COMESA, IOM Pen Mega Cross Border Deal

The Common market for Eastern and Southern Africa Comesa and the International Organization for Migration have signed a four millions euro co-delegation agreement for cross border trade initiative aimed at facilitating small scale trade across borders.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, IOM regional director for Southern Africa, Charles Kwenin, said that the agreement which is under the 11th European Development Fund aims to increase formal small scale cross border trade flow in the Comesa tripartite region.

“The facility will support institutional capacity building, improved border management and infrastructure and better data collection and monitoring,” said Kwenin.

Kwenin said that the agreement is critical for facilitating not only the movement of goods but also the movement of people that carry those goods across borders. Small scale cross traders have a special role in this regard.

“Good migration governance ensures that the protection, health, and security dimensions of human mobility across borders are addressed in an adequate, effective and timely manner” Kwenin said. KWENIN.

Speaking at the same event, Comesa Secretary General, Sindiso Ngwenya, said that the programme aims at increasing the formalization of informal cross border trade and enhancing trade flows leading to higher incomes for Small scale cross border traders.

“The agreement will support the construction of border markets, cross border traders association and the address the challenges that small scale traders face at the borders,” Ngwenya said.

He said that the Comesa Secretariat has mobilized the best expertise available to be used in the efficient implementation modalities and co-delegated the implementation of some activities under the program.

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