French President Asks DRC’s Kabila To Quit

French president Emmanuel Macron has urged DR Congo leader Joseph Kabila to step down and hold elections by December this year.

Speaking when he met Angola’s president João Lourenço who is currently on a tour of France, Mr.Macron appealed to Mr. Kabila to honour an agreement brokered by the Catholic church to hold elections this year.

“We support regional mediation,” said Emmanuel Macron, at the Élysée Palace with João Lourenço, according to French publication Jeune Afrique.

The two presidents were keen to reiterate their commitment to the Saint Sylvester agreement and the holding of elections on December 23 “which Joseph Kabila would not have to participate in,” said Mr. Macron, before adding that France “does not have to dictate” to Mr. Kabila what he must do.

Kabila’s constitutional term ended in 2016.

But despite him being ineligible to stand–he has not publicly stated that he won’t stand—leading to fears that he may change the constitution and seek re-election.

Mr. Lourenço told his French counterpart that there is currently mediation being conducted by all the heads of regional organizations, “Omar Bongo, Denis Sassou Nguesso, Cyril Ramaphosa, and Paul Kagame” with whom “we discuss regularly the future of the DRC, just like with Mr. Kabila “.

He said: “The [New Year’s Eve] agreement has received the blessing of the Church, and all that is blessed must be respected. We advise Joseph Kabila to follow this path. But a council is not an obligation.

“We do not have the right to say [to Joseph Kabila] that he must leave it, it is up to the voters to say it through the ballot box. But we believe in our right to protect ourselves from destabilization.”


  1. Hotness

    Way to go Mr president (Frenchman). These African leaders are very self.

    • Jeaffrey Tembo

      Kabila should be removed by the so called superpowers of the world bcoz he has caused so many deaths n we as Zambia ar daily receiving refugees from DRC.

  2. Hotness

    I meant selfish.

  3. Claps James Mphande

    Kabila why are u selfish like HH kansi

    • Don kelly

      claps James u are a fool,is it not the same kabila a friend to lungu,why mentioning HH? you jealousy basterd!

      • i am

        Don kelly,don’t call anyone a fool use your head when replying its not about hatred but love…..

      • Teka,Teka


      • Monko

        why are u involving HH iwe kolwe?.

    • Morgan Akabeswa

      I think we should talk about the very person who holds the instrument of power and threatening the Constitutional Court Judges to allow him to stand. This is the man who is a threat to Zambia. HH is not a threat to Zambia, he is just a common man, he wields no manipulation power, he has nothing to do with the poverty levels in this country, he has nothing to do with the corruption going in this country. He works his butt out to make money legitimately, unlike someone who stoops so low to become a finance minister when he is president. Such a man is the one who is a danger to Zambia.

      • kaumba james

        sure Morgan tell him!

      • AK

        They are talking about Kabila, why are you including HH?

    • i am

      Claps james mpande,If you’re sure of hh been selfish then all is well with but if it is out of your hatred may lord Jesus have mercy….

    • Cacious

      Zambians are dull

  4. Master

    Leave HH out of your Stupidity and hatred you son of a goat 🐐

    • i an

      No insults we are all humans created by the heavenly father…..

  5. Pathako Pinu

    Mr. Lourenço told his French counterpart that there is currently mediation being conducted by all the heads of regional organizations, “Omar Bongo, Denis Sassou Nguesso, Cyril Ramaphosa, and Paul Kagame” with whom “we discuss regularly the future of the DRC, just like with Mr. Kabila “.This is stupid.On what capacity is Paul Kagame doing the negotiation when he is an example of a dictator who changed the constitution to stand on 3 rd term/for good? How about Zambia, which is also a neighbor to Zambia , why not getting involved like Chiluba did to Mobutu Seseseko?
    African leaders should stop the HH’s mentality despite being rejected by the smart Zambians for a whooping 5 years still the underdog wants to stand.

  6. john chilufya chishinga

    Comment=time is not to your side,give chance to others to govern.

  7. chris

    That’s a wise advise from the French president,let people like Moise katumbi to stand.for better Congo.

  8. Coillard

    Hey leave H.H alone y mentioning his name.

  9. Augprina

    You Tongas why can’t you castigate your leader if he is a wrong doer for even once? Is he your Jesus Christ the perfect one? The problem is that you are all hypotonised such that you will never see any wrong thing in him. It is true that you can indeed prefer voting for your HH rather than Jesus Christ if the two were to stand as MPs in your area. Work up from your slumber which your small god hh has put you into!!

  10. Augprina

    Do not worry about Kabila very soon he is stepping down whether peacefully or forcefully

  11. emmanwamunyima

    leave hh



  13. Jms

    Don Kelly,Augprina and the others may God give you mind it Sims you have lost it and you don’t even think properly you minds are full of hate I tell you if God is to appoint a ruler with good deeds HH could be one of those see in Zimbabwe it occurred like that the opposition wanted to take over but it falled until the soldiers realized and Mugabe was out RSA until also the realized Zuma was out now we still have these countries Zambia is one of them. I salute the French President also comment on this country PEOPLE ARE SUFFERING IT IS EVEN VERY DIFFICULT FOR ONE JUST TO ACQUIRE EVEN A LOAN shame BUT YOU SAY YOU ARE HELPING GIVE US RECORDS WE SEE I KNOW THE RECORDS ARE THEIR FOR GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS SCRUBLE FOR land and our income

  14. Jms

    It true milambo is right to have said that you just comment according to the situation but God forgive the they are confused and addicted to wrong things

  15. Augprina

    The problem with you Tongas is the way you see and treat hh as if your minds are on permanent holiday! You have even made other tribes to follow your hatred towards others. That is why hh will continue to manipulate your thinking as long as you don’t wake up from that deep sleep!

    • i am

      Augprina,if your words about tongas are sincere it shall be well with you!!!

      • Augprina

        It is already well with me my dear. Your wickedness and hate has failed you and your entire generation WIZARD!

        • Cyril Ramaphosa

          Tell them Augprina.. What has the so-called HH done for these stupid Tongas they are just ethnocentric and full of tribalism.

  16. Augprina

    No wonder Kabila wants to emulate your hh hypotonism

  17. Mr Peace

    The problem is not with these presidents but us citizens.A government is not formed by one man.There are those Idiots who work and still with him.They secure him using the powers we give them through our own vote.So let us learn to vote wisely and avoid pipo who seemingly have a clinging spirit to leadership.

  18. staboy

    Wapya muzi kabila kuya bebele!! Just start packing boy thats how it stated to Muama Gaddafi, America, Britain, France at last war and killed him. He who has ears let him hear..tamanga don’t look backward

  19. Starboy

    And good advice to u fools busy arguing about hh or lungu, don’t you go to church and read that no man of flesh will ever rule this world perfectly unless the son of God? So stop ma foolish argumentsupplied shutout..!!

    • force landing

      They Don’t read bibles but Manifestos

  20. mulakwe


  21. Hammer

    I see two things: Kabila was put on power by Paul Kagame to be used as a puppet for the scramble of the scandalous riches of DRC. Is he going to accept his puppet to be removed from power???? Second the white man is also eying the enormous, scandalous , infinite riches of DRC. Watch the space .

  22. Maybin

    Stop insults please.

  23. Masters

    HH and Kabila must learn to give God wat belongs to God

    • Teka,Teka

      So u mean hh is like the person u ar saying?try plain B.else u ar lost

  24. chrisy mwamba

    Mamamama…. Bola naikosa

  25. B.I.G

    Foolish chaps,some people amazes me! The issue here is for kabila and the French president. How do you bring Hh and Lungu in this topic. Sign of ignorance. If you don’t have anything contribute better you reserve your comments. It’s like you’re bringing R.E in a mathematics class. Those brought the issues which is out of topic and order find the head line talking about Hh and Lungu, maybe you are on a wrong page

  26. Frenner

    That’s it

  27. vusi sithole

    Yes! Kabila is like HH for sure?

  28. Mukomango Mwansa

    This issue of kabila has go nothing to do with us Zambian people. Let us talk about the problems we are facing as a country

  29. Mk

    B.I.G you are right.pipo discuss out of topic with wrong comparisons. This is a sign of academic deficiency. Stick to the topic or keep quiet if you don’t understand the topic under discussion.

  30. Barotseland

    Kabila is behaving the same way like his counterpart the Pf koswe drunkard President .Zwaaaaaaa fa Koswe

  31. mwenya Mwamba

    This Angolan new president is going the right direction like Tanzania’s Joseph Pombe Magufuli. He goes to France for a state visit knowing that there he will be seen by all European based investors, not were you go to Swaziland and dust is raised before you host Kabila who every one is resenting in the region. Bwafya!

  32. BTK

    The very you superpowers you are the cau

  33. BTK

    The very you superpowers you are the

  34. King cool

    Simple topic:: people are failing to understand the importance of having the topic on top. Here they are not talking about Zambia but Congo Dr . and the stupid kabila, only. People learn to stick to the inbox and the topic. We are all voters, but don’t mention the name of the person who is not involved. Thanks

  35. Wadada machocha

    ;;You guys don’t think thabankhu…
    Yhu should talk about Joseph kabila not hh,
    Sometimes you have to think 💭 twice you even know that insulting is prohibited!!

  36. Kieth mwituma

    I have never seen kabila visiting hh ,maybe k mupoto in addition birds with same feathers frock together📢

  37. Kopala

    Macron must stay away from african politics. Bashir al assad has massacred millions of kids and he hasnt said a thing. He can even blame Trump who even tried something. DRC politics are just complicated as its people. Only God solves their problems.

  38. Grant

    When sovereinity is in the hands of criminals, Nothing matters not even God or Law.

  39. Benny

    He is like HH who kept holding 2 UPND leadership

  40. Chipata dweller

    Leave HH you moron, is this article about HH? so you want upnd to appoint your foolish father, Hidiot

  41. skitter

    This is Not new to those who read bibles,

  42. mwalusaka

    I think u guys its. Better dat we don’t enclude Zambia in dis political apathy let’s only tok about DRC n kabila dats so .let’s not go vairol say samthn without proper proful n which cn nt built Africa at large .so let’s mind our tongue k

  43. mwalusaka

    N 1 more thing remember dat prophecy must b 4 filled so we ar proceeding towards its rapture

  44. piere

    To show a good leadership style he can not even stand as a president so that people of Drc can even praise him

  45. Zambian king lungu my son!

    It is only johnathan who has a big influence, hope they didnt agree on helping each other in tearms of Money, army guns etc to help kabila.open your eyes====>

  46. John Mwila

    Not only in africa also in Europe and Asia there are dictators

  47. FGM

    Am a northerner who has fallen in love with HH’s fighting spirit. A rich person who wants to be President because of his vision. The 16th president_ Abraham Lincoln failed 10 times. His vision was strengthened by failures. He became one of the best presidents of the US and the father of modern democracy . It will be the same with HH. He will fix the economy by reducing the poverty levels and enhance democracy . So wait for his time. It was the same with Sata most politicians never believed him.

  48. Mukomango Mwansa

    Leave the stage while everyone is clapping for youuuuuu

  49. mumbi phiri

    Ifyabupuba start reading the bible & understand no one will rule the world and bring happiness only JESUS Christ plz understand that this presidents are just there to enrich themselves

  50. Muko

    it is sad.

  51. alfred mukelabai

    these refugees are bringing much problems to our country ,
    kabila should quit!

  52. Henry

    kabila is lik ur so cod pre.lungu but is vry shameful to include HH in statement, lets talk whr thrs is need to buckup.

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