15-Year Old Kasempa Boy Nabbed for Defilement

A 15-year old boy of Kasempa District in North Western Province has been arrested for defiling a 14 year old Juvenile in the same district.

Kasempa Police Officer In charge Haninda Kabotu said in an interview that the 15 year old boy of Kaminzekezeke area was arrested after the mother of the 14 year old girl juvenile reported the matter to police.

Kabotu stated that is was discovered the 14 year old girl of Kikonkokomena area was defiled on unknown dates and is three months Pregnant.

“Yes I can confirm that we have a defilement case in which a 15 year old boy has already been arrested for defiling another juvenile of 14 years in Kikonkomene area, the matter was reported by mother to the 14 year old girl,” he stated.

Kabotu said police have arrested the 15 year old juvenile due to extent damage caused to the 14 year old Juvenile.

“As police we would have just counselled them but obviously you can see the extent of damage, the girl is already three months pregnant, so the boy is in police custody and will appear in Court soon,” Kabotu said.


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  2. Henry kshangu

    too bad, its obviously ah any boma ni boma????

  3. Henry kshangu

    too bad, its obviously ah anyway boma ni boma????

  4. S-KAYZ


    • ZONDA

      Comment that boy he need hard sentence 35 years mu ndende aononga mu zake future kapena namtenda anamupasa HIV Nisi apayakale ni madar iyo

    • ZONDA

      Comment that boy he need hard sentence 35 years mu ndende aononga mu zake future kapena namtenda anamupasa HIV Nisi apayakale ni madar iyo FROM THE SWEETER COME OUT THE SOUR

    • Trevor chirwa

      Iwe mbuzi

  5. kingpin lamar

    Ichilaka 😂

  6. Mk

    The boy 15yrs is warm blooded. I remember myself @15 I was nothing.


    bakazi nabeve bamatigwila ise bamuna nanga why simuma bamanga but mwamuna olo ankale mufana mumumanga evry day nibamuna

  8. Don

    Its obviously it was a young couple relationship not saying it’s a difilment just have charge both

  9. Royd

    Too bad for the young boy

  10. skitter

    Congratulations man,it’s only that you did it be4 June, u wud hav done it after June pantu ku cell mmmmmm ni Cold storage

  11. saul

    Jst release de boy she z his agent

  12. Ignorant

    Wow!at15 you will be a father, congrats my boy. Boma ilanganepo aba bana bafunika matebela

  13. Rb

    They r both too young bt y concetrating only to the boy.th

  14. Trevor chirwa

    Police don’t be so dumb. So unwise. Was it a rape?? If u are arresting the Boy then arrest the bitch as well.. …… Not ifyo fyabupuba.

  15. William simwaka

    15 and 14 I believe this guy had a relationship before it was pronounced defilement you pipo let us call spard a spard cos we know 15 and 14 it’s only a small margin and these guys know each other and started knowing each other before the other turn 14 and the 15 so just help these guys they are still young to go to jail. Think if he was your son .

  16. Luyando

    Y didn’t the girl say that she was defiled
    After three months this wen she is saying get serious she wanted

  17. Martin mwewa

    They are both too young leave them

  18. Maxiwena Maxinal

    Jst release the boy to go and start looking for piecework for nappies for the unborn baby

  19. Chikala

    oh..congrats ma boy manje uzatasha…#lol

  20. GINTE

    They are all too young, let the boy go n take care ov the gal n the unborn baby.



  22. PHIRI martin

    They should just charge him for damage

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