Mopani Installs 7 Online Air Monitoring Stations

Mopani Copper Mines says it has invested about US$ 4 billion in its operations since 2000 to help increase the life span of the mine and continue contributing to the grow of the country’s economic growth.

Company Chief Executive Officer Chris Vermeulen said the investment is aimed at not only growing the economy but adding value to the operations while maintaining and protecting the environment.

He said Mopani has installed seven online air quality monitoring stations in different townships in Mufulira District to help address issues of Sulphur Dioxide emissions.

Vermeulen said that the monitoring systems are linked to plant operations and in an event of a malfunction, plant operations are immediately adjusted or completely shut down.

He further added that the mining company has also been implementing a major capital expansion programme valued at US$ 1.5 billion to extend the mine’s  life span at both Nkana and Mufulira to at least  25 years.

“The projects includes sinking and equipping of three new shafts – one in Mufulira and two in Kitwe, as well as construction a new concentrator at Nkana, the project are employed in modern technologies that are environmentally and economically sustainable.


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    I think ifya ma data base, place of Birth should stop now ku ma mines from westen north of Zambia mining companies. Us we were in sch those days you registerd ka data base nafya ma place of birth ni One Zambia ino!
    And stop advertising when you are employing 2 people of which you even know whom you are employing!!!
    Tuka kebapo cimo cimotoka ca 😎

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