OPINION: Lubinda’s Political Cross

It seems monsieur Given Lubinda is back on the bad books of some of his Patriotic Front colleagues. His name featured prominently on the list of low level cadres that marched to the secretariat to hand in a petition against the interference in the election of officials in the grassroots.

Lubinda alongside his Mandevu counterpart Jean Kapata and Munali lawmaker professor Nkandu Luo were fingered as planting their preferred candidates in the grassroots for an unknown agenda. It is not the first Lubinda is on the end of brutal and sustained witch hunt or at least it seems from his own party lieutenants.

The now fallen angel Wynter Kabimba almost single handedly pushed him out of the Patriotic Front when the former was the secretary general. Lubinda was labelled treacherous for allegedly inciting the opposition lawmakers to incite the executive in parliament by asking embarrassing questions. Lubinda only survived that assault by the skin of his teeth when Kabimba ended up victim of his weapon.

The assault on Lubinda was so vicious that it cast his credibility in doubt with his more zealous supporters urging him to form his own political party. Credit to him, he resisted such calls and stayed true to his partly membership. Just when he is beginning to enjoy his peace at the helm of the Justice Ministry it seems he has to brace himself for another carefully orchestrated smear campaign within the ruling party.

Could it be these cadres something we do not know about Lubinda’s alleged clandestine dealings? Could it be that Lubinda harbours the one ambition that has felled many top political dog in the ruling party? Maybe his having thrown the hat in the ring at the one window an opportunity presented itself after the death of President Michael Sata has left a lingering suspicion of his true mission. Could this be the beginning of the fall from grace of another ruling party giant? We can only watch and learn but we have an inkling that the petition against Lubinda and colleagues to the general secretary was not by accident or was it the work of low level party functionaries. Watch the space.

It seems Lubinda will have to carry another of those political crosses of suspicion and lack of confidence from own political lieutenants.


  1. The Chosen One

    It serves him right. Lubinda is seen as an honest politician. It’s sad how such a nice guy who abhors corruption would remain silent on the so many corrupt vices perpetuated by his boss. Such a shame.

  2. Ignorant

    I dont see anything wrong with Zayelo & colegues forwading their petition to their secretariat.These are the true patriots who stand by the truth & wouldnt want to see their party disintegrated, then the issues of Winter were unnecessary on this matter. Hence i feel you just have the hate against Zayelo.

    • Ignorant

      Then to paint Lubinda bad & suit the title of your article you get a picture of him talking to HH as if indeed he want cross over from PF to UPND. Thats cheap!

  3. Augprina

    That is true

  4. Claps James Mphande

    Ahhhh politics are just dirty game……

  5. ROKA

    Wait and see!It’s nice kapata has realised that pushing CK out of PF has turned it into apf shame!!Zayelo, make it clear to apf-mmd lead that what they doing is not right!!

  6. maybin

    I think nw politics z becoming a dengarous game nt a dirt game.becoz everyone nw z becoming a player of a defrent game n confusing ball possion .so let’s b care be4 we score our own gall n at de end of it we all become faliers of rullin dis country n lose our culture value.

  7. Mighty

    Chi lubinda

  8. Stensa

    People of God u should change .,…remember we are all the visitors in this world…..change in Jesus name!

  9. Musa

    bola naikosa

  10. man

    Nasekela kwit*le

  11. Mwana wakwi2

    Ba lubinda plz remember dat ukankala poipa pa mushe pamaitana u regret 1 day

  12. Wesley

    Let us learn to respect our leaders weather lungu or HH weather you like it or not are all leader’s it’s only time that is different,but time for HH is coming all so you be shameful.

    • KUJ

      No hw can I gv respect hh as if he z a leader n he will owez fail mayb as headman or councillor not presido or mp no

  13. Wesley

    Lucinda is not for PF only.

  14. Wesley

    Lubinda is not for PF only.

  15. Munasi

    Stop the hatred for innocent and hard working people.

  16. Benny

    Ba PF pay civil servants on time stop playing games by splashing cash on elections

  17. mawema

    There is nothing wrong with yellow man mama Jean kapata she is great woman won’t isait. devission. in the party let us work together as team ignore anything that can course bedevided. thank you.

  18. Kopala voice

    Politics is a dirty game

  19. Weagans Kanubu

    One Day a trampend wil b sounded & all monkey tricks wil com 2 an end.

  20. Pat

    In the book Genesis 1v26–man was given power to rule on animals and the rest not on fellow man to rule on fellow it came from himself eg peleg the son of shame Nimrod the son of ham All you are seeing it under man own and read the book of you still get same story

  21. Philso

    I m just watching from the terraces. Wina azaka lila

  22. hasty

    Comment mmmm

    • HH

      Lubinda is always pestering me to join my party he thinks Lungu will be arrested soon over graft so he does not want to be associated with corrupt chaps

      • HH

        infact this ka stupid chap tells me all the secrets in the pf I even have a list of foreign trips

        • Elizabeth Mphande

          Sir, put it in mind that God is the one who gives leaders and of course those who are humble. We don’t know tomorrow but our task is to pray for our leaders whether rich or poor, blue or black. Together we shall stand, One Zambia One Nation❤

  23. wesly Chanda'

    Bakamba. Pf. Efitufye. Mu. Zambia. Pf. Look. For. Would

  24. joe

    How authentic is this information, bane let’s stop commenting on things which you have no facts

  25. vusi sithole

    kikiki! zambian’s

  26. General

    Late Presdent SATA was right to fire him. Let him be fired again.

  27. Jks

    Lubinda has smelled.a rat

  28. Coillard

    i know u r jealous of H.H coz he is the richest man in zambia.

    • Noryemmasiamalambo

      Pipo of Zambia let’s have vision, hh o sorry let me respect my leader, HH is the richest nw despite being richest, he wants to make him self our slave, first cnt we see that sure. Let’s stand silent and think thrice

  29. Coillard

    Don’t b jelas of H.H leave him alone.

  30. Jms

    RUBBISH lubinda is a man I don’t even know how he is surviving to avoid is just to keep quite but its too much just wait and SEE

  31. Cox

    The secret is being revealed bit by bit,30 of MPs ar in support of lungu’s impeachment motion,lubinda,kapata,sichalwe nd others ar th ones spearheading,wapya baisa..

  32. Self nyokozi

    U have grown up u pipo

  33. sunday chisha

    what’s going on with politics in our beloved country?

  34. mwaba cobbenda kondwani

    u pipo y hate Tongas,God is the one who gave tribes no one was saying that i want to be this tribe no,u hav to accept wat God has given u rmemba one zambia one nation.

  35. Soft

    This a sham..
    who are fooling Mr lubinda & wat ar u to prove

    • MAVUZI

      Lubinda used to beg for leftover food at matebeto market he wants to go back to the same habits

  36. ba general

    Let truth prevails brethrens…

  37. monica mulenga

    Lubinda, is unpredictable he seems to be a double standard person who wishes to go back to his origins. Once UPND, always UPND.

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