TAZARA Seeks US$250 Million Injection

The financial troubles of the continent famed Tanzania – Zambia Railway (TAZARA) were on the spot with Deputy Managing Director Betram Kiswaga saying the company needs US$250 million.

And Mines Minister Richard Musukwa has challenged TAZARA to ensure it is ready to implement government’s directive to move heavy cargo from roads to railway.

Musukwa said government has put in place an enabling environment to support the growth of the railway system in Zambia and will not allow excuses of failure to operate effectively.

He said the recently announced statutory instrument is aimed at preserving the road infrastructure which is costly to maintain.

Meanwhile, Kiswaga said the railway firm is challenged with adequate finances to operate effectively.

He said TAZARA is currently targeting to transport over 600,000 tonnes of cargo per annum but need more resources to recapitalize.

Kiswaga has further disclosed that the railway company is struggling to keep its skilled labour that has either decided to enter retirement or joining other companies for greener pasture.

He said once the amount is injected into the Company it will be easy to address issues of infrastructure and sustaining human resource to provide desired results.



    Thanks mr musukwa my cousin

  2. Kay2 Pack M

    That’s a move to be carried, and no failure excuses accepted in this.
    That Mr musukwa.

  3. Benny

    This sector seems to have problem since UNIP left government there is need 2 work on it so that transport is also provided 4 Zambian people not only cargos.

  4. Foster simazaba

    Late president sata my his soul rest in peace wanted to revamp Zambia railway but after he died everything gone with hem.

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