Health Council Halts Medical Programs for Apex and Cavendish Universities

Lusaka Apex Medical University and Cavendish University have been directed by The Health Professionals Council of Zambia-HPCZ, to stop the awarding Certificates for Health training Programs, in the process rendering the future of current enrolled Students unpredictable.

At a media Briefing on Sunday, HPCZ Registrar Dr. Aaron Mujajati named the Programs that have been withdrawn from Lusaka Apex Medical University as Bachelors of Science in Pharmacy and Radiography.

Dr. Mujajati revealed that the withdrawal of certificates for the two training programs for Apex University are that the Dean does not have a post graduate qualification.

He said that Apex University under the two programs have 740 students against 5 full time lecturers of which 4 do not qualify to teach among others.

For Cavendish University, he said that Council Inspectors found that the University does not have enough Teaching staff for core programs, saying all the lecturers are part-time, which is against the established regulations enshrined in the Law.


  1. John Mwila

    Private institutions are after money no wonder even those guys who obtained 32 points are studying medicine there!
    Guys muzamuziba Mulungu

  2. Andrue

    This situation is very pathetic.

  3. mpunda Davies

    it makes a sad reading bt a very important move for preserving the integrity of the health professions.difficulty decision are made in difficult situations to solve difficult problems.

  4. Drugsquard

    Half baked medical personnel are a danger to society. Good move. These inspectors should spread their inspection to other training institutions. These private Universities are not recruiting students on merit, but just how fat ones wallet is.

  5. Busta Rap Hg

    My school will open in less than a week.Team CAVENDISH

  6. zachariah

    Am So Sory For ThatTo My Friend Charlie Ndambwa

  7. Ezra kabwita

    Comment first nd for almost i would like to appreciate the sanction put against private institution which re not f registered with health professional council of Zambia (HPCZ). hw can it be possible for somehow having 32 point to be given a place to study medicine. This is why i say some institutions re only interested in money.

    • Wisdom Mwale

      Ezra, 32 points is not a problem, what matters is performance shown during the course of study. The reason why Zambians select candidates with single number of points is that we don’t have enough health schools. We have a good number of people with 6-10 points being dropped from public universities.
      Intelligence is not determined in IQ test results. We have a lot of factors which leads some not to succeed in academic trip.

  8. Chilyata

    I was concerned about Cavendish University in Zambia from the word go! They lost their accreditation in the UK and wasn’t sure how they would abide by Zambian laws if they didn’t follow UK regulations.
    These private institutions are chunning out Gong’a qualifications which is dangerous especially in medicine!
    Well done Aron – keep the standards in Zambian education high. We just need 3 more Mujajatis in Zambia and we will be ok.

  9. wisdom Mwale

    Too bad for Cavendish. Which health programs are halted for Cavendish?
    Hope it won’t take long to restart/reopen those programs.

  10. moses

    Nice move..,HPCZ

  11. Razor

    Most of these so called private universities and colleges in zambia are not up to standard. Most don’t even have structures to qualify for even primary school and worse still calibre of lecturers, teaching aids, syllabus etc leave much to be desired. That’s why we cannot produce qualified personnel but only people with pieces of paper called degrees.

  12. Watson mkandawire

    It May seem to be too bad to Those who are already at the middle or at the end of their medical studies at either apex or Cavendish but it’s a Nice Move.

  13. Watson mkandawire

    On the other Hand, i would like to Inform Those who are saying that apex and Cavendish universities medical Programs have been Closed because they don’t select candidates on merit. That’s not true. It’s because they haven’t yet met the Zambian Health Professional Standards and am very much sure that they will be reopened very Soon.

  14. Peter Kubala

    Kafwafwa now

  15. Pilato

    New song. ‘Ba kawalala mu boma ya Zambia’ Download.

  16. Feligo

    Those who are saying that private institutions are not enrolling students on merit I don’t agree with u coz the Zambian qualification either at a private or government institution just require someone to have 5 credits or better that’s all dat issue of points is not true coz those u c with single digit points use likages most of them u find they perform patheticly in universities those with double or triple digit points even do better.

  17. innocent

    Not feeling well,you go pa clinic…These guys are busy whatsapping.
    That’s a nice move,certain sectors are very sensitive,it’s life and death ku fipatala

  18. Self nyokozi

    Kusekafye, BA minister of higher education where are you? Kkkkkkk

  19. steve

    too bad to our students

  20. Major M

    Its really sad for those institutions,
    HPCZ keep on going round!

  21. Brainard

    Hello respectable people, let’s comment objectively on the issue at stake and not direct personal attacks at the students. The schools were penalized for not having the requisite number of teachers and not for admitting unqualified students.
    The 2 are very very different.
    I guess the emotions are becoming reflective of our personal frustrations and not of the subject matter at stake.

    It’s really not the fault of the students that they can pay for what is exorbitant to us. This is the fact if life. This is how legal matters should be carefully addressed.

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