Freed Pilato Celebrates

Musician Chama Fumba, popularly known as Pilato has finally been released on bail after having paid a K30, 000 bail requirement and securing two working sureties.

Political commentator MacDonald Chipenzi wrote on his wall in the aftermath of Pilato’s release.


Today, my colleague, Nicholas Phiri of Zitukule, and Myself managed to sign as sureties for Chama Fumba aka Pilato who has been in Court cells since last week after his arrest on return from South Africa.

We were sternly warned by the Magistrate Mwaka Mukaile of the consequences of our actions but assured her that Pilato will always be in court whenever needed.

We thank the Magistrate for her humane consideration to an extent that Pilato has now reunited with his family after months of being away.

Thanks also go to Laura Miti and Lewis Mwape who quickly organised us together to ensure that all surety documentations are processed and made available to Court and were at court since morning.

Legal Counsel from Keith Mweemba Legal Practitioners for the dedication to have Pilato released on Bail and also the National Prosecution Authority (NPA) staff who quickly approved our papers for Pilato’s bail conditions.

The media practitioners who made sure they waited until Pilato was finally out of the Court cells, to you all, we remain indebted.

Now the battle shifts to President Fresher Siwale of the New Labour Party whose bail conditions remain onerous. Let us all unite and ensure our dear President also regains his freedom.

Aluta Continua.


  1. Hatwiko

    Lelo court authorities bawama mailo ati bali compromised!!!

    • Benny

      Mmmm! K30,000 wowww it seems as a little money but this is not an easily money 2 organise

    • Hammer

      But he didn’t explain why he came back! What about those he claims were threatening his life ? Are they out of the picture ? How does he know that he is safe now? Did he know his agressors?

  2. Augprina

    He is just there to give checks and balances for this crooked government. Thank u very much for releasing him on bail and let him already enjoy with his family we are all Zambians. Pilato should also remember that leaders need to be respected as every leadership that exists whether useless or good is appointed by the almighty although Satan might also intervine

    • Pamusebo

      Good that you know very well that Satan is on duty 24/7. Some leaders are not God given but picked by the devil through his works.

    • Wantanshi

      The almighty Jehovah God is not involved in appointing politicians to rule this world. Don’t you read the bible? The world is owned and controlled by the devil. Do you remember what the Devil told Jesus Christ, that if Jesus could kneel down and worship the devil, the devil would give him all the kingdoms of the world, because these kingdoms had been delivered to the Devil. Do you think the almighty God, who is all loving would appoint a thief to govern you? Oh no! lungu is a direct gift to Zambians from Satan the devil. Hard to swallow but nonetheless the truth.

  3. peter chipoya

    All the way to freedom ……Pilato

  4. Ignorant

    Augprina am impressed that today you have acknoledged that leaders must be respected, emutima uyo!

    • Augprina

      Boi Ignorant it’s only that u don’t know what I stand for. I don’t praise or support someone for the sake of impressing that somebody. All we need to do my dear is pray that Zambia one day might have a very good leader who will try by all means to give the people of Zambia what they need regardless which tribe, colour and sex one might have. I will never be a supporter of upnd if hh does not mean well to the Zambian people neither will I support ecl or any other polititician if they do not mean well to the Zambian people. Lets u and I pray that Zambia might one day have a leader whom all of us shall be proud of which is very easy to happen as long as we join hands together, thanks!

      • Ignorant

        I totally agree with u Augprina, if we were all had to stand up for a common cause not looking at sex, colour, tribe & other vices which distruct us from seeing what is good, that will ge the first step to create a better zambia today & tommorrow.way to go boi

      • MANFIELD maurice

        100%talk keep it up

  5. criminal Case

    pilato man of action bakoswe bashupa

  6. Jms

    If you Grant bail then you go to court and pilato wins who will be arrested then we not praising the court we are in fear of being killed or may I say slaughted like an animal .COURTS ARE CHEWING FREE MONEY hammer that money while it will hammer you in the END

  7. mwanajairo

    That’s awesome. Wakaele pilato

  8. zambian

    Zambian are useless

    • dalisoul phirir

      we are all Zambian

    • Kampeni

      When a useless person calls you useless then know that he has moved to another level.
      You have moved to another level, dear useless.

  9. zek man

    Zambians let us stand up for siwale

  10. Czar

    ‘zambian” please go back to school.

  11. Hebk


    • Tom London

      Hebk my dear brother , pilato was not insulting anyone , but he was merely pointing out the short comings of a corrupt system of governance . This young musician is a genius and must be supported as he provides checks and balances on one hand and brings out real issues to the Zambian people . He is a very courageous musician .
      Iam happy he has come home to justify his blockbuster Koswe mu mpoto wearing a brown straight suit and a tie with the front teeth ready to bite . in fact these teeth have already done a lot of damage to the economy . open up your eyes my friend .

    • Evans

      He was not insulting anyone

  12. Hebk


  13. Trevor Pambwe

    Pilato welcome my guy

  14. Pamusebo

    Pilato never insulted anybody. The late PK chishala song(common man), Petersen’s Anyantule, Impi’s Bantalamisoka and many more guys remind Our leaders of their corrupt hands, the suffering of a poor Zambians. The guilty are always afraid. The same police officers you are using today to arrest and detaine innocent people are the officers we shall use to arrest you and detaine you for your corrupt practices.

  15. Patrick Mumba

    Pilato……awee wavuta iweee

  16. Lusubilo mutambo

    Let the Man enjoy his freedom,

  17. Pilato

    #Pilato release another song
    We miss you voice.


    Watch out pilato!

  19. aaronmukupwa

    this government is corrupt fake

    • pilato

      Pilato ask guy Scott, sampa Y mwafuminamo

  20. peace

    Is speaking for all of us tho,the workers and non occupational via singing

  21. Benny

    It looks as if this government under ecl trying 2 take over and rule our country forever on dictatorial ticket so that they remain rich Zambians wake up and go back 2 school

  22. hh

    Hh kusuminafye ECL is your president na 2021 hh you we ill los forever

  23. TINTOZ

    But Who Should Be Arrested Between The Preditor And The Prey?

  24. 30pin

    Comment30 000.00 that’s a lot of money

  25. Joana

    That’s nice my bro but never give up life is full of upside and downs but we must not give up.

  26. Steven Britain

    Umuchishi usuma bwana pilato let’s respect one another regardless of political affiliation.we have got only one country called Zambia.

  27. Nzelu niweka

    We thank God for your release

  28. Shaka

    We have to respect each other, not because of status but as humans. Do unto others the way you would want them do unto you. Majority Zambians are living in abject poverty and the leadership are busy amassing wealth. Mulungu aza yanka.

  29. mpyangu


  30. Razor

    This case will go nowhere. In the end it will be another Noelle.

  31. Jms

    Benny which school do you want us to go ASK them which students are on bursary and how they select them

  32. Does it matter?

    Amen, am happy and thank you God in the name of our Lord Jesus chrst that our Presidend fresher is out of the cell!

  33. Royd

    Mmmmmmmmmn k30,000 its not a jocking matter

  34. bwalya mukuka

    How I wish I voted for hh apa nomba job wala bakoswe batubepa pafula

  35. bwalya mukuka

    pilato man of courage how I wish lf all were zambia were like u.but ba koswe bashupa very corrupt

  36. vusi Sithole

    pinyongo foolish Rasta dont play with ba prsident?

  37. Mseteka PK Esaya


  38. Mist


  39. HH

    Bt chi pilato if I was a president I could sentenced u life in prison

  40. Claps James Mphande

    Make another koswe mumpoto apa nomba uzanya no mercy wajaila.

  41. ZONDA

    Comment Bapilato mu nzanyaya muzasila muzachucha even if u are on bail

  42. Kambwambwa

    Pilato just reduce your insults otherwise you are good musician.first thing don’t include abachenchebele you will be running like the way you to SA. President is the first and last man in any country so please, ona ndalama zamene uluza mkwasu nizambili apo pamene ulili kapena ukali namunyumba ya RENT koma uchita vaupuba,kugona my mumaselo sichabwino.you sing a song which can touch people’s hearts, change my dear boma imasiliza don’t think that hh will help you forever no no. Munthu akanga mwana ngati avuta amusiya what more you pilato,don’t forget that hh and GBM azakuthaba.

  43. Leonard mwamba

    ba pilato am happy you are out from jail nw try to change tuma setting bamo fipuba filabika insele apashi God bless you whenever you are

  44. Sotaaaa👇👇👇👆👇☝☝

    Ruling izasilisha company ya ba hh lobe boy change you mind ??

  45. Hatwiko

    Bwana Pilato home is home.if South Africa was roses fr you,why did you come back. Jst have respect fr your leaders othwise yo family may jst lose you fr nothing.Remember tht evry political leader hs staunch followers who may injure you fr defaming their leader.So jst take it easy boi your family needs you and indeed we need you.we dont want you to be forgotten history leaving your family suffering.prison te fintu.you may think you are a star by denouncing the leadership. You will suffer alone and your family.i tell you the ones encouraging you to continue ehat you are doing will not be there for you let alone your mother whom you keep on letting to trek to prisons to bring you food.i believe she has better things to do than sitting at prison gates to give you smthing to eat.you are jst punishing her ma BP plus plus.Wht did you achieve fr your family during your four months stay in hiding?take it easy mwana zambia is vry peaceful only you ran away why?in the months u hv bn away you wd hv raised ka something fr your family.may be pa ka plot up to window level by now.Filekefye fyalakwipaisha boyi leaving your family in endless pain.the pipo encouraging you wl jst forget aboutyou and yo family…Mwana,your family needs you jst like all us Zambians need you too.You lose nothing by respecting the pipo in high office.

  46. HYKON WK

    That’s good to our brother.. So that he see his family after a long time of no see

  47. Pf

    Pilato we are waiting for another song

  48. Treason

    Welcome Pilato,these Hipocrites Have Shown Their Stupidity By Allowing You Go On Bail, but Time Is Coming When They Will Pay Back What They Have Stolen.

  49. nephrone

    We are thankful that our brother has been set to freedom now.my advise to him,he should not sing songs by bfs and he should beware that fans are the one who brings trouble when they support and being a musician should not care about fans who support on wrong behavior. Sing to advice people not insult, that’s a very big mistake

  50. Azamuziba Yesu


  51. Joseph David

    Bakoswe mupontu, release another song

  52. Self nyokozi

    Wishing you all the best to be released for ever and ever. PRI pilato abapondo pa zed, eimwe mwebabako nokulanda kuposafyenshita. Ni sister walengobeyamaso,kkkkkkk

  53. Amos Alkaline

    Pilato Pilato Ati Ndeloleshafye

  54. Canan kasitu

    Bakoswe bashupa mwandi.pilato is free man

  55. Canan kasitu

    Chama I have seen that you do not fear any kind of man,not even a position of human.Mr pilato you are the intercessor and mediator to weak pipo who fear nothing.never mid about that ka surety dear one day things in Zambia will b fine.I remember your song nomba nkekalashani(bakanso)

  56. jeremiah

    Am sorry Mr professor Simumanikondwelesa

  57. pilato

    Nshimwenemo umulandu mulekeni!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Sunday Chisha

    honestly K30,000 for what?who benefits from such huge amount of money?

  59. Crazy uncle G

    Lets hope things will be okay and that protocol will be followed

  60. Kalowana

    One pilato my guy love you kkkkkkkk

  61. fisunge

    Fyakuifwaila ukusapota BA HH iwe wachulilamo wamona

  62. JJN

    Wait till ichimbokaila chikakwita my dear do you think you clever you not gorvment ni gorvment mune akanya kalaletelela

  63. Pat


  64. Malumo smartjr

    Thats been insane,to accept the name of “koswe” on k30pin,,,this outlines that “koswe” can accept to masticate his waste metabolism toxic nitrogenous to be credited k50 pin,,,,2021 installation of antivirus to detect/scan/format all malicious pips.

  65. Henschel Christian

    Chikafwa cipuba ico chilingilefye sentence to death…Ninshi ba pilato mumonakwati ukwikala muchifungo ebupondo please if you love yourself change for a better lobe if you won’t change


    Waiting For Your New Hit Ft Petersen

  67. chongo lukomona

    Wow 30 000…….

  68. Cos dee

    Mmmmmmmmm pilato z useless y z he out u ar lack mwachiiiii

  69. Mambilima Emmanuel

    Good to be out Bro but stop been used u have a great future ahead of u!!!!

  70. Robert Joel Mbambara

    Come 2021 Someone Who Is Behind These Arrests Wil Cry!!

  71. mr patiot

    Halo do we as Africans knw wat it really means 2 b a leader or we still hav to go to sch?

  72. mr patiot

    Guys I wonder a lot coz all de political challenges Africa is facing ar based on poor leadership u cn even c from our neighbour Congo DR as it was in Zimbabwe now in our country, were is de main problem with Africans is it selfishness or ignorance

    • mr patriot

      Guys let’s b wise pliz y shud we use social media to attack others with insults instead of sharing our concerns nd ideological solutions coz we ar responsible 4 who to put in power so let’s b wise insults show foolishness nd not wise patriotism believe it or not! May God bless our nation

  73. mr patriot

    Pliz! Country men nd women we only hav 1 Zambia, do not let yourselves being de devil’s tool

  74. Whizz-Kid

    No Case found, hahahahahaha!
    Ba Chama we’re waiting another hit tulandileniko twapapata fwebena zambia twacula PF are thieves
    Imwe ba dog umfweni Unfearless man Chama paid K30 to government so that they can pay some credits that they had credited ku(…..)

  75. Whizz-Kid

    K30.000 iyo muyebweshako shimo bekamishupa!

  76. kelvin Mulanga

    just behave, but if you have money to throw around why not. No one is above the law, musicians included.

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