Govt May Revoke Bursaries of Riotous Chipata Students

Eastern Province permanent secretary Chanda Kasolo has threatened to revoke bursaries for students who participated in the riot at Chipata Trades Training Institute on Monday.

Kasolo said it was unacceptable for people that were on government bursary to start rioting.

“For those that have bursaries and are involved in this riot they will be withdrawn. We have other people who are more deserving,” he said.

Kasolo said he was disappointed by the behaviour of the students at the institution.

He said that government gave 284 scholarships at the institute this year.

Kasolo also said there were some irresponsible students and lecturers who initiated the riot.

He said those who took part in the riot would be arrested by police whom he said were on the ground.

The students destroyed the administration block, some vehicles and vice principal’s house.

Some students said they rioted in the early hours of Monday because they were not happy with the way the vice-principal was demanding for boarding and tuition fees.


  1. Bright munkondya

    Sad news

  2. Mk

    Destroying properties is not a solution.

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