Recalled Diplomat Chileshe and Maureen Nkandu Announce Wedding Date

Recalled diplomat Cosmas Chileshe is not letting anything stand in his way to marry veteran broadcaster Maureen Nkandu.

Chileshe, who was sent packing from the Zambian mission in Washington for his affair with Nkandu after he had divorced his wife of many years upon being handed a diplomatic job.

Nkandu who is better remembered from her days as a high flying personality at ZNBC has had a very eventful love life that has among her previous catches 1988 African Footballer of the Year Kalusha Bwalya.

She has been eager to flaunt her relationship on social media entangling some top ranking government officials that she unashamedly accused of being jealous of Chileshe.

The wedding is scheduled for June 16 at the Hotel InterContinental.

Nkandu had stints with the BBC, SABC and World Bank at the height of her journalistic powers.


  1. Abraham chishimba

    Let the lady face life. It’s her choice. As for a man dumping a long time wife is like cursing oneself.

    • Elder kumwenda

      Comment There are so many ways that seems right to a man but in the end there is destruction, both of u should get advise from pipo no one can build happiness on someone’s tears days are numbered one day all this comments will have sense but it will be too late, age is not a barrier ba Moreen but the guy is someone z hubby and a dad and the Bible is clear by saying, what God has put together let no man separate but u brother cosmos and sister Moreen u are now challenging God

      • vern

        God is never challenged
        Mwayapwila umulilo pamakasa.
        Don’t say you were not warned.


        It’s true bro God has gote no classes higher o lower according to the earthly things once u take ur on root against God’s instruction then very shortly it will become history like king Nebuchadnezzar.

      • HFK

        Cosmas is deliberately committing suicide. Hope you have had protection my brother


        Elder Kumwenda, I totally agree with you.

    • owes

      Washing good marriage

  2. ditto

    Ama champions…ayo!

    • vern

      There are no champions in marriage. Get it right!!

  3. luckson sundano

    Marriage is nt abt looking for a right partner noooo,it’s abt u being right!

    • Genevieve Chanda Malanda

      Such wisdom! Thank you my brother.

  4. hiv

    kikiki Ku chindana chabe na hule

    • Tom London

      &&& Indeed @ there is nothing in this world that can trouble someone more than his / her thoughts $$ cosmasmaureen.com &&& .

  5. Good


  6. B cool

    Not a good a move

  7. Malumo smartjr

    Guess chileshe z really feeling awesome na June,,,,well done boi,,no more kawilo boi,June has nothing to do with u boi ,,she will be slipng astray and u I’ll be on neutral,I mean mumabelo.

  8. Bruno mars the moonshine junglez

    Getout foolish go and kiss a dog rabbish

  9. Barotseland

    Its too much ubuhule with this lady how about Mr Gumula that Indian by origin

  10. Christopher

    People talk anyhow same of you,, have never appreciate anyone to your life. Marriage is a bond between two people, what matters is love!! God bless! Look forward to another world!!!! Know your number just so!!!

    • CK

      Cosmas was bonded at the time Maureen split the marriage


      Christopher, kindly read Kumwenda’s comment above. No one can rejoice over someone’s tears. What happens to Chileshe’s first wife? What happens to the kinds?

  11. Chiyanga

    Very shame

  12. hanene

    What was the point of denying the relationship when it’s there ? This shows that Maureen is not serious and honest with what she is doing . seriously consider your ways.

  13. Jbw

    Not matching

  14. Gladson m

    This marriage is a not under God ‘s control am very ashamed for this couple honestly speaking on media kissing like that sure, and how can we learn from that as youth in this sinful generation ,please people responsible for counseling should help these parents who are still lacking professionalism in there life time

  15. ZABALL

    Eyeee I think am dreaming ba boi were going plz , OK is that contract ?

  16. Spectator

    What led to Chileshe divorcing his wife ?Was the point genuine? Or is it his wife who divorced him?
    To me it seems these two people are coming from disappointing relationships and they are seeing this relationship as a solution. I see nothing wrong with this unless Moureen had a hand in setting Chileshe’s marriage apart.
    To Moureen all i can advise you is not only to accept your husband but to recognize his children as yours. Do not hold any gradges against those kids or else your marriage will turn sour as quickly as you never expected it to be. To Chileshe, you have chosen Maureen over your x – wife. Your x -wife might attempt to win you back and if you do not judge with wisdom, that might cause fire in your new marriage. Remember the saying ” ibala lya kale………….” Wishing you both a good marriage.

    • Chibs

      This Spectator has given the most hopeless advice. Maureen has been a concubine to Cosmas, forcing the latter to divorce his wife on March 18 and engaged Maureen 10 days later. Cosmas’ children are languishing on Copperbelt as the father chased them away from Maryland. Can you wish such a marriage well? Or probably you are going through similar motions

  17. chikala bwamba

    How many rounds per night? Muzimwako vi mitototo coz mwakulisa, where were u all this time?

  18. FBI

    She was married to Daniel Mundea

  19. Agm

    Marrige is part of gift from God isn’t a game; must be obey!


      tase ninamuchinda yakumbuyo mu studio ku znbc Maureen she danced like hell she’s very sweet I cried and we were almost caught even last night I fucked her in the bush in Lusaka west

  20. blues

    Maureen is a lost soul and is the worst fool

  21. Malama

    Every dog has its day watch out

  22. Abraham Mundia

    Useless whore, back to your wife

  23. clitoris Chinyoni malepe

    That man is old with white hair, soon Maureen you will start looking for young man with full energy to satisfy you, especially me leaving ka mudala ka zikanga ku mbaula

    • Kamtekete

      They say Maureen is 53, Cosmas is 41.

    • Tom London

      Cosmas a young man around 46/47 years of age while Maureen is around 54 years old just imagin critoris . Maureen likes young men .
      Anyway she has a very rich CV between her legs ( Ba Great kalu. , Daniel mundia , Gumura , even muvuzi yanga claims so and now the diplomat himself Cosmas chileshe . And openly kissing each other on social media _ it’s immorality at its highest level or was it done delibaretely _ maybe to hurt cosmas ” ex wife and his children . This couple” s affair is like that of King David and Mrs Uri .of those days . And God himself was not happy with what David did . I only hope that he is also not happy with what Maureen has done to cosmas ‘ ex wife .

  24. jee

    these is the problm we some of we africans have, when we be blessed by God with money , wife nd children we start playing ,after so
    me times we find our selves in fire

  25. fk

    God bless.

    • MAPOLO

      iye I fucked Maureen ku znbc mu studio she gave me hell felt like my waist was melting as she danced like a concrete mixer she has a very sweeet juicy vagina very clean I even wrote my signature on her clitoris

  26. jfh

    CommentNo sin is greater nor small in the eyes of God….surely in God’s own time both of them will face God’s wrath….Repent before its too late

  27. sarah

    i think before we judge both let us check ourselves no sin is small

    • Tom London

      What do you mean Sarah ? Can you do the same thing ? Cosmas a diplomat himself and Maureen a successful and celebrated journalist sinking so low morally . FIRST Maureen publicly attacked Emmanuel mwamba for revealing this ugly relationship only to come out openly on social media _ KISSING .

  28. Benny

    Kkkk at I ama champions

  29. Benny

    This lady is nice supposed 2 be mine forget Bible there were men who married more than one wife in old testament

  30. Thomson Mwale

    God does not like divorce I feel out on children how many men did Maureen marry before getting on to chileshe?

  31. lazioto

    ifyo fine bamulekele umunobe naiwe wine

  32. Me 2

    Mr Chileshe leaving your beloved wife for a woman who has been with alot of men are you really a pastor mmmm waniyofya u will have a bad luck for what you are doing, you look humble n Christian kanshi niwebo ka dangerous animal

  33. Pretty woman

    Anyway let us see what is going to be. God knows about this two people. Do not judge.

  34. VH

    This is pure sin like it were in the days of Noah people were marring and drinking so shall it be in the last days ,but don’t forget judgment day is coming.


    Mwefikulu fyonso! Tamukwete Nensoni! Moneni Ububi….

  36. sk

    Wat God put together let no man put asader

  37. Mukomango Mwansa

    Generation of vipers

  38. Otiman chile

    I guess a good c.v between legs is not a recipe for grabbing other peoples husband,I thought this lady is now settled,happily.

  39. Drugsquard

    When a lot of people comment negatively, then the problem is there. Ignore it at your own peril man Cosmas

  40. twenty

    Congregation you guyz, people Will always talk but no solution.

  41. Bridget

    Wonders shall never end ba Nkandu tamukulile.A latwachula Naba mutoba mayanda!

  42. fisunge

    Mwebantu maureen has 30year old dota with kalusha bwalya what point is she trying to prove atase what about the dota is she married?You x wife don’t worry about these fools who have no shame chileshe very soon will start admiring maureen z dota olo ni june muliba kumita mulimbe ba chileshe na muchembele mwazingonga

  43. Hebk

    Maureen of UNIP era. …aaaa

  44. John Phiri

    Only God alone will judge Maureen and Chileshe.

  45. Nabalengu

    Good luck on your marriage

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