Times Journalists To Get 3 Months Pay

Unionised workers at Times Printpark in will only be paid their salaries at the end of June, the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) has announced.

This follows the announcement by the unionised workers that they will withdraw labour, demanding they be paid their three months salary arrears.

The unionised workers through the Zambia Union of Journalists complained that despite assurances from Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services Dora Siliya, their salaries have not come prompting them to down tools.

But the Industrial Development Corporation which holds one hundred percent shareholding in Times Printpark in Ndola has noted that salaries will only be paid at the end of June.

“Staff at Times Printpak Zambia will be paid after resources are made available to IDC at the end of June. The resources will cover three (3) months’ salary arrears to alleviate pressure on the arrears,” IDC Group Chief Executive Officer Mateyo Kaluba, said.

He said that resources will be made available through a shareholder’s loan advanced to the Times Printpak Zambia and further urged staff to remain calm as a long-term solution is being looked into.

“We can only make payment after funds are available for IDC at the end of June, through a shareholder’s loan to Times Printpak. We therefore want to urge staff at Times Printpak Zambia to remain calm as we look for a long-term solution to sustain the company,” said Kaluba.


  1. Eddie Kapambwe

    B4 u look @ long term solution, Find the root cause.

    • Nkonkosheni

      So u mean thy will be eating calm in there homes.

  2. PF

    Be Serious! And Think Dat They Got Hve Children.
    Wat They Wil Eat?
    Calm Cannot Work Wthout Salaries.

  3. Wilsonmunsaka01@gmail. com

    Yes family its true its not serious pf government plz be a serious

  4. Benny

    Of should allow post 2 exist closing it is not good look at times of Zambia how many people buying it? I hope no one will be able 2 buy by next year.

  5. Joseph

    Please how are they going to survive.

    • OP

      atase TIMES OF STUPID is the worst in the whole world first stupid lead front headlines which do not make sense whoever writes them is stupid maybe bestone ngonga that fat albert chap doing nothing only FARTING in office ATASEE all of them do not need pay stupid stories DAILY MAIL much better fuck all of you

  6. FGM

    Blind loyalty to the ruling party is what has made the National papers unsalable. Be competitive and unbiased if you’re to sale your papers and raise your own salaries.

  7. Shaka

    A government oriented paper having its workers going that long without pay,sad story. Fili eko tuleya.

  8. The Phantom Rascal

    Meanwhile, a lot of money is being splashed around in Chilanga. And the same Fools keep on voting for PF! Copperbelt voted enmasses for PF – so, let them reap what they sow!!!

  9. Sikota

    What are these government owned newspapers benefiting by reporting lies just to cover the corrupt regime which in turn is not appreciating what they are doing. Pay them in the same way you are paying foreign contractors.

  10. mercutio

    Iyee imwee so May month end no pay of salaries until June month end…Ba shiliti imwee mbuya ala twalafwa kusala imwee twapata ba luluu imwee Ba wina imwee ba wina imwee moneni…

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