Zimbabwe Deny Zambia Cosafa Crown

Zimbabwe made short work of Zambia for the second consecutive year in the final of the Cosafa Castle Cup by beating them 4-2 in a thrilling match.

The two sides faced off with Zambia hoping to equal Zimbabwe’s five titles but it was Zimbabwe who extended their record to six titles.

Sweden based Philana Kadewere took advantage of a lapse in the Zambia defence in the third minute to beat Toaster Nsabata in goal but Zambia quickly bounced back with Lazarous Kambole getting to the end of a slick move that started with Clatous Chama.

The two sides went to the break levelled at 1-all but Zambia gave a false dawn when Kamabole once again got the better of the imposing George Chigova in the Zimbabwe goal neeting from a tight angle.

Zimbabwe did not give up with Zambians playing for time.

Mamelodi Sundowns striker Khama Billiat turned the game on its head but it was Kadewere who stole the show with an added minute that sent the match to extra time.

Zimbabwe did not let their feet off the pedal with Billiat winning a penalty in the 99th minute after Ronald ‘Sate Sate’ Kampamba brought him down in the box.

Billiat coolly converted from the spot and finished off his gainful day in the office with a 116th minute goal that ensured that the trophy heads to Harare.

Zimbabwe won the trophy last year after beating Zambia 3-1.

Stand-in coach Beston Chambeshi was denied a trophy that may have strengthened his bargain for the vacant Chipolopolo job.

Zambia beat Namibia 3-1 on post-match penalties in the quarterfinal before sending Madagscar home with a 1-0 win in the semi-finals.

Zambia has won the trophy four times with Zimbabwe being the record winners with six crowns.


  1. Chisomo

    Zambia good its not the end next time it will be you guys just train hard and believe in yourself guys.

  2. Trevor

    You ‘ll make it some day don’t worry Zambia we are also the best.
    Thumbs up for you guys for here be strong and united coz tough are still ahead of you, learn from Zimbabwe and be better next time.

  3. Charlesmicklay

    After leading, then hammered ???

  4. Peter Zulu

    Zambia chipolopolo guys no midfielders,frontlines plz go round and get more player’s plz ba faz

  5. Trevor

    We are not the last but the first.
    And we are not the least but the best. Just be subordinate to the coach and master yourselves.


      I agree that the time Zambia shall realize to use attack strategy as a defense mechanism our superiority will be seriously maintained. so is discipline needed by our stars (I mean players) viva beston I believe you can do better

  6. spectator

    It is Zim

    • spectator

      It is Zimbabwe who wanted it most.
      Chipolopolo boys you have put Beston’s head on a chopping board.

      • Mukuka Emma

        Sate sate is a fake player chambeshi go around the villages there are better players u can get pls we are running out of patience how are going to qualify to the African can with these players?

  7. Chisha Joseph

    It just because we luck of experience, guys keep it up you tried

  8. Annie

    Hard luck chipolopolo boys, but Zimbabwe wanted it more.faz should now appoint a new coach. good luck next time.

  9. amateur fan

    As the games go on, you lose some, you win some, this just shows you how much you really need to improve yourselves. So guys from now don’t go drown your stress in beers but instead start training harder than ever, work and iron out all your mistakes which only you know so well. So good luck my number one team until next time

  10. Mr Peace

    At the end of the day,there always is a winner in a final much.That’s why we even went to extra time.However our boys also need to play skillfully on their own adding on what the coach has imparted on them.U tried your best boys.What more South Africa as hosts,they were booted out before dawn.Big hand quick silver.


      true that realization is required, our national coach currently may be suitable and players must get to sharpen

  11. henschel christian

    Hey hey! Guys You tried your best but it’s just that the trophy was not yours.please just keep on training hard next it will be your trophy….my question for you guys is why do you always loose when kambole is get out of the match?am just curious of it guys please let’s talk about it..

  12. sly

    Chashupah fye chambeshi talunsa

    • Collins mwamba

      We have good players who can perform on national duty.but because of poor selection of players we re playing like under 17.why leaving players like brain mwila,Davie daka,fackson kapumbu to mention few. And the coach thinking capacity is low can someone update his thinking capacity this is the second time we lost a game like that with chambeshi.all he needed is a substitute he should have made a sub in 93th minutes.same Wat he did back to under 20world cup.

  13. Hebk

    We would have won it only if we couldnt pump it zim.

  14. Good

    Zambia to much masobela just change
    The cochi simungaluse Kuviba Zimbabwe
    Vilibe president no cochi

  15. CMA


  16. jb

    there no need you can left players like kapumbu,kondwani, davy daka ,fwayo,enest mbewe,chisamba,kalengo for expense of balancing selection from all teams .Be objective when going to any competition

  17. Pa Kamunga

    Losing is good because it exposes the FAZ for what they are. Failures who can’t inspire Zambian football. I’m sure they will say we were fielding an experimental side. But Zambia is supposed to beat Zimbabwe even with an experimental side because our football is kilometres ahead of Zim and other southern African teams. Get FAZ out and we will start winning

  18. Ba Lipotaaaa!

    Made short work? What do you mean? They even went into extra time!

  19. Bright Munkondya

    You have done your best,it is just that it was not your season

  20. chalusa moses

    Nangu tuluse nangu tuwine CHIPOLOPOLO

  21. V. Mulenga

    Comment: Chipolopolo lacked fitness or what is technically refered to as condition; this resulted into poor ball control, inaccurate passing, low player and team mobility, poor concentration and reaction and above all low indurance levels.

  22. Noryemmasiamalambo

    One Zambia one nation.. even though we loose we are still enjoying our freeeeedom ahhhhhhhhhhah thnk God.

  23. Alfred mukelabai

    poor finishing

  24. game

    a big hand to chambeshi 4 assembling such a team in a short period,our boys just lost due to loss of control,they got tired
    given chance to choose from local and foreign based lads,quick silver,no doubt is equal to task

    • Laxer

      don’t give up you will do well in future just keep on training

  25. zek man

    Kuwayawaya fye

  26. zek man

    Got tired kkkkkkkkkk football player

  27. Bwana Payekha Mwata Mtonga

    Go! Zambia

  28. Enos Kalulu

    Senior Cosafa is over now it is the under 17 cosafa in July Pick a team now 19th July is not very far away.

  29. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle

    No coach no players

  30. Zolileshamboko

    That iz the reason y chosening some local couches last time happened with under 20vs Italy in world cup ……after beating Italy bt turned upside down in added time ……fake couch ba Faz pliz do something we don’t want some local couches

  31. Jbw

    Zambia finish

  32. Anfield

    fake players selected.hw do u leave bhind locals lyk chisamba,fwayo,mwila,kapumbu.expatriate coach we nid.fake coach

  33. paul

    Its time to tell that some players can’t play

  34. Supporter

    4rm 2day I will never b a Zambian soccer fan beta 2 support man u or Chelsea bt after leading den we loose

  35. clitoris Chinyoni

    Next time we will just pick a team from Jerabos and cadres coz them it’s serious business, bola na panga

  36. Starboy

    Ati sate sate makes headlines, those are the headlines you were writing about in the news, ukuya mukucita ifyabupuba

  37. Valencia

    But zoona Ba zed.

  38. Edmund

    This is not the best or good team cause we have lost two cups so far Beston just scrutinize the all team and get new players

  39. john simz

    Too much lazy guys sure namuwina bola mwaibwelamo ballaamba ukuyumfwa ba Zimbabwe ati Zambia baice go go go go!!!!!!! Chipolopolo

  40. Mwandamena

    Wada wada is the one ho made us to lose,chambeshi has tried his best and he can do better

  41. Fufu

    Ba Zambia will never be better until you start using experienced players players who as played big games not aba mubomfya

  42. dra'y

    The Boys are playing good football and the crown will be theirs if they continue to be eager & determined. One Zambia!

  43. Chinyo lungu


  44. Shachz

    Remember, I just said, “ndeumfwa umwenso boys girls…”.

  45. HR

    It’s game

  46. ABRAHAM Mundia

    I told you, that if you supports zambians, you be dissapointed.

  47. Muchahabeli Muchahabeli

    Zambia can be a better side if they can improve on poor and unfruitful passes .

  48. Steward simutowe

    Makulafye was it chambeshi who was playing?

  49. Foster simazaba

    let them win, it’s there afcon title.


    Sate sate is not a good player maybe he is even one of tokota boys

  51. ma set

    players needs to b tortured,, don’t pay them till they com back to their senses

  52. Zachariah

    Chambeshi Is A Good Coach He Just Lack Good Players To Motivate Him I Wish Zambia Should Bring Darial Bonetti And Chambeshi Has To Be The Second To Bonetti

  53. Alfred Sampa

    Poor coaching style

  54. hitman


  55. Joseph

    As far as am concerned zambia dose better and they will always doing better weather win or Los,lets go zambian lets is just a game

  56. Chikwimi Mwila Chisombo

    Zambia stop joking when we play football please be patient this is our country.

  57. Chikwimi Mwila Chisombo

    You know why, why football in Zambia goes down because we selling our players oversea and when they come back there finished .mbola in our country is finish now.

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