Journalist Wins Right to Prosecute Airtel for Interception of Data Messages

Freelance journalist Thomas Zgambo has won the right to privately prosecute Airtel Zambia for alleged intrusion of privacy.

Zgambo has for many months taken his battle to every authority ready to listen to him on grounds that Airtel intruded on his data usage.

His fight took him to the Zambia Information and Communication Technology (ZICTA) in September 2017 who refereed him to the Zambia Police.

ZICTA then pushed him to the Zambia Police who also pushed him to the National Prosecution Authority.

Director of Public Prosecution Lillian Siyuni has given Zgambo the right to prosecute the matter under private litigation.

Zgambo alleges that Airtel intercepted his date messages which amounted to invasion of privacy,

The case provides a test case especially with Zambia closing in on cyber space with a new law under the cards.

ZICTA has been warning of an imminent squeeze on cyber space on allegations that there is too much abuse in Zambia.


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