Democratic Party Seek to Protect Kalaba by denying his being president

The newly formed Democratic Party moved to protect defacto president Harry Kalaba by saying he is not yet their member but have invited him to be their candidate in the 2021 general elections.

Kalaba’s party had the Registrar on its tail with the issue of who the leader is adding to the controversy surrounding the party’s existence.

The Registrar of Societies has issued a notice of de-registration to the DP if they do not put their house in order.

Kalaba’s connection with the DP has led to widespread calls with the Patriotic Front on whose ticket he is still Member of Parliament to resign but he has stayed put.

DP secretary for finance Justin Nkonga said Kalaba is not yet the party president but has been invited to lead be the party candidate in 2021.

Kalaba resigned his ministerial position to try and build his chances of contesting the 2021 elections as a presidential candidate.

With chances within the PF of him contesting next to zero given President Edgar Lungu has made it clear he is contesting, Kalaba is looking at other avenues.


  1. Chanda

    Bakalaba just make one part with mr kambwili you are wasting you time

  2. Emmanwamunyima

    Join kambili

  3. Augprina

    Kalaba is a wizard and only wants to win elections in 2021 by all means. He is being fooled by the useless prophet Bushri who is Kalaba’s best friend and fellow wizard and satanist!

  4. Lee

    Harry kalaba far key you.

  5. ZONDA

    Comment Ba kalaba do not cheat your self u cant win 2021 people will only chew yr money

  6. kopala.

    is it OK for Mr.kalaba to hold two positions on two defferent political parties?just asking, cos ifintu fimbi filapapusha.”uwaikete fibili,afwile kumenshi”.

  7. kikikikikiki

    Ba kalaba u can not win in 2021. Even Kambili is10× better than u.

  8. talalamusonda

    Honourable kalaba should just join kambili party.

  9. bruce


  10. Ree-shar

    Ba Harry k, just make up one thing with Mr Kambwili than u keep on wasting time and yo money

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