OPINION: Lessons from Chilanga

The dust from the Chilanga parliamentary by-election has hardly settled but after 24 hours from the moment the winner was declared it is relatively easier to discuss the poll in a clearer atmosphere. The victors have had their party while the vanquished may have at least recovered from the aftershock of defeat. Naturally a by-election cannot be viewed in the same light as a general election but with the new constitution tightening screws around the regularity of parliamentary by-election it may become important to read more into the by-election results. Chilanga stood as a perfect test case of how the urban population still viewed President Edgar Lungu’s midway through his tenure. Chilanga may have some markings of ethnic imbalance that plays a role in the outcome of elections but overall it has sufficient hold to be deemed an elite constituency. With the Patriotic Front getting a bashing daily from their detractors it had looked like a loss in Chilanga would be a show of a yellow card by the public. Besides the PF had never held the Chilanga seat before since its formation. It would have been very easy for the PF to accept a loss in Chilanga than anywhere else in Lusaka province. Admittedly the urban elite have been hugely critical of President Edgar Lungu therefore making it hard to penetrate Chilanga. It had very much looked like a given right for the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) until they opted for political suicide. Soon after they announced their candidate we did advise that the UPND had decided to walk on a tightrope.  It was political suicide to go to battle with a candidate with as much garbage as the UPND’s Charmaine Musonda. Musonda had just freshly been acquitted of an accomplice to murder charge and also walked with the stigma of a house wrecker from having grabbed a man from another woman. Perhaps the highest form of political naivety was in the fact that Musonda was lining up to succeed the man she was arrested with for murder. Could political success have been deemed sexually transmitted? The UPND just closed itself to any moral voices and stuck to their guns leading to one of their bitterest political lessons. It is a loss that is unlikely to win them any sympathisers, even neutrals were turned off by their choice. Quite simply Musonda was a politically toxic choice for a candidate. We may not be sure about the outcome of the election if the UPND fielded a more credible candidate. While some people may not like it the victory in Chilanga has gone some measure in confirming that PF still has a strong hold on the Lusaka voters. After all don’t they say numbers don’t lie? Regrettably the violent acts that characterised the poll will remain a dent on the otherwise smoothly conducted election. It had seemed outsiders were more desperate for a result in Chilanga than the locals who were simply looking for an acceptable candidate. It was an election that meant more to the humble and nonviolent people of Chilanga, at least they can go back to their normal lives.


  1. frank

    Chinawahe I support that in jesus name I say Ame.

  2. Brian

    It’s high time the opposition political parties to organise themselves, before it’s too late for 2021 general elections.

  3. FGM

    By elections are not a true litmus paper to enable us conclude what will be the outcome of the next General elections. Excessive Team work, vote buying and intimidation determines

  4. Benny

    Hope tribal leaders won’t be allowed in 2021

  5. Mwandamena

    We don’t care even if pf wins but 2021 upnd will take over

  6. Claps James Mphande

    Iyeee my dear stop dreaming right now wake up mwandamena mwati u are in Zambia or out mmmmmmmmm chilanga was for UPND now ma now people realized that it’s a party for Tonga’s and criminals. PF or NDC 2021 HH will die.

  7. Hammer

    The biggest problem with UPND and its supporters is to waste time uttering nonsensical talks like we will win, there was violence, Petition, commonwealth …instead of going to the grass roots and reorganize ! By the time they wake up even southern province would be voting for PF. Already North-Western is getting into the boat , Lealui of western province is in the boat ! The writings are on the wall! ECL still enjoyes massive support! No matter how much hatred coming from some organisation to tarnish his name the common man doesn’t care, all what he sees is ECL working hard against evil and powerful forces. I don’t even know why I am wasting my time advising them! Their semi god is the one to decide everything .

  8. Hammer

    And UPND thinks because they hate our presido we will follow suite!!! This loss should remind them that only the masses can IMPEACH the president , not the haters !! I am watching the space to see how unpopular they will sink if they start talking about impeaching of our popular, hard working beloved presido!

    • Aurent

      Comment: Well spoken, and another big brow is when PF will yet again defeat upnd in the mayoral bye elections in Lusaka

  9. Hebk

    Congrats to pf .massive victory.

  10. GMN observer

    Thanks 4 voting peacefully congrats pf 4 winning elections and thanks to our beloved oppositions who took part in this by-elections and warning goes to those pipo who puting on pf,upnd and other polical parties regaria to cause confusions we know as zambians that you hiding in this regariers to do your criminal acts,soon the law will catch up with u.Our police officers are well trained they are watching you fools.

  11. Christopher Silwamba

    We Must Do Everything Positive To United Our Parties To Co-exist At An Event Of Any Level. Chris Sill

  12. Mulenga Joseph

    Wining starts from the roots (wards) going up to the leaves of a tree (presidential) but if you observe pf is wining all the by-elections and this is a symbol of unit in pf. lets go pf ! united we start,divided we fall..

  13. Barotseland

    Let’s come together and through away rat party called pf in 2021 .what happened in South Africa and Zimbabwe can happen in Zambia because of selfishness of out stingy drunkard leaders

    • mathews

      the truth iz that upnd thru hechi hechi cant foam government,kkkkkk his too selfish, try another leader guyz

    • Mumbo


  14. Elizabeth Mphande

    Leaders are chosen by God, we thank God for you dear Mother of chilanga, Maria Langa.
    May God protect you against all evil as you are developing chilanga. Stay blessed.

  15. FGM

    People who keep on saying ” Leaders are chosen by God’ are deceivers who want people to accept bad leaders. Did God endorse the leadership of the following ? Hitler, Shaka, Idi Amin and other corrupt leaders that come to power through vote buying, political violence and intimidation? Surely Not.

  16. Muzipasi

    The chilanga by election reflects the 2021 general elections so just resign ba HH before u end up saying all ur cattle in order to find cash to be bribing people to vote for ! Shout out to our father the President (ECL) we love u and keep ur good work up coz Zambia is behind u

  17. Humble

    Who taught you that Aldof Hitler, Shaka Zulu and Idi Amin came into power through the ballot?.. Don’t expose your your dullness. Go back to school.. You’re the people misleading innocent souls. If you know nothing but keep your mouth shut

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