Commonwealth Throws Dialogue Gauntlet to Zambian Leaders

Commonwealth Secretary General Patricia Scotland says the ball in Zambian politicians’ court to resolve the lingering question about dialogue.

Scotland who is the initiator of the dialogue process said that Zambian leaders have a responsibility to preserve the country’s reputation as a beacon of peace.

She also said that having interacted with the top political players in the country she had no doubt that they would easily resolve their differences through dialogue.

The question about dialogue has been a hotly contested matter with the question of who leads the process remaining unresolved.

Leading political parties have set up their preferences with the ruling Patriotic Front throwing its weight behind the Zambia Centre for Inter Party Dialogue while the UPND has its eyes on a foreign led process with the church as their fall back plan.

The stickiest issues have revolved around electoral disputes and the implementation of the public order act.


  1. Augprina

    Scotland has seen that these two leaders HH and Lungu are useless hence pulling out and throws whatever needs to be discussed to the ZCID

  2. Jms

    Augprina you are a Coward you can’t even choose who is right or wrong lungu or HH for me GOD will always be first NO MATTER WHAT you see the secretary general is right where she has seen faithfulness in the opposition and unfaithfulness in the ruling party so for is to WASH HER HANDS and stand their and watch BUT MIND YOU SHE is watching the out come from that

    • Kampeni

      HH promised Armaggedon in 2016, we prayed and there was no Armaggedon and he lost elections. We all remember what happened in Namwala, don’t we?

      The next elections are in 2021 and HH asking for dialogue is a way of making himself relevant. Who wants to have dialogue with a person who doesn’t know that there is a head of state in Zambia.

      The UPND is being led by a wrong person and the sooner the party finds a sober-minded person

  3. mulase

    I feel this dialogue issue is a non starter nd even if it does happen PF nd UPND will NEVER reach a consensus. Who doesn’t know wat UPND wants nd u think PF can yield to that?Wat hurts me most is that these two political parties do have selfish motives at the expense of the poor Zambians. Parliament right now is hz become a battle field as opposed to discussing nd implementing economic development.As Zambians these two parties should not think we don’t know wat they both stand for.Iam personally tired nd sick of this “brouhaha” going on between PF nd UPND.We spend colossal suns of Tax payers money just feeding these useless parliamentarians.Pliz dare not take us for granted coz am seeing yo days being numbered.

  4. zambian

    This Thing will lead Zambia into a war and there comes development after war

  5. Jms

    Mulase wabala but do more

  6. PC

    Does the constitution provide an option for the people to have a say about their reps in parliament outside the term limits? Such as calling for new MPs altogether before term ends?

  7. zek man

    Ruling (pf) is the biggest problem in this issue

  8. Sianga Musialela

    Good ! Call a spade a spade ! Yes too much selfishness and lack of foresight and ignorance among our current crop politicians is making the common man to suffer in this country .Miss Scotland is very right.Let us see where leadership is! The ball is in their court!

  9. truth

    Dialogue over hh’s tantrums for losing elections.Is he the first,last or only one to lose elections in Zambia.In his past loses he just leaked his wounds and sauntered on.Why not so even this time.Its because he overated himself so much he thought ECL was an underdog.Let him swallow his pride and move on.

  10. Wesley

    No one in Zambia can solve this problem an Les UN because common wealth has failed,

  11. Benny

    She observed correctly both HH and ECL are completely useless leader even those so-called pastors who kept sing ecl was chosen by God are just cheating themselves. God did not impose anyone on us.

  12. Shaka

    The son of the Almighty is watching, the cries of the majority while those in power and their relations enjoy the country’s cake, one day the sun will rise.

  13. Jms

    Remember that PILATO in the bible washed his hand due to that he saw that Jesus was clean and right now seeing the majority where with the priests it was difficult for him to support Jesus instead he washed his hand for him not being involved in short it was pilato a leader who should have helped Jesus but called pilato was wrong to do so NOW how do expect they secretary General to do the only thing to is to do as pilato did .the thing is that ZCIDand ECL are just supporting instead of doing their jobs I think FEAR is a DISEASE

  14. vusi Sithole

    viva Ec lungu and pf.

  15. ba specialb

    opening of your eyes is ……….better than commenting to the issues

  16. blues

    As foolish as we can be as let us not allowed other people to resolve our differences. Can we show them that we mature d enough to handle our own issues

  17. TINTOZ

    No Matter What…These Two Parties Shall Never Reach Consesus.They Are As Good As The Feet Of The Image NEBBUCHADNEZAR Saw In His Dream…Its Iron And Clay.

  18. Jms

    This will let Commonwealth know for sure that PF has falled Zambia when they can’t see or know which organization is best for every one zcid if you blame for your mistakes you are wrong you should be equilibrium a true well organized organization should have debated the ensure well if pronounce to us saying HH is lying then we conclude that you are partizan

  19. Adviser

    There is nothing to discuss during this dialogue. We all know what hh wants and that is becoming a Republican president by any means and ECL is a president and he can’t just give up his presidency and throw it at his opponent easily. So even a 10 year old kid can advise hh to just accept that he lost and should wait for 2021 to try his luck once more for the record 6th attempt. If this happens, Zambia will be at peace. What is causing confusion is impatient by the opposition hh to go to state house.



  21. Js

    Africans ‘ve loudly blown their Trumpet/Vuvuzela that let African problems be resolved by Africans so Scotland will be right to rubber stamp the Africans’ resolution of their discusion. Least an accusing finger is pointed in her direction. Africans were the best people to resolve their difference. Comment

  22. B.M.C

    Gods time is the best

  23. ccc ap

    aaah lungu and hh are nt gods apointed leaders reasons lungu gav money tohealth to by medicine for thoz wh are postive imbwa shalya bafila bashitilatbantu ama wrong medicine y hedint jaild them people are ding like animalz thn hh nobe dont trouble zambians plz yotime wh com so mama scotland musungu namicilamano wh solve thoz issues remove yo fals and corupted lips.

  24. Treason

    Every Corner Is Corrupt, Lungu Can Not Allow Commonwealth Deal With The Process Because He Can’t Bribe Them.

  25. gamazo

    HE for life

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