Letter: Should Zambia Legalize Marijuana?


Why is the government delaying to legalize marijuana when it is such a huge money spinner and Zambia needs the money?

Zambia has good arable Land – mostly flat which can allow for Mechanised farming and irrigation – and it has the best climate for marijuana it doesn’t need green houses.

Further security is not an issue because there are many secure farms in Zambia.

I think the PF government will be making a mistake not to take advantage of what other countries are doing to make money out of the herb. This is no longer a quest by one green revolutionist cum politician Sinkamba Peter. This is about making our economy tick.

Disclaimer: I do not smoke anything, nor take any psychotropic drug, nor drink any beer or liquor nor have I ever planted herb. I am SDA. I have many friends who smoke it and I find some of them normal compared to those who don’t smoke the weed.

Shalala Oliver Sepiso


  1. Charlesmicklay

    Kkkkkkk……that’s good guys eeeee

  2. sakx

    Let’s Zambian government legalise marijuana coz there is money in that drug we are behind of economy growth

  3. Love your neighbor

    Mr Sinkamba’s green manifesto is bigger than many shallow thinkers here in Zambia & its one of the best manifestos, how can the government fail to regulate the cultivation of this rich plant? we shall discover when it is too late, many countries are making money through this herb.

  4. sakx

    Go ahead people

  5. Uncle Bizzo

    Yes legalise it cos marijuana is already used in main medicines and some of those medicines are expensive, ati ba doctor bachindasa umuti naunkola,nachinuya umuti naunkola and afterwards I felt well .We all have taken it in main ways.

  6. vendor

    Zambia has no capacity to handle the legalisation of marijuana. A lot more needs to be done before we can ever dream of legalising it.

  7. Hatwiko

    So Zimbabwe who hs legalised hs th capacity Zambia dsnt?Thts hw african countries lag behind in most progressive issues…thst alot more cant be done by Zambians.Zimbabwe hv done it alrdy.you want the so called investors to do it for us and they take all the proceeds away?

  8. zambian

    Tell the President he’s sleeping wake him up people that s why you are there

  9. zam

    Thats the best to grow let me hem go ahead and legalize marijuana

  10. blues

    Zambians spend too much time talking. It is high time we took s pragmatic approach to resolve issues like this. There is nothing wrong as long as things can be done legally.

  11. Sinkamba

    No, if they do legalize marijuana who will be stopped to smoke it non then it will be like safari brown smoke anywhere everywhere for me it’s a noooooh.🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭

    • cliff

      What’s wrong with smoking marijuana boss??

    • Coke Boi

      Marijuana should be legalized, don’t you know about medication and meditation πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • Marijuana user

      Boss does it affect you in any way when others smoke?

  12. Bamuna

    We should have legalized yesterday.

  13. hanene

    Legalising the herb is a progressive move. We have enough laws that can deal with those found wanting in terms of drug abuse. Zambia grows a lot of crops like maize , barley, millet, sorghum and these are used in breweries. The same are used for consumption. Drug use is OK where as drug abuse becomes a problem.

  14. SotaaaaπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘†πŸ‘‡β˜β˜

    But for me noooo,,
    This is a but muna to the street and poison, any less Gavement workers only

  15. Augprina

    Legalise it why are u waisting time

  16. Mk

    We are just negative about marijuana. The greatest problem in Zambia is that things that fetch more money are prohibited while secretly done by big fish. Marijuana and mukula can make Zambia rich if done properly. We are not talking about individual riches where only few are rich no. We are concerned with the majority. Why can’t the Army or ZNS carry out a pilot project to see whether Mr Sinkamba and others are lying or not. Wake up Zambia! Wake my mother land! It’s time to boost our economy not to depend on loans and grants. I 😭 for my mukula which is smuggled everyday making foreigners rich while my govt is sleeping.

  17. Agm

    Farming marijuana PF go ahead nebouring country (Tanzania) their planting go ask and lean to them!

  18. Lusubilo mutambo

    Yes go ahead, but not everyone should be farming it only government should come up with farm blocks.

  19. martin chiyesu

    I can’t wait when this will be done our country is struggling financially and maybe GRZ and others sectors evolved will find better take homes and these are issues that we should prioritize not always copper which is even grooming gangs with police watching helplessly like in chingola.

  20. kennedy

    i support the ligalisation of marijuana than taxing the poor people who ar already living under povert line,gvmnt has no money,this is de way to go.

  21. Ignorant

    Mmmmmm dobo yena awe!

  22. Self nyokozi

    Not all who are smokers are mad, even not smokers are even more mad than smokers. So the legalisation of marijuana is valid in Zambia, koswe mumpoto can you please legalize the planting / growing of marijuana in Zambia to improve the standards of Zambian people.

  23. Chinyama silver

    Yes even those who smoke,they do great things better than those who don’t smoke,so the truth is they should legalize it,, lyamba so sweet,,. I don’t smoke as well,,,

  24. Chinyama silver

    Beyamaso , please fast,so called mumpoto !!!!!

  25. Amos Mwenya

    marijuana marijuana time to legalise

  26. Does it matter?

    Ati am an SDA!
    If the government delay they will realise that all other countries have joined the race and thewy have maximised the advewrtisment.

  27. Bernard

    Its time Zambia legalized marijuana to avoid borrowing money from donors

  28. jeremiah

    Money money money…….
    That’s why we even legalize evil things but no progress….
    Let’s legalise Jesus in our heart first.

    • Dada Jr gong

      My friend are you stupid or an idiot…how can a plant be evil…Wht about the porn that you like to watch…?that’s evil…



  30. CB

    Green party has explain it all #Peter Sinkamba


    Press Lungu only have time to deliver development not to waste time on legalizing marijuana.Those want to do so
    Let them legalize malijuana at there homes so that DEC comes in and arrest them to face rough of the law.

  32. Raphael

    Please don’t even try 99% we will be mad

  33. ba general

    What kind of an SDA is Peter sinkamba who supports evil in the name of money.the love of money is the root of all evil…..

    • Dada Jr gong

      Ba general. What’s evil about the herb…don’t be so damn primitive in your thinking. Google the benefits and use of marijuana.or just shut your trap.that’s a very good aticle by Mr Sakala….nuf respect…salute..!!!

  34. swana brown

    From my observations I guess the government should put this into consideration we cn booooom with this legalizing our enconomy cn b good try it

  35. Sonta

    Point of collection!! Jeremiah

  36. Razor

    It should have never have been banned in the first place. Only problem is DEC officers will have nothing to do.

  37. Jms

    How can you legalize in a controlled environment you check your statement this statement has already told me that it NO NOT ALLOWED ask President lungu or even her vice their are so many things to do rather than drugs lets just dialogue and leave peacefully YOU WILL SEE THOSE WHO ABUSE THIS DRUG ARE IN FORE FRONT make a mistake and you will see all bad behaviors will be in place who is SINKAMBA some thing are made or done privately ask Dr Kaunda he will even slap you

  38. Sinkamba

    Let your children smoke if it will do them any good….and try it your self and prove its good medicine

  39. Sinkamba

    Thats a drug pipo

  40. mercutio

    First & for most how ‘re the economies of those states which ‘ve legalised the herb doing today. Is it a drug or herb ? If its used in some medicines, how ‘re those medicines priced, high or low? How ‘ll it be legalised…for smoking pleasure? for medicinal purposes? for exports.? etc.. Under which ministry? This subject has got alot of questions & answers.

  41. Pkay

    One way of promoting the ‘Green Economy’ Legalize and help the economy grow.

  42. Jms

    So it means their are no good ideas which can surpass this worst drug in you house if you have I want this drug the be the 5th not first on your agenda.

  43. Malumo smartjr

    Am an expert in smoking dobo,here are some merits/outcome,when u smoke ,intelligent in class,appetite when eating, hardworking when given work,think wisely and to be called bapondo.if “koswe” is a chakolwa, the rule of law state that “koswe” should rule according to the constitution of the effective land,let we smoker of dobo enjoy our Chona review commission law, I mean jus of soli,,,,here is the latest dobo “kipushi”

  44. peter simwinga

    Yes its a good idea coz comparing beer to weed people who smokes weed do not coz violent to others buh comparing to of beer o they do is insults, fighting and more harmful things

  45. Coke Boi

    btw Zimbabwe has already legalized Marijuana πŸ’œ

  46. faka speed

    Government should imdeed legalise the growing of weed (marijuana.) Why borrow money at high interest rate to fund the construction of roads, bridges, schools, hospitals, and other infrastructure when this ca be done using internally generated funds from marijuana. Zambia can be another Dubhai in 5 years time. Ifintu ni bwangu before the market is saturated. No time for a study. The new government in Zimbabwe came in November 2017. Today they have legalised. Just table the motion at the next cabinet meeting. It will be time well spent than discussing dialogue, dialogue, dialogue. Boring staff. The best dialogue is through the ballot box.

  47. Centy

    Bwafya ba zambiaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  48. Rodgers

    Hiyeee Mayoooeeee!

  49. cm

    legalising chamba will not necessarily mean that more people will smoke it. people who want to smoke it do so. doing so will only mean open business and more money in the pocket and decongestion of our prisons.

  50. shy paul

    Thats true legalise marijuana

  51. Jms

    I know some of you you will say sorry when you happen to continue this mistake you want to acquire but I’m surprised to see that most of our doctors are quite due to letting you finish all what is in sinkamba’s mind Do you know why we are poor A winner even God the almighty knows is a MAN Now you have turned to women letting them being given huge sums you will be surprised to know what women need let’s hope you legalize the so called stuff what ever mumbi Phiri or let me tell that minister who was drunk during that party what could have happened if that time marijuana had been legalized kafwafwa these people going mad these days their will be a double number see mukula ,mealie meal,sugar,copper, every thing you smuggle the most problem our leaders have is the mind set towards development



  53. Derick

    If all pipo start farming how is going to STOP thm it’s true

  54. Mr Bean

    Let’s legalize this 🌿 herb today rather than tomorrow unless if it is harmful but its not clearly it should be authorized

  55. Sianga Musialela

    Talking too much eh! Can we control the cultivation of marijuana? If we have failed to control Kachasu brewing in Zambia which is an illegal activity! For sure what will happen is there will corruption and beneficiaries shall be the selected apamwambas.There will be curtailes and gangsters and killings which our poorly equiped police shall fail to handle. Starting the venture is not so difficult but how to manage it.


    That is low thinking capacity.Do u known that Marijuana is the very dangerous drug .Don’t u?

  57. Ramsey

    Yes they should legalize

  58. Edgar Lungu

    Marijuana is good for monetary fund, but I think it will affect the Christians and Gospel fellowship, by the way Zambia is a Christian nation. I am sorry I can’t betray my LORD God Almighty. Sumaili would blame me for the chaos that might come forth after the legalization of Marijuana

    • mishcan

      No Mr Pres ECL just legalise it there will be no chaos whatsoever, as long as the government is in control. Please legalize marijuana…

  59. Amos Barca

    Dont Drink And Drive,smoke Weed And Fly..The Peception Pipo Potray About Weed Is Bad..Pipo Think Weed Can Make Someone Mad,look At Jamaica The Majority Smoke Weed And There Is Low Levels Of Madness,actually Pipo Become More Creative In Some Aspects

  60. jorzi

    localizing weed does not mean smoking weed is legal but it is there to be used for medical purposes. .

  61. WatchFrog

    Then The DEC Will Be DISSOLVED Loss Of Jobs Again.Anyway Thats A Good Move So That They BBAILA Freely BAChULA UKUFISA

  62. Gregisaacx

    No no no! Let us not be foolish again, remember we don’t even know where the money goes that comes from toll gates, the money they will be making for selling camba will be just shared amongst them selves abobene at ba lungu and the ministers, iwe ulesamwa no kusamwa pakuti ilecipepabwino lobe ukabapofye cipuba nenshita ikashaleko swaini while your friends are getting rich, ba Zambia let us not be fooled.

  63. Joe

    Yeah, there is need to legalise it as it has the potencial to grow the economy. We can have a bo go area heavly guarded by men in uniform and do the cultivation there. This shouldnt be done by the private sector but institution like the National service or Army. Lets think about this when its still fetching huge dollas.

  64. bibo

    ure failing to arest kachasu makers y even them arest to make it fairness.

  65. Dada Jr gong

    That day will surely come.when Zambians will not be afraid to use the herb freely. Me Nah goa Gail fi ganja no more.Rastafaria is the ultimate. Excellent article Mr Sakala…we give thanks.nuf respect…!!!

  66. Dada Jr gong

    Me Nah goa jail fi ganja More.its the healing of the nation we are advocating…. Legalize it…!!!

  67. Dada Jr gong

    Me Nah goa jail fi ganja no More.its the healing of the nation we are advocating…. Legalize it…!!!

  68. Nephas Figo Mweemba Jr

    ZAMBIA is a christain nation

    • Dada Jr gong

      My friend we are living in a diverse society. Not every Zambian is a Christian….

  69. Dada Jr gong

    Strickly marijuana we promote…!!! Legalize it….I love the forward thinking from some people on this platform… We give thanks. Nuff respect Mr Sakala….but there is no shame if you smoke the herb brother…keep it burning red hot…!!!

  70. ecl

    three quarters of zambians do smoke,nga niba dec worse
    whts wrong wth legalyzing it
    impolyo shilapepa,it shud hav bn done yestrdy,thnx mr.sinkamba 4 th gesture

  71. FGM

    Zambia can boost its economy by cultivation of that drug. However strict laws should regulate the growing , selling and exporting. If we can legalize guns why refuse on a money spinner. Zambia National Service and licensed farmers will do the job.

  72. Trevor chirwa

    Marijuana time.
    Green party rocks

  73. Benny

    But l think legalising marijuana will make the country more violent especially those working as cadres.

  74. tola idye

    Truely we are bihind ,the only thing we are good at is to make forighners rich,that why they even insult us

  75. father fm

    Well make it legal and ask Ba Sinkamba to help. He knows what needs to be done, finito!

  76. Psp

    How many people smoke the herb? Government Officials do, MPs do, Military men do, Doctors do, Judges do, DEC Officers do, There ‘re alot in each & every ministry they do smoke it.

  77. mr sikuka

    boi never involve the church in such kind of issues.

    • Anthony notgo Linda

      Zoona Zambians we at truly ignorant we ar suffering but , we at denieing de development why ar we so plis pipo.

  78. Munasi

    Sweet talk! Let the matter be debated through a commission of inquiry .This is serious stuff!

  79. Anthony notgo Linda

    Zoona Zambians we at truly ignorant we ar suffering but , we at denieing de development why at we so plis pipo.

  80. Jms

    We are tired go back to your countries we are tired once more that’s why you want to mislead us useless

  81. chips

    Lets not with this govt.maybe after 2021.yu wil make these guys in power more rich

  82. chips

    With a dferent govt.yes

  83. Anthony notgo Linda

    We know dem all dat dey take Dat stuff, but why ar a dey hide it to de nation nating shall in earth dats a wisdom tree.

  84. Bigman

    Thus good…

  85. Mixer


  86. Cos dee

    That can be a good business Zambia can Benfleet from they

  87. PASOPO


  88. JAMES chama

    Example Cuba .

  89. munalula

    Comment,why not ligalising the herb why cant they stop to giligili which is taken and sold in every corner of our streets?and sold to even the under age.

  90. kennedy

    It is good that they are think abt how developed the economy

  91. jarfee

    The time will come nd it will come,we smock seed nd we love it,cant wait to be freeπŸ‘£

  92. Steward Simutowe

    Go ahead you will come to know how best it is when it is too late for you.

  93. Why

    go aheat and legalise

  94. General

    Marijuana ought to be legalised coz zambia can make more money from it. This’s a HIPC country.
    we need marijuana @LEGALISATION…!

  95. commander

    We wont only make more money but it will help with medical solutions.JAH GUIDE

  96. Muzipe

    Plant da herb and create employment

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