Government is the question at hand!

  50. Dollar yakwela

    We have heard

  51. Treason

    Chanda Is Acting Like Squela And Nepoleon In Animal Farm. Just Waite Will Be Awarded The Price That Chishimba Had Received. No 1 Should Defend Lungu.

  52. Self nyokozi

    Work not well done, koswe mumpoto.

  53. Augprina

    Iwe Socrate Pilato that land is on pamatako panoko elyo napo apanunka pipi waumfwa cikalala cawiso epalenga nokuti ube incushi umulandu na carbondioxide ifuma pamunyelo wakwa noko waumfwa Iwe mwana wa imbwa!

  54. Jms

    Don’t worry much it occurs and it occurred even in the Bible now to you it will be I don’t know see in the bible we have a situation where by Joseph was sold and after that he called his relatives and stayed with him Do you know what occurred after his death . They suffered until moses came to their rescue don’t argue with them Let them go why wasting time with an insure which is simple and straight forward

  55. Jt

    There is no need of insulting or being angry as it happened already and that land cannot be given to any of you insulting. Let us comment positively as responsible and reliable citizens of beautiful Zambia.

    • Augprina

      Wise words indeed ba Jt we thank u a million times!

  56. danny

    Awe ni zambia

  57. james badoo

    The matter is simple. Nothing personal or political. this is breach of parliamentary code of ethics. given the matters arising with contracts being given by the same company that has given him land and is building him the mansions. This is corruption of the highest order. Period. #saveusfrom lungu…Amos and Dora should not trivialize these issues. they will surely be charge as accessories to the corruption of the President in addition to their own. Swaziland is saying they have not records of the gift, why waste our time listening to a charlatan saying this is a gift. Are we really that gullible. As Kambwili is saying, this is grand corruption of the worst order. And it is an impeachable offence. The integrity of the office of the president is being undermined by compromises due to gifts being received from questionable entities. Just as in the case of Chiluba, the same should be for Lungu. What more evidence of corruption do we want. Let us not go to school to only learn how to read and write, but thing strategically to challenge wrong doings such as these.

  58. Batllewise.

    let hz exllence enjoy hz gift y au jerous on hm ngabatucilafye lets accept.

  59. mulase

    In Zambia Land is not owned permanently but is leased. Am not so sure whether the Land offered to H.E Edgar chagwa Lungu wz leased to him or given permanently. If it is leased to him..then it is not his to warrant such a debate coz it can be repossessed by that Kingdom.

  60. mulase

    In Zambia Land is not owned permanently but is leased. Am not so sure whether the Land offered to H.E Edgar chagwa Lungu wz leased to him or given permanently. If it is leased to him..then it is not his to warrant such a debate coz it can be repossessed by that Kingdom.I guess comparing a Land Gift nd an ordinary Gift like a car is mere mediocrity of the highest level since Land is NOT owned but leased wea as u can own a car.I need a serious ruling on this one.

  61. mauto nkhowani

    A gift is a gift period.

  62. Does it matter?

    Where are you bro, we want another song for kakwindi!!

  63. mulase

    U mean even wen the head of state is given a goat..it must be handed over to the state?If not which Gifts ar supposed to belong to the state nd which ones ar not?nd which Law says that?

  64. james badoo

    The value of the gift determines what should be handed to the state. Any gift though has to be reported and documentated and presented to appropriate government agencies for validation subsequent audit and presentation to parliament. The presidency is an institution not a person. Lungu travels on behalf of Zambians and his conduct should reflect that not one which raises suspicions for possible corruption whenever the president is out of the country . That is an embarrassment to the country. Anybody in his right sense of mind in the sub region can see the level of collusion and corruption going on in our Government. How do you fare and stand among the council of your peers? With dignity and pride or you send Inonge Wina to hide from the shame? It is wrong. Release Pilato he’s just saying the truth.

  65. True colors

    Hunger has made people become ignorant, why can’t you just work hard for yourself, i you so wish go abroad and out of your success and excellence be awarded such. Am not a politician but we need to reason before comment on certain issues. Get me right that these politician you tend to support are members of Illuminati such that they have blinded you by not seeing anything good all you can see is bad and politicking every issue just to dimean others. Imagine a person openly telling you that we have brought panga for panga, you even blindly clap and rejoice without knowing what you are happy for, is witchcraft my friends. open your eyes. Imagine it’s you given that piece of land , how can you feel? Mugabe got many houses from different parts of the world. Now just here in Africa, you complain, what of if it was in USA. Work had for yourself and be adaptive to any economy. No politician will bring melie meal at your houses.

  66. PC

    James Badoo gives a reasonable approach Mulase

  67. mulase

    I note that J.B though I still have another question. Wat Document wz ECL expected to present to the relevant authorities given that the gift in question is a piece of Land which can’t be carried nd also the title deed hz not yet been given to him?

    • mulase

      If I say in this context that some pipo have swallowed the food before chewing it..wud u say am exposing my ignorance over this case thru this fora?

  68. Munda g

    Allow me to participate for the first time although I like reading to read other peoples views.honestly speak

  69. Masters

    Tayali (though alone) has leadership qualities not these two animals…i mean ing’ombe and imbwili…its now lungu reloaded am voting 4 u come 2021 ngacakukalipa kaipaye idiot

  70. P.n.p.z

    Ala mwandi ma benefit ago
    Not codem presented

  71. SotaaaaπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘†πŸ‘‡β˜β˜

    Ala mwandi ma benefit ago
    Not codem presented

  72. Chisomo

    Mr Lungu sold Zambia and bought a small piece of land in Swaziland.so that when king Muswati wants to take over us,Mr Lungu to his land,,,,,,,,so clever President πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  73. Muzipasi

    Only an illiteracy creature would talk nonsense about our lovely President how can u expect him to refuse a free gift! These are the results of not going to school, your parents tried their best to send u to school but your only excuse was “kumukoshi kulefita” come on nakubute lelo


    Truth be told that no matter how genuine & clean this gift of land was , Presido should have politely declined and told his his benefactors that he needed to get permission from the people of Zambia.
    Presidential advisors guidance people where are you ?

  75. zek man

    Amose is a DOG He is a big laire

  76. Michael Mumba Lolani 197

    U people differentiate a gift given to a person and a gift given to a group of people. Lungu was given a land as a personal property not for the country.If u want a land,go and ask Muswati to give u one.U him to share his properties with the country because he the President of Zambia.

  77. Herbert Nduulwa

    Zambian citizens let’s open up our eyes and see, let’s open our heads & think.The fact is that we can say whatever we like according to our different understanding on this issue of land given to Mr Lungu but at the end we all don’t have the conclity truth.Mr Lungu & the King,they are the only ones knows the answer thank you.

  78. Lazarus

    he ll travail to Swaziland ad sale this Zambia

  79. Lazarus

    he ll travail to Swaziland ad sale Zambia

  80. Opinion

    Swaziland’s government spokesperson Percy Simelane was quoted by the Times of Swaziland newspaper as “reluctantly saying that the purchase of land to build a family house for president Lungu is a private issue”.

    Simelane reportedly made reference to a Swazi citizen whom he said had a family ranch in one of the First World countries. “That country’s government had nothing to do with it. It was as private as the alleged construction of the Zambian president’s house,” Simelane was quoted as saying.

    The newspaper said that despite the Zambian government saying the land was a gift, it had seen documents from the Deeds Registry which showed that it was one of around 90 plots owned by Inyatsi Properties Limited, which had acquired it lawfully from Rudolph Investments last year.

    Reports, according to BBC, put the mansion’s price tag at around $4 million.

  81. Opinion

    JULY 2017 – RDA awards K701 Million Contract to Inyatsi Roads Zambia Limited, a subsidiary of Inyatsi Construction Holdings Ltd of Swaziland. The contract is to rehabilitate the Ndola Mufulira Road.

  82. Jms

    The head of judiciary must be removed in short impeaching is the KEY so that you RESTART governing the affairs of the state before its too late mind you I REPEAT I’m not against women but this is the FACT FROM ABOVE if you don’t react you like or fear to tell the truth NOW people who have fear in their eyes are deceivers so that vise woman was just a loop hole for what has happened to occur. A woman is a nice person but you women must refuse to some posts because you will be in soap No matter what

  83. Socrate Plato

    mr opinion,ba inyatsi hv bn there fo a while

  84. Socrate Plato

    umuntu bamupela, apoka,ninshi lyaba elyashi?fikala fyenu,uyu musata wanyina hh mukonka takatekepo,mulefwaya insele?alatwalipena batombanoko

    • chewizo

      I really like it niger,star nyinas dey should kip dere mouth shat or else,Dey only follow blindly without knowing dat HH he can rule our nation,let him concentrate on his cattles nefikoci kala

  85. chewizo

    Eventually things must work accordingly he’s da head of state he should do anything in his powers,so kip yor mouths shat:-D:-XπŸ’―βœ‹βœ‹βœ‹βœ‹βœ‹βœ‹:'(πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜žπŸ‘Žβ˜πŸ’ŸπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘

  86. pwepwe

    hamatuvi hakunyera akumbwila ka land .Tonga’s are dogs

  87. PM

    Thats Very Bad In Zambia.

  88. mulase

    No no no no Mr Pwepwe can u retract that statement. Jokes aside..u ar ruled offside. U can’t call Tonga’s as dogs even if u ar a psychiatric patient.As an Easterner I can’t align myself to such.Iam very very sure that u ar a product of chainama psychiatric hospital.


    PWEPWE Learn To Be MORAL In Yo Conduct.Its Not Good To Insult People For Being TONGAS.I Think Yo Education Did Not Transform U To The Expectation.SHAME On U And Yo Family.

  90. ndola 2000

    Edgar chagwa kabwalala lungu

  91. CB

    Still loading

  92. Jms

    Don’t worry in school I personaly learnt that you can’t blame a child just blame where he comes from. PWEPWE you are embracing your parents even the Secretary Generally of Commonwealth said you must put your country first even ALL these who are supporting the president know it that no matter how and who you ARE the truth isn’t in you mind go back to school we are debating for mother Zambia not for NON ZAMBIANS

  93. Ignorant

    Those of you who are condemning Lungu, do u know that king mswati was also given land by the chief in n/w province wen he visited zambia in 2009? How many of u condemned that gesture? This kind of thing is more common among chiefs & kings

    • Opinion

      The king can’t give away land that he doesn’t own. When reporters went to see who the deed belonged to it was under inyasti properties. Which happens to be given road contracts in Zambia. Political corruption is defined as follows – the use of powers by government officials for illegitimate private gain.

  94. Jms

    Among chiefs & kings ignorant are you right / wrong he should have given that to his fellow chief understand where I come from this la Land should have been passed through a Zambian chief who could have gone there (muli baiche you can’t understand how we live in Zambia) leave us we know what and how we do things mind you when you go to Rome what do you do? Please Excuse me

  95. Jms

    I think and hope land men and women should understand and TELL ME the president who gave that land to a chief it should be president to president or the other way rould chief to chief bane let’s develop our country you can’t even hear it how it is WELL EXPLAINED by Doctors eg kambwili,HH,GBM and the others I have never experienced coward ness of such sought PLEASE WE NEED EDUCATION napapata, nalapela, thanks indeed

  96. Kssz

    Mary Tembo was fired, why only because she received a car at the Amount of k15,000.00
    Then was ECL as home affaires minster…
    Now ECL land and contraction is and was be $3.8000.000 Zambian kwacha is at 38,000,000
    My question is who will dismisse him?
    Remember what goes around mast come back around… I end here

  97. Mafuta

    Panyo panu Ba Amos Chanda. Mwakula machende

  98. Jms

    ignorante,opinion ,pwepwe etc these are magwamu we used to call when I was doing my certificate at ZCA monze you can see how lectures are busy lecturing good morals thats why we are suffering because of these funky appointees I would a so called G12 /university level can do something rubbish .Zambians where recognized as good and well behaved students where ever they go but now even given lubinda who used to recommend has fallen in the hands of these wolves I THINK AS THEY ARE SAYING IMPEACHMENT IS RIGHT PLEASE HURRY otherwise GOD WILL BE furious to even those are watching bad things happening we want education when you hate education it means you are magwamu ask said earlier IF HHHH goes uuu will will never never have another HH it will be as we lost another good leader THE KING OF COBRAS

  99. BABA

    Koswe Mumpoto….work up pipo twalafwa fye nomba ……… OK

  100. Bossy

    What a Christian nation

  101. Bossy

    No wonder nomukamba zakado Alandila ati

    “yalinyantakana yalila ngomwana bauma ulupii”

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