Siwale Finally Freed on Bail After 30 Days

New Labour Party president Fesher Siwale has finally walked to freedom after 30 days behind bars for failing to meet bail conditions.

Siwale has been at the head of a Mike Mulongoti championed identity crusade to discredit President Edgar Lungu.

Mulongoti has been remote controlling him from the comfort of his house but has finally showed up to help secure him bail after 30 days.

Siwale had failed to raise K10, 000 bail plus two working sureties in managerial positions in the civil service.

The bail conditions were varied to be pegged at K25, 000 and two working sureties from reputable institutions.

Magistrate Alice Walusiku granted Siwale bail with his handlers on hand to whisk him away at court.

The matter has been adjourned to June 6 and 20 for mention and July 5 for continued trial.

Siwale has been charged with defamation of the President whose identity he has brought into question.


  1. πŸš£πŸš£πŸš£πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

    Well down good government

  2. Kayoo

    thank God

  3. moses zulu

    Good move God bless

  4. Razor

    Just trust in God. He is watching everything.

    • paul

      Thats why folks like you get people killed…. how can you watch when someone is trying to destroy you?

  5. The analyst

    Eeeee boom


    please wait………loading

  7. Fourth Estater

    What case is this? You cant detain someone for 30 days for a mere defamation case? What kind of constitution do we have that thinks the President is more of a human being than the rest of the citizens? I dont support Siwale or Mulongoti but human rights need to be respected. A president earns respects. It should not be commanded from us

    • Benson

      many thanks for what you have said human right as brought insult in this generation it allow every one to disrespect one an other what a bout lungus right this people who are thinking that they can do every thing law must visit them Lungu is the a seat of the country suiting lungu you are suiting citizens of Zambia who voted our be loved president

  8. Shad

    Ba siwale muleikalafye ngatamwakwata fyakuchita

  9. Barotseland

    Foolish Government of Pf trying to silence innocent people. Manyukunyuku tuwe

  10. pf

    Let mr siwale go ahead please mr siwale pickup tell them until the know what is truth spick

  11. Hebk

    Ba siwale mukafwilamofye mukashe nabana balecula. So all zambians were fools to vote Ecl. Mwikalefye .Dont get cheap political milage at the expense of children
    Your sponsors ran away even ci mulongoti

    • Mukenga

      Praise God any politician worth his salt should spend sometime in Prison. Good experience Mr Siwale. As soon as the case is disposed continue with your crusade so that we know the true identity of our President.

  12. ZONDA

    Comment Basiwale mu zanyaya pochabe boma ni boma osasusha na boma
    Teine bosale ine nandiko ati fimbi shifishibe

  13. CCTV

    Why is in our country our land just listening to the free to bail lest think twice Zambians only chishimba kambwili

  14. Mr gift Sichone

    We baba Siwale utati wakoncelezya weyo emulongot wavulungana nkaninye,uuzye ukwizuka kuno weyonye emulongot my 2016 he was in dosing mr chagwa to be a candidate why po wamwima inchito watalika ukulawaya pls mwinamwanga akukuluvyanizya uwikalo ekateka wansi asiluza umlandu weyo ivyakucita asinavyo nga ilelo agapiluka uli piano wamusapotanga weyonye mukuti eulongoti akuilanjizya kuno asi namano akwelenganyavye ivyakonona

  15. J C M

    mr gift sichone ba siwale amatwi bali kwata nomba teyakufwilako ifi lelanda abathu ngefyo imwe mwabebako

  16. Mk

    Mr Siwale and Mulongoti, where were you wen Edgar Lungu lost in 2001 as an Mp in Chawana which was scooped by Samkonga. When he became justice minister and later acting president. From 2015 when he was elected Republican President you were silent. Have you known today that he is not a Zambian according your claim? These are cheap politics that will take you nowhere and those who are using you will not even rescue you when the visits you. Provide evidence if you have or keep quiet if you don’t have.

  17. Shaka

    The government is bankrupt, therefore it is fundraising through cash bails by arresting as many opponents as possible ,be careful.

  18. Ignorant

    Politics is a game of heavy weights & its a shame to hear that mr siwale failed to raise a ka 10 pin because as long as you keep talking expect to pay even greater amounts. Welcome to zed politics

  19. Nkonkosheni

    Next time give him 50pin bail tukamone if Mulongoti will help him.

  20. ECL

    Pilato managed to pay k30 000 Bail but Ba new labour party President failed to raise k10 000.

  21. Mwana

    Sorry Bana bamukungu mono muzhiko vichitika.

  22. Masters

    Hope the idiot has now learnt somthng as well

  23. Mr Peace

    Sometimes it’s better to let go of these things and remain noble.

  24. ♬♭♭♭♬♬♭♬♬♯

    NEXT !




    • gunduzani

      He took too long to raise money for bail……I think thats the reason he spent 30 days.

  26. Lee

    Kasiwale pakamenso kwati kadoli naiwe kamulongoti pakamenso kwati elo kafuma ku hospital yamashilu.

  27. Ndekani

    Don’ch bite more than you can chew.

  28. fines@5/5

    Yes ignorant ,,,l support you ,,politics in Zambia are for the heavy pockets ,,GBM ,hh,ck ,harry kalaba ,and not paper weight Give chance to hh,GBM ,ck ,harry these are the materials including Fred mmembe ,,,Good leaders

  29. fines@5/5

    Zambian human rights is misleading proper Zambian Remember Jesus wasn’t accepted in Nazareth his home time Remember ecl has state machinery at his home don’t temper with him he will clover you guys The mistake with Zambians we vote for foreigners than our own people we love foreigners than our friends ,,,No tribe in Zambia loves Tonga’s except their cousins ,To the north no politicians joins upnd apart from GBM and mucheleka and chair person When problems come all look to hh for survival Join him and show love as one Zambia one nation Politics began with Tonga’s and no one else ,Let’s accept him as the only true leader ,,,foreigners will reap what we have and run away We have lost MCs,levy ,mundia nalumino ,Samuel mbilishi ,Willie mondela ,Elijah Mudenda ,Reuben Kananga Gen Peter zuze ,,,Africa freedom fighters ,,,was Lungu there ???shame on Zambians

    • Mk

      Parallel comment Mr man. If you don’t understand keep quiet.

    • Hebk

      Lungu was young by then bro. People who are being used like siwale have themselves to blame when they land in problems. Didnt he ask why Ck fainted?before embaking on such a dangerous mission?Dont play with the state mr siwale you are a poor man.

    • GANNY

      Shame on you Siwale, you are still in the colonial days, was HH with nkhumbula? things change.

  30. Munasi

    Basopo! Don’t play with fire it burns.Cheap politician!

  31. vusi Sithole

    wanya ka siwale you die in prson stupid man. Lungu is a zambian and a good president, take it or live it.

  32. Jgreed


  33. mac-b$sign

    ba siwale fyakuifwaila

  34. bravo

    Useless issues you’re biz raising your own bp while them they enjoying and laughing at you.dig deep and knw what politics is all about you will never dare to cast your vote or support any of these.research and learn more,

  35. Mezdev Ztevchenko


    Zambia is full of men with metal in their heads. Little wonder you have a crop of women coveting the most primitive and shameful reputation as world’s most drunkards

    you take everything for granted-why do you trade invective language on issues that you yourself are peddling….
    ”No one is above the law”
    If Siwale is eventually convicted…..It is because the law does not pry into motives…..Or so Joseph was not going to be jailed on account of his garment held as exhibit which thing helped him undress the abominable act from.
    David fell it as in the sequel to the murder of Uriah…..You guys with that your mindset would you say David was wrong? You definitely would take sides with David!
    Now you and I gonna like each other…..Exercise integrity and unbias in your judgment….Let there be Justice

  36. criminal Case

    pf support are metal cause what their are supporting long.No wander shy p f stand for poor foolish.

  37. Hb

    When u er wrong u can’t see because u er at a higher rank ,wait and everything has the end ,roads,big rivers and even a big trees has got an end, even this parties one day they end and law will follow them.

  38. huncho

    Such useless things weren’t happening pa time yaba beloved SATA……

  39. pwepwe

    siwale and mulongoti are dreamers

  40. GANNY

    Constitution, human right, freedom of speach, are not supposed to be tools for insulting others, let alone the president.

  41. vusi sithole

    kikikiki! zambians a fan?

  42. ditto

    Yeah…the mental sickness is very big in sambia, yeah.

  43. Dr Dre

    when trial starts it will be time for ba siwale to prove his malicious assertions.
    or else he risks going back to jail for a longer time than the thirty days

  44. fisunge

    Ba siwale be careful with mulongoti he was the best friend to lungu today he’s saying rubbish what nonsense is this. Please wives of this politicians talk to your husbands to stop misbehaving mukashala mulechula for nothing if mr siwale failed to raise 10pin what is he going to declare tell him as a wife so that he stops embarrassing you and the children if he was there when the Edgar he knows died what has he been waitingfor all this while. In zambizambia we share tha same names with others sobe careful siwale


      i nknow next its me my souce at OP tells me they want to squeeze my small testicles with an electric pliers. but my balls are made of steel

  45. Aka

    Siwale n mulongoti u av no vision 4 politicians

  46. mr oscar

    in bemba they say , ukuli ifipuba ekuli indalama, so govrnment is making money from these un mindd speakers , so keep it up ba judge , pameni kwacha elyo mupeloko ba vulnarable


      iwe Kamulongoti ine i was put pakampelwa thats why i chnaged my name from Kambwili so osapusa galu iwe

  47. Hatwiko

    Ati fighting fr th zambian pipo hahaha!!!! Which zambian pipo are you fighting for when you are not even fighting fr your own family??You are jst inconveniencing your family for nothing.absolutely nothing..you will not evn be a councillor bwana


      siwale is an extremely stupid fucker who picks left over food from bins in restaurants. He even uses used condoms to fuck prostitutes from the streets mother fucker

  48. TBk

    A pity you Mr siwale I wonder which schoo you were That Produced a dull chap like you.A learn politics from Americans. The Molongoti guy Apologized to the Lungu Family. So you are so vulnerable.

  49. patson pericich

    Expose him fast before he destroys us

  50. jay

    Ba Siwale muzaeenda

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