Journalist Christine Chisha Dies

One of the most recognizable female print media personalities Christine Chisha has died.

Chisha, who was a long time staffer at the Zambia Daily Mail, died on Monday evening at the University Teaching Hospital after an illness.

Her death has sent shockwaves in the media fraternity where she mentored many an upcoming scribe with her easy going personality.

Chisha was part of the vibrant Zambia Media Women Association (ZAMWA) board from inception and remained an affiliate to her death.

Several media personalities and social commentators have taken to social media to express their condolences.



    Too bad its a great loss for Zambia

    • Musenge

      If u are a label leader of book haram then u need to be hunted down and sentenced to death . some names you give yourselves are from the devils industry. My condolences to the chisha family

    • daniel sichone

      it is so bad that in Zambia we are losing important people like that woman who was working hard to improve the disseminate of information in our nation.May your soul rest in peace mama we will miss you.

  2. Chosen

    Heart felt condolences to ZAMWA. Rest in peace


    Its really sad

  4. Musenge

    If u are a label leader of boko
    haram then u need to be hunted down and sentenced to death . some names you give yourselves are from the devils industry. My condolences to the chisha family

  5. father fm

    May Her Soul Rest In Peace

  6. Pathako Pinu

    Is God willing to prevent death, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?
    First of all, God created reality, and he is supposedly omnipotent. Secondly, free will of someone who only wants to murder, kidnap and rape seriously infringes of their victims’ free will.The first point is correct but not sure how it says anything important. The second point is wrong. Doing something against someone’s free will is not a violation of free will but a violation of rights.
    This is where fiction comes in. God is supposed to be perfect, but he’s a representation of a mass genocide murderer. You might say, we don’t know why God works but how can measure goodness if the entity that we worship is the definition of evilness? This is extremely contradicting therefore we could all assume that God is a work of fiction and he is not true.

    • Ruth Nyirenda

      This one has real issues with his society just like he freely chooses to use an insult for his dp. Agony.

      • Mary Tafeni

        My condolences, rest in peace sister
        From the distinguished women

    • Tyne

      I quote form your very own statement, “Then whence cometh the evil”. In the first place, by your own admission, you do agree that evil exists on earth, yet you God existence you simply brush it aside as fiction without even a simple consideration of any good that exist on earth. As if murders and sufferings are the only orders of the day. Surely when you look around do you only see evil and no goodness at all? your analysis is elegant but certainly totally incorrect by all standard philosophical exposition hence your attempt to cash in a blank cheque at the bank of true theological vault in order to gain mileage of free publicity on a subject with insufficiently funded wit and wisdom, draws an express rejection with contempt by the teller of TRUTH. I wonder why you reject God and accept Satan? is for convinience or propagation of the kingdom of darkness even when the devil himself knows that the Almighty exists. Come on man maybe you shold go and read the Satanic bible Antony Szandor Lavey. research requires a systematic inquiry into all relevant aspects, both side of the coins before a better conclude is drawn not that fraud!!!!!!

      • Pathako Pinu

        @ Tyne. Your entire post is simply a pathetic justification for the irrational, the superstitious and the ignorant, in other words faith which is simply the copulation of ignorance with stupidity to create a false virtue. What’s worse, your post seems to stand for the abrogation of intelligence by accepting without proof or even seriously considering some of the idiotic things people claim, such as communication with the supernatural of which there has never been any concrete evidence. Your post is as insulting to the intelligence as your appeal to authority (Descarte, please note spelling). And spare me the crap about different belief systems. I, for one, don’t buy it–either something is tenable or it’s not.
        How many times does it have to be repeated to you that in general, modern atheists do not assert the non-existence of God, but rather the lack of convincing proof. This strawman of yours is becoming quite annoying.An omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient creator/being is a logical impossibility. If he’s omnipotent, can he trisect an angle with a compass and straightedge? Can he change pi into a rational number? If he is omnipresent, will we find him in the quantum world as well as the macroworld, will we find him in every fece we drop, in every ounce of vomit we expectorate, in every miligram of mucous we cough up? If he is omniscient, does he know the outcome of every blackjack game in Las Vegas before it is played out? Does he know the thoughts of every human and animal even before these pop into mind? Why do people both to pray to him, for he knows what everyone wants? If you answer affirmative to any of these, I want your proof and not a screenful of sophistry.
        Now, once again, what more objective way than science (methodoical naturalism) is there to ascertain whether there is a supreme being?

    • Caroline

      I pray that you encounter God personally then come back and write your story again.

    • ken shaw

      I agree. You are using logic for something “supernatural”. Which I agree with. Nature, evolution, the science truths. We humans don’t like to think there is “no reason” for us being here on Earth. But it is exactly that. No reason. We create our reasons. Just as all life on Earth does.

    • foothold

      fear God the one who made yo brain which is seemingly feeble compared to the almighty.

    • Suzyo muwowo

      You are dead if not your mind is dead , so eight five it, God will humble you soon wait and see. My condolences to Christine’s first family and Zambia at large.


      my brothers and sisters Gods time is the best so never should you judge in silence .he knows ..MY DEARER CONDOLESENCE TO THE LOSSED ONE

    • Kbg


  7. Claps James Mphande

    R. I. P madam😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥

  8. Ignorant

    @Pathako due to the fact that evil & good seem to wrestle against each 0ther, its a clear indication that there are supernatural forces behind each & these are Satan & God. Also your existence as a human being is a true & clear sign that there is a supreme being out there & that is God.

  9. fikashala

    m.h.r.i.p only god knows

  10. FBI


  11. Stensa

    Condolence, may your soul rest in internal peace!!!

  12. Marcos

    Rest in peace

  13. Barotseland

    M h s r n p.

  14. Lson

    R.I.P Madam

  15. Umupondo Turnt


  16. Malama Henry

    My condolences to the Chisha family and the friends.

  17. Raphael

    My condolences

  18. Benny

    Too bad my condolences

  19. Cc

    too bad,may her soul rest inthe hands of the most high GOD.

  20. Ethel

    Commentrest in peace dearest

  21. DNA


  22. Kopala voice

    Too bad

  23. Baxter13

    RIP Chisha 😥

  24. Joseph


  25. Dr. Shatta

    This is a sad development.

  26. Joseph Jeff Mapulangah


  27. Brig Generals


  28. Crawford

    Very sad only God knows may the holy spirit comfort the family during this hard time of loss what a brilliant and beautiful sister .May God be with her in the spirit world her soul rest in peace

  29. DO OR DIE


  30. Bray

    My heart felt condolences to the chisha family and the ZAMWA board.

  31. saviour chanda


  32. Hotshot

    The bible really encourage us & comfort us: ecclesiasts 3:1-9. Its time!! Otherwise m.h.s.r.I.p!

  33. Nike Lee

    Too bad,mama go well.

  34. Mecky Shanzi

    May her soul rest in peace.And may God comfort her family and everyone who will miss her services

  35. Rebecca Mvula

    Christine my freind,what a shock to learn of your death.Your personality never changed from school days as we were together at Lubwe Mission in Samfya firm never changed,lover of Jesus Christ..we spoke last week..and now you are gone!Iam broken my freind…wemunandi ala chakalipa…till we meet again.💦

    • Soko Samson

      God sees the souls of our deceased breathen and he is the one who wipe out the tears of sorrow from we mouners. please GOD help this family and comfor them, may her soul rest in peace.

  36. Njila

    My condolences to the deceased family. Put everything in Christ Jesus.

  37. Mpang Gorrety

    May the soul of our departed sister rest in internal peace.

  38. Zulu. S

    May her soul rest in peace am really touched

  39. nancy chinyemba

    Rest in peace dear journalist

  40. Kayula Katiz Katongo


  41. Tyne

    It is surely sad that i have to say go in the infinite love of God Almighty. That one moment we spent as Lusaka chapel Unionist, you were inspirational in guiding discussions. Gone too soon fellow comrade in the noble work of serving humanity.

  42. Eric chonde

    Heart full condolences to media board and her family. M.h.s.r.I.p.

  43. Jay

    It’s so sad to be losing young vibrant people, deepest condolences to the family..

  44. kassy

    my condolences to his family, my he so rest in internal peace, a big gap for Zambian journalist.

  45. efford ngobola


  46. Sunday Chisha

    my condolences

  47. nephrone



    M.H.S.R.I.E.P my dear sister

  49. Meek

    May your soul rest in eternal peace

  50. Robert lungu

    My condolences



  52. Isidro kamy

    M. H. S. R. I.P

  53. Mashumba wilson

    Rest in peace dear friend will miss u as always.

  54. MAPOLO


  55. Sylvester

    May her soul rest in peace…..

  56. Self nyokozi

    Chisha u have left a very big vacancy in our country so called Zambia. May your soul rest in peace

  57. Charles

    may your Saul mama rest in eternal peace.

  58. Muby


  59. Mukomango Mwansa

    She had fought a good fight, she had finished the race,she had kept the Faith ,nomba apa mweo wabo na kristu yesu and am sure she will give a good account to GOD almighty

  60. Mukomango Mwansa

    Rest in peace

  61. Real Chiez Chisy

    Too Bad
    may your soul rest in peace

  62. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle


  63. Ackim

    May her soul rest in internal peace

  64. Nevers


  65. Teka,Teka

    My condolences




    R.I.P.Christine Chisha

  68. Lion Heart

    What’s the name of the disease that caused her death?
    may her soul rest in eternal peace.

  69. Soft

    M.h.s.r.I.p..condolences to her family

  70. DR PALAN

    lion heart the name is vameniivi vinablelako manje kalioneonde something like that

  71. bravo

    @ Pink,to begin with you’re not the first to study philosophy and neither will you be the best.those things were written by just simple guys who had the privilege to think and try to go beyond thinking, they were trying to answer reasons and cause of things.I don’t want to sound philosophical thats why have used simple plain English.if you great,great minds meet in great faculties, follow me up I will fix you small creature,desist from braggart for your Information those materials are about to be rendered useless research more

  72. ba general

    There is time for everything and that’s how the earth was made.there is a purpose why u and me have remained when our lovely sister has left us in sorrow.let us work for our lord before its too late my dear comrades coz time for us to diminish is already set….

  73. Kabaso


  74. Tinta Bupe

    Very sad indeed

  75. Ishina

    too Sad MHSRIP


    MY CONDOLESENCE TO THE FAMILY ….Sis chisha we will meet in heaven ..friends lets pray for one another for this world is waving us saying this is the end of the world..ALL IS WELL

  77. Call meh moses

    It’s just alright since everybody dies at one point in time

  78. Mukomango Mwansa

    Why do we like congralating someone when he/she is no more??

  79. Annie

    May her soul rest in peace.

  80. William banda

    May ur soul rest in peace

  81. Jackson shawa

    My condolences

  82. Masheke Thomas

    Rest in peace chisha

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