Tasila Lungu Leads Literacy Drive

President Lungu’s daughter Tasila has picked up a nobler cause for the people of Buchi Township by fundraising for their public library.

Tasila who also is also Nkoloma Ward councillor in Lusaka lamented the challenges technology had brought to the reading culture in Zambia.

Tasila expressed worry that Zambia’s future generation is under threat because most young people were not interested to invest in reading but spend more time on social media.

She further stated that it was unfortunate to realise that most libraries in Zambia are not well stocked with books.

“I have seen the Buchi Public Library and many others in the country, there are no books there, so this is a good start when we succeed here then we can move to other libraries.  It is almost dead unfortunately in our parents’ generation it was very much alive but today because of technology, children are spending much of their time on the internet,” She said.

Tasila said education opens up a lot opportunities especially for young people and further encouraged them to invest in reading.

And Speaking on behalf of Buchi-Kamitondo Childhood Association, Simon Kabanda said Buchi Public Library received a donation of 22,000 books from Books for Africa in the United States but has faced challenges to move the consignment to Zambia due to high costs.

He said the fundraiser was meant to raise over K 188,000 to have the books shipped to Zambia.Kabanda explained that Tasila Lungu was invited to be the flag carrier of the soon to be launched Reading Zambia Campaign once books arrive in the country.During the fundraiser, a total of K 4,992 was realised from the walk that took place from Mukuba Shopping Mall to Buchi Public Library which was led by Tasila Lungu and Kitwe Mayor Christopher Kang’ombe.

And Tasila Lungu went on to pledge US $ 5,000 during the fundraising dinner at Edinburgh Hotel while other pledges went over K 215,000 from different individuals with majority of them being Jerabos under Champamo Minerals Processing limited the group working at the infamous Black Mountain.


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