Black Mountain Fuels Illegal Trade Activity

The legalized mining of the infamous Black Mountain has brought fresh challenges to the Kitwe City Council with an illegal market springing up within the mining areas.

Following the commencement of mining activities by a group of small scale miners under a company called Chapamo Mineral Processing Limited, a market has started coming up on site.

Traders from different parts of Kitwe have taken advantage of the activities at the Black Mountain to open up a Market.

Kitwe Mayor Christopher Kang’ombe has directed the Director of Public Health to quickly move in and see how best the traders and be engaged and explain to them dangers of undertaking business at the site.

Chapamo Mineral Processing Limited Spokesperson Samson Mpembwe has said the group will work with the Kitwe City Council to stop the illegal trading which has mushroomed around the mining site as it is a health and safety hazard.

He said Chapamo Mineral Processing Limited will, as corporate social responsibility, join the Kitwe City Council and residents of Kitwe every last Saturday of the month in cleaning the city as a way of promoting cleanliness.

Black Mountain Fuels Illegal Trade Activity


  1. Benny

    There is need 4 the government 2 rescind its decision as small scale miners known as Jerabos are taking advantage of confusing peace in many parts of Zambia especially in mining town look at what is happening in chingola and Kitwe.

  2. Brian

    I think what my friend as just commented is okey, infact there is no safety at that place.


    This are bunch of fools

  4. Lee

    Mulifipuba bonse mwamfwa mulifipuba sana.

  5. Starboy

    Jerabos needs to be cleared one by one, government chased people who were trading in the streets why not Jerabos? It means they are working together so don’t fool people

  6. Razor

    This is the problem when you succumb to pressure and give the jerabos this asset because you think that’s where the votes are. For as long as the black mountain was in the hands of another company everything was ok but as soon as you give even 10% to the jerabos trouble has started.

  7. 196 kata

    We know you

  8. cimbwi no plan

    that’s wht hapenz whn u hv a govment wth no ideas to rule
    sata ws nt supozd 2 dpart ths early,hz vision died wth hm

  9. Kalampa 4 lyf


  10. Hanjalika

    I am amazing what is happening in this world

  11. Foster simazaba

    You people the so called jelabos met the president last time, i think they agreed something on this issue .

  12. Sj

    With business booming @ the Jerabo work site how are facilities like Water and Sanitation sourced?
    It will be Cholera lurking come rainy season if the nearby shrubs are Sanitation source.Comment

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