Zambia to Assume AU Security Committee Chair

Zambia will assume the chairmanship of the African Union Peace and Security Committee this August, according to Zambia’s Ambassador to Ethiopia Susan Sikaneta.

Zambia has ratified the African Charter on Governance, election and Human Rights to uphold tenets of democracy and good governance.

Sikaneta was speaking when a consortium of civil society organizations in Africa under the auspices of Action Aid paid a courtesy call on her, at the embassy in Addis Ababa.

The Zambian envoy to the African Union commended Action Aid for the work it was doing and emphasized the need for civil society organizations in Zambia to take a leading role in helping popularize the programmes of the African Union, especially Agenda 2063.

Action Aid Zambia Governance Programme Manager Musonda Kabinga said that the decision by the Zambian government to revise the Constitution, the Electoral Code and amendments to the penal code were progressive moves meant to promote good governance.

He said the organization would soon release a report on how the implementation of the charter is being done.

Kabinga commended the Zambian Embassy in Ethiopia for its role in ensuring that Zambia is not left out of matters pertaining to the continental body.

Action Aid Rwanda Country Representative who was leader of delegation said the Adoption of the African Charter for Democracy, Elections and Governance underscored the commitment of the African leaders to uphold democracy, respect for human and people’s rights and the rule of law on the continent.


  1. Amos Paul Lukwesa

    That is fine! It is a welcome move.

  2. BTK

    Going faci

    • we are now moving forward

      You people never put negative thoughts here let’s look forward as now we have seen moving forward

    • Frank

      We as Zambian lets support our country it’s moving forward not always bring out negative thoughts stop. We can tell now to say our unite county moving forward


    You fools it’s football time fuk you

  4. Chisomo

    AU today,tomorrow its UN

  5. Phiri

    We’ve been there before naimwe muziziba history. Zambia has been in UN Security council three times

    • HH azinama!

      @Phiri in Security Council three times doing what, benze ngo shula chabe

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