Kalaba To Be Unveiled DP President In August

Former foreign affairs minister Harry Kalaba is set to be announced as Democratic Party leader in August.

DP interim spokesperson Judith Kabemba has announced that Kalaba was the party’s choice.

And the party has claimed that none of the existing political parties are playing their role of keeping those in power in check because they have dedicated their allegiance to individuals and not people that elected them in office.

Kabemba said the Democratic Party has come to change the status quo of politics in Zambia and those underrating it will be in for a rude shock by 2021.

She says political parties in Zambia have sold their allegiance and are failing to satisfy Zambians on their role and it is the reason Democratic Party has come on the scene to play a role that others have abandoned.

“Most of those that we trusted with responsibility of standing up for this country have decided to give their allegiance to individuals and not mother Zambia, lack of political will, high levels of thirsty for materialism and corruption amongst the current leadership is what has continued to deprive Zambians from accessing essential amnesties,” she said.

Meanwhile, Kabemba said the party is aware that Kalaba is still a serving Member of Parliament under the Patriotic Front and still hopeful that he will lead Democratic Party during the 2021 elections.

She said Kalaba has exhibited that he is a good leader by resigning from his ministerial position due to corrupt practices by those in power.

“We didn’t join exiting parties because we have seen that the parties that are there right now are not providing solutions to the Zambian people, when you look at the current parties, show me which party is not lifting a stone, show me which party is not lifting a panga, honestly are those the political parties you want us to join?

“The answer is a big no, we have principles, we have values that we are standing on as a Democratic Party and we want to bring something new to this country,” she added.

Kabemba has announced that Democratic Party will be launched in August this year in Kitwe.


  1. Ignorant

    Good luck Harry, hope you will contribute positively to the democratic governance of this nation in the capacity of opposition party.

  2. Mk

    Congratulations Mr Kalaba but bear it in minds that politics is not an easy game you need supporters and popularity. If you won’t be care this may mark the end of your career. Look at some if your friends who rushed in making their own parties they are now finished. The likes of Mulongoti, Gen Muyanda , Tayali the list is endless. So let’s hope you don’t want to be like them just increasing a number of parties that don’t provide checks and balances. Ba Kabemba, NAREP has never lifted stones and panga including FDD under Madam Nawakwi so don’t lie. It is easier said than done. Wait and see what force others to fight back.

  3. MCS

    Go ahead kalaba nd taste the water.non knws yo futur only GOD

  4. Likukela Kota Ikafa

    First of all resign from those parties that lift Pangas then we will know you hate Pangaism. Short of that you’re still one. Also run away from ‘sweet talk’, be as close to the truth as possible otherwise you will be amoung those who failed to make it. Good luck!

  5. Augprina

    Witchcraft at play!

  6. zek man

    Join in with your eyes widely OPEN

  7. Simon Zulu Kabwe road

    Be truthful to God and People.When good leader leads people rejoice,but when bad leader leads people cries.Because of unfaithful ,when people leave office they are jailed.We are suffering as if we are in a poor land,but because of poor leadership.In the Name of Jesus Christ they are stealing.so Mr kalaba be steady and listern to God and people who real fear God.Some pastors now,instead of advising the president are quite just looking for money.instead of worshipping God they are worshiping a person.good lucky Mr kalaba,God bless.

  8. Foster simazaba

    Once become popular u will be pangerd by the party in power.

  9. TBk

    Zambians why not Join already existing Parties so that you add Value Value there.we have more than 45 patties now in Zambians now.Why can’t we have two only I know there is so much Greediness in Zambia

  10. Nkandu

    Ba KALABA can you prove it to the nation that you are not part and parcel of these thieving regime,becouse youre one of THEN thats why youre still cling to that BAHATI seat show to the nation that your hands are clean GOD BLESS YOU.

  11. Benny

    Mmm! Iwe TBK how can all leaders join existing stone and panga parties are u comfortable with these political parties we have such as PF,UPND,MMD all these parties have stones and pangas in their respective offices they are violent parties it’s better 2 make new and disband those which uses stones and pangas

  12. preacherman

    Its not presidents of a certain party that raise pangas but caders. .so ckeck out before u speak.


    Good luck. But be honest and truthful to God also to the Nation

  14. TBk

    Benny You are Right.But it will take time for the new Parties to be there. I Admire the Americans.There Democracy is mature.

  15. Eddie Kapambwe

    Welcome to the political arena, where only the strong survive.

  16. Steven Britain

    Kalaba should resign from pf for him to do better checks and balances than doing chula afwile itanganano.hw do u succeeded one leg mu pf and another one mu dp .Zambians let’s not be misleaded by such character.

  17. joe

    I don’t see any change at all, how can you step down from your position and say there is corruption meanwhile you are in the same party saving as member of Parliament. Let’s see were this is going.

  18. mumbi phiri

    Twalishibe ukufumafye nakale ilyo ba sata bafwile ati bonse mwalefwa bu president pakwingililafye tamwakwete I’ll go for Alias chipimo not you after stealing that’s wen u leave the party ati there’s corruption ifwabupuba

  19. Jms

    Creating we don’t forbid but we need someone who canTALK and do at the same time make sure your fellows do they way you like according to the people’ needs if so you are welcome

  20. Jms

    Creating we don’t forbid but we need someone who canTALK and do at the same time make sure your fellows do they way you like according to the people’ needs if so you are welcome mumbi Phiri you are lying you are a Coward leave strong men to lead this Nation

  21. Topgun.

    Within 6 months there will be no kalaba to talk about.He’s a coward who clings to a party he claims to be corrupt.No principles

  22. Does it matter?

    Just like the Bible, in the biging, i knew lallalala!
    I am for Kalaba period!
    See you 2021

  23. vusi Sithole

    kikikiki! kalaba for president jokes in zambia? viva pf viva Ec lungu

  24. Gabriel

    BA Kalaba why didn’t you join your friend CK atleast ngamwalipitako bwangu but anyway even that is also good. Wish you all the best.

  25. payago p

    as long as, u are a politician,u will never solve the problems of a human zambian,politics means,lieing,stealing,kiling,others u no them.

  26. HH

    Ba kalaba sure ar u led 4 2021 n remember DUNUNA n ask me HH i will tel u about KOLOPA,DUNUNA,n SONTAPO n where will u sonta n me av failed due 2 no where 2 sonta

  27. Hatwiko

    Good you are geared fr DA ba Kalaba bt leave PF first.Na Kambwili also shd leave PF..why cling to a party you claim is corrupt?

  28. Hatwiko

    Ba Kalaba na ba Kabemba why not launch your party from Southern Province?

  29. Bamuna

    It’s official! The beginning of the end of HK. Bye bye.

  30. SotaaaaπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘†πŸ‘‡β˜β˜

    Bakalaba do different not political
    Ala Ku soufain balemililafye to pension,
    One cosintution and u say am standing

  31. Self nyokozi

    Job well done Mr kalaba for work you will going in future.

  32. Benny

    Go go HK but speak out on useless issues which may arise within PF and remember sontas apowabombele

  33. SotaaaaπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š

    Why Donet money for campaign?
    Use you pocket money boi

  34. πŸš£πŸš£πŸš£πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

    Keep you money

  35. fisunge

    Sure ba kalaba it’s easy said than done why didn’t you control things while you were there it’s like leaving your wife for another wife when she errors

  36. Abuna musa

    Try your best to more pressure on government of the day.buy asking them why there have lost their vision it’s now more taxis and no money in your pockets.

  37. bruce


  38. Sydney simulilo

    Aba Zambia is not yours keeping this one in mind, noise is all over ck and now kalaba. This means that out off 74 tribal in Zambia only the bembas can rule no. If ECL was a bemba man non of dogs could have formed a part.
    Keep on dreaming Mr kalaba we shall me meet In 3001.

  39. Teka,Teka

    Mr Harry kalaba am with u let’s make better Zambia but if u lying to us and in 2021 u decide to work with pf then u will cry

  40. Abraham Stephen Songwe

    No matter how u moved from pf that’s too sad!!


    Point ba MK.

  42. SHACHZ

    Vision, hard work and determination. Boyi, do not look at those who have given up. GO GO forward. TAKE LEAF from a heroe- KK.

  43. Sylvester

    Its only God who Raise’s reader’s just trust him everything is possible..

  44. mr patriot

    Mmmmm…… Our citizens jst busy blaming instead of helping our leaders nd if they can’t listen very simple! Jst vote them out

  45. Mac-b$sign

    pf 4lyf baby

  46. Musonda

    Rich country were poor people live bwafya our country.

  47. General

    Mmmmmm zambians what are we doing. Any-way,God knows the reason why these issue are happening to us innocent zambian citizens.

  48. Cuthbert banda

    Love u Mr.

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