Chipolopolo Coach Wada Quits; Cites “Many Personal Problems”

The Football Association of Zambia has announced that national coach Wedson Nyirenda has resigned.

He will be replaced on an interim basis by Beston Chambeshi, who will lead the team at Africa’s southern regional championship the Cosafa Cup.

The tournament begins on Sunday but Zambia have a bye into the quarter-finals and will play Namibia on 2 June.

“The process to fill the vacancy of head coach will begin and the association will conclude the process in the shortest possible time to meet upcoming engagements,” Faz outgoing general secretary Ponga Liwewe said.

In his letter of resignation, Nyirenda says the resignation will take effect one month from today.

The former Kaizer Chiefs striker cites “many personal problems” as part of the reason to his decision.

He thanked Republican president Edgar Lungu and supporters for helping him successfully execute his duties.

Nyirenda, who was appointed in September 2016, is reportedly going to join Baroka FC in the South African Premiership.

Below is a Full Statement:

Press Statement
(For Immediate Release)
Football Association of Zambia
Football House, Lusaka

24th May, 2018


The Football Association of Zambia wishes to announce the resignation of Mr. Wedson Nyirenda as Head Coach of the Zambia national team with immediate effect.

He served as national coach from September 2016 to May 2018.
The association wishes to thank Mr. Nyirenda for his contribution towards the national team and for the sterling work he put into his job.

The process to fill the vacancy of Head Coach will begin and the Association will conclude the process in the shortest possible time to meet upcoming engagements.

For and on behalf of:
Pasipononga Liwewe


  1. πŸš£πŸš£πŸš£πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

    Tumweneko ,,do something

    • Mukenga

      Those of us who have been in football administration for almost our entire lives know that a Zambian coach will never succeed for reasons one he can’t be paid adequately because the administrator/GRZ will be jealous and two won’t get the deserved respect.

  2. Maybin

    Wishing you all the best and good luck on your future endeavors Mr nyirenda.

  3. Alick

    We need an expatriate coach

  4. Madalitso Banda

    Too bad. Best wishes in your future endeavours Wada. You did your best under the given circumstances. God bless you

  5. fra chisala

    Safe journey Mr nyirenda may almight God bless you.byeby!

  6. Jom

    Good lucky

  7. Chalilowa

    Azlite…koya. Byeeeeeeee

  8. knny

    thanks very much ,that’s the heat Mr.wada


    Endani Baba. Fast fast, mwachedwa….

  10. john mwelwa

    Wish u the best Mr nyirenda

  11. Malumo smartjr

    Reason is as follows,spy pipo inputed data, “koswe” processed under the influence of plagiarist pipo and to produce w.nyirenda’s resignation as output, guess they are happy now.

  12. Amos Barca

    Thats A Wise Move Wada,the job was just too big for u.

  13. Tintoz

    Thanks For Yo Futile Services.We Shall Remember Yo Losses

  14. Charlesmicklay

    Thanks Mr.wada,you did your part.God be you in your new assign ment

  15. Alexander Mondo

    I even doubt if ba Nyilenda will manage where he is going. let him come and coach our team kukomboni

  16. preacherman

    I loved u Ba nyirenda as a coach. Why why. Why.

  17. emerson aka EMMALEX

    Thank for your time u we’re not looking like you are coach am happy πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  18. Benny

    Good idea ba wada just focus on Baroka swallow improve it so that it start compete with Mamelod sundowns

  19. Gift

    Mr nyilenda I wish a good blessing go well may the Almighty God be with you and you will be a good coach I bless you you will be successful in your coaching and don’t forgotten were you come from and this is the move God was looking for you will see the overflowing of blessings you will do best you never before in Jesus name

  20. Hotness

    Thanks for the time that you have been with the team,I’m very sure that players like sinkala,lubambo,mbola,kabaso and kalaba will have an opportunity to play for Zambia.

  21. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle

    He must go yes He was doing nothing.

  22. KOSWE.


  23. Ignorant

    Is it quitting or fired, because i foresaw this guy being fired. Go well ba Wada

  24. Gift Kachama

    Farewell coach wishing u all the best in life

  25. Shachz

    I saw it coming.

  26. rambo john

    Safe joirney ba wada wada nd we thanks u for helping ba chipolopolo

  27. Pele

    Ba Wada. Tough luck. Modern football is not about going to the drawing board everyday. We will remember you for ” trial and error” tactics with little conviction in what you really wanted. Yes wins…but wins come with impeccable coaching.
    And for FAZ what the hell has Sichone have to do in our football.? He is an opportunist now totally broke and hoping to scrap a living through an inept FAZ. Out out..sellout!

    • Rieumi Kasumpa Mweni

      Am in your shoes. Good analysist.

  28. Mr Peace

    Finally,that’s how God works.

  29. Lulu Jay

    The national team was just too big for wada to handle,good that he has given,he couldn’t read the game he was busy playing Ngoga,while us watching on the TV could see that he missed so much

  30. Sinkamba

    Iyee my coach good luck I always Loved u .πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯

  31. Keegan Nyirenda

    Change is good.all the best.

  32. Thank you Wada

    Some one will need to do a good Job!
    Any coach to be must be with a good CV!
    We need any Cup at Africa level and a kiss in the world

  33. Andrue

    It’s time ,every thing happens with a purpose”gudbye.

  34. vendor

    Wishing you all the best ba Wada. Frankly speaking, this is not the right time to involve an expatriate coach. Lets go for Beston Chambeshi. Give him a one year contract and assess his performance. Dont place him as standing in coach coz that will demoralize him. Just give him a contract for God’s sake. We all know his capabilities. I rest my case.

  35. Abel Zulu

    Wish u all the best Mr NYIRENDA .

  36. Nomercy

    @vendor no need of try and error method we need an expatriate coach ,that’s a job not a game ,football has advanced we need an advanced coach as well

  37. Golden lubinda

    Had luck quick silver…Enough is enough, give us a good coach and u ba FAZ stop ama experimental.

  38. Ngoshe

    Hope will see some changes with the senior team

  39. Nephas Mweemba

    Good lucky #Webson we need new govenments

  40. ecl

    hv a rgard 4 pipo wh rsign unlyk ba pompwe,no bwino bwino
    it only teks a strong heart to rsign frm th position
    am sure chambeshi wil deliver,giv hm tym & space to do hz best
    go quik silver go chipolopolo go zambia
    th winning ways ar bck

  41. smooth

    Finally he is gone pliz FAZ bring in an expatriate coach

  42. Emmanuel kamwimba

    U ar a failure.Good for zambia.

  43. Patrick Tembo

    Wada is a good coach but needs sometime to learn how to read the games.He was losing it on the condition of his game being readable. He would use same tactics.You need various tactics to evade predictability by oponents. I hope we’re you are going you will make a lot of permutations in your line ups to out smart opponents.Change formations time and again. You are the only coach who led Zambia to register a loss against Mozambique.

  44. Owen mutaka

    Wishing you all the best mr Wada Wada. you have being always a good coach for zambia and may the almight God be with were you are going…..

  45. Maj juku 1

    Kamutasha umunthu acili umuumi.
    Some of u r praising Nyirenda now cause he has gone but u were in forefront insulting him.
    The problem of us Zambians is that we don’t want to lose but football is not that way.
    Good luck wada wada

  46. kennedy

    the mentallity of wanting to win all the tym is as gud as not knowing wat the game is,we had expertriate coaches who did de same,hv u fogoten so soon?

  47. Hebk

    All the best . You did what you could do..

  48. Jms

    I miss Godfrey Luka Chitalu together with his assistant Alex Chola ( mtsrip) Don’t doubt put Chambeshi to work and I want only true Zambians to comment on his performance because Zambians speak the truth and do what is true to mother Zambia if you do you will see some thing big will come no doubt

  49. zambian Bluetooth


  50. chongo lukomoma

    Thanks ba wada all the best

  51. Claps

    Now that he has gone, look for an international coach.

  52. Chimwezizi

    yes let’s try quicksilver.

  53. Cyrus

    Safe journey baba

  54. john simutowe

    Mwabombeni ba wada

  55. fort.c.Francisco

    Gudluck our coach Mr wadawada

  56. Jay

    Go well ba wada wada what more do you want you have earn your CV

  57. kedrick siame

    Well done mr we will remember you Zambia zeroes.

    • Allan Moyo

      Its time to learn good or bad ,us the Zambians we don’t appreciate no matter what coz we are all Tomas Didimo

  58. Mukwenje chris

    Wada 0 Mozambique 1

  59. Jae-Pet

    Safe journey, thank God. FOR YOUR GREAT U DD TO THE PPO OF ZED

  60. TwΓ₯mbΓΈ NselukΓ«

    βœ‹πŸ˜­ this is so sad βœ‹

  61. suplex city

    Good move that’s what we want, now who’s next?

  62. zebron


  63. Nat

    We Need A Coatch Like The One Who Was In 2012

  64. Mehmud patel

    We need Herve Renard back

  65. Mehmud patel

    We need Herve Renard back please can we have him back

  66. Ignatius

    He has fails to perform,i love chambeshi and he is the only able coach we have at the moment. Wishing you all the best ba quick silver.

  67. Micheal

    Thanks Mr.Nyirenda for the contribution to the national team and the country as a whole.Wishing you well in your endeavors.

  68. Anzatu

    Gud luck mwanangwa

  69. huncho

    We need a white coach πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

  70. zulu saili

    let’s hv expartriate coach plz.


    Wishing you all the very best Mr Wada

  72. Justin

    All the best πŸ˜­πŸ˜”πŸ˜–

  73. Dr Dre

    wishing him all the best in his future endeavors. it’s not easy to manage a national team, he did what he thought was the best for the chipolopolo. it’s not only him that some players as well

  74. james kamuchacha

    Will wish you all the best

  75. Habakkuk

    The coach he should be a white man that’s all, as for Mr wada nyirenda have a safe journey may almighty God protect you sir

  76. Mukomango Mwansa

    We have Mr perry mulungu in Chiundaponde, just go and pick the talented young man to take over

  77. Mseteka PK Esaya

    You did all your best Mr.Nyirenda……… may God continue blessing you………

  78. Chris B

    You are a good Coach you just need to solve the personal problems otherwise you are a very good Coach, one who is composed and collected, Istrongly believe that you will certainly excel in your Coaching Career. Zambia will still need your valuable services when time is ripe. Do not feel humiliated you are a very good Coach you only need a few touches and you will be up in arms again. Thanks a lot sincerely you are a good Coach.

  79. Nyambe mukuka

    Gud bye and thanks for your gud effort toward zambia ntnal team Mr Jacket man….

  80. Allan Moyo

    Zambians where is the appreciating heart you born with?

  81. Amos Alkaline

    Thank U Thank U Thank You

  82. Muyabala Prince

    Wishing you all the best mr Nyirenda as you depart to south Africa

  83. PF

    Leave Us In Piece & Go In Piece.
    We Wish U Wel Wedson…

  84. Mbulli

    Thanks wada we will miss u.

  85. Chrispine kapata

    That I was waiting for to happened now is in green light so far thanks for yo quietness am very happy I think we will have good results to another coach byee bye safe journey wish you the best at the club that wants you

  86. mwalusaka

    In ecllesiats chapter 3 vs 1 de Bible says dir z tym 4 everything dir z tym 2 live n tym 2 die tym 2 celebrate n tym 2 I thing it ws his tym 2 depart ,so we wish hm his best in baroka in though de team also its stability z nt on pick

  87. Charles sinyangwe

    All the best mr coach and great thanks for your contributions toward the chipolopolo team.

  88. nick star

    cikala taumfwa wembwa walya indalama shacalo apabula nangu fimo kaufwe no kufwa

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