Kambwili Apologizes to Parliament for Making False Accusations

Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili struggled to apologize in parliament after Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini ordered him to do so for falsely accusing Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo of receiving a bribe.

And Matibini said the case in which he had reported UPND president Hakainde Hichilema to the Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja is now before the Director of Public Prosecution.

When parliament resumed sitting today, Kambwili was ordered to apologize by Matibini for allegations he made against Kampyongo that were found to false.

Kampyongo reported Kambwili to the parliamentary privileges and conduct committee that found the former guilty of falsely accusing the latter.

The Roan lawmaker apologized for having made allegations without facts.

Kambwili midway through the written apology muttering to himself, “kwena chashupa” loosely translated as this is hard sending the house into laughter.

And Matibini informed the house that his complaint against Hichilema that was initiated by a point of order from Mwansabombwe Member of Parliament Rogers Mwewa and his Kawambwa counterpart Nixon Chilangwa was before the DPP.

Matibini said the police had concluded their investigation and forwarded the docket to the DPP.

He said that the DPP was an independent institution that could make its own judgement on the matter.



    Makani yabija…Dr Fentizo aza soils.

  2. zek man

    U r just reporting ck, how about given LUBINDA

    • Kabimba-Mumembe

      They are following alphabetical order so they will get to Lubinda soon…

  3. JY

    Kambwili Is A Useles Man

    • Trevor chirwa

      We know that many people are useless but my dear we ain’t talking about your family.

  4. Cox

    Ba Zambia report u can report but th problem is u ar pf paid media yo news is jst like tht of dead nbc,u never speak gud to HH nd UPND u ar boring mwe.

  5. KJ

    Ba Zambia Reports How Are u taking the matters HH has done u what? Tell yo boss to stop violence in yo Elections that is not Democracy

  6. Ba special B

    Kabwili take it easy wukutangilila tekufika tata. Naiwe HH tekanya!

  7. Claps James Mphande

    Continue with your “ukutangila tekuufika”whiles people are tired of your, tribalism,self,iggnourance,war party. U will be saying that Same thing even in 2021,UPND can win just change the leader put any other tribe not Tonga’s only. Coz Ya Nidununa reverse chabe….


      Go back to school mphande nd work on punctuations

  8. fisunge

    It’s normal to apologize when you’re wrong that’s the goodness of bembas there no proud like the other tribe which if we mention it we can be cited to be tribal so kambwili is in the right directiont they say pride goes with a fall that’s what we’re seeing in the upnd today the proud leader will cost the entire party so the voters are seeing what type of human he is he cant apologize for his actions so advise

  9. ZONDA


  10. dra'y

    Kambwili must be feeling mortified after that sitting

  11. ramos

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  12. saul

    Ck don’t rash time will come take it yez.y r u accusing de innocen?


    James mphande what is wrong with you? Are a demon possessed man? You are busy criticise the Tongas without realizing that they are human beings like you….to be honest you are CHIKALA and UMUSULA OBE… MOTHER FUCKER.

  14. bwalyabrian


  15. Thawete

    Filifye bwino

  16. mwaba

    iwe chimphande nachizonda y hate tongas?God is the one who created tongas,dont be silly u guys mind yo biznes.y teling yo friend ngombe then u,u are monkeys rubish.

  17. Munasi

    Showing hatred to a person or a group of people because of tribe or race is an offence in Zambia. According to section 72 of the penal code you can go to prison for two years. Ignorance of law is no defence under common law.So, be careful you people who like insulting others because of tribe, one day you will be in trouble .

  18. sunday chisha

    take it easy guys,any one can be a leader be a tonga,lozi,ushi,kaonde as long as he/she possess leadership qualities.

  19. Zagalyfe

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    • Hantombwa

      @zagalyfe you will always be an advertiser of up & down party’ s songs which takes you nowhere, remember how you advertised charmain’ songs & where is she? Kikikiki

  20. ndamwumfwa maisa

    Ba chishimba ubufi bulaya nokubwela.Just stop misleading the nation by your lies and own opinions.you are making yourself unpopular. Telling lies are bad manners see the way you looked foolish in presence of 15 million pipo of zambia and world over.Again if you think you are popular resign from pf and declare Roan sit vacant and stand in again on the same you will be beaten prove wrong if u are a man enough making to apologise shame ba kambwili

  21. Ignorant

    Hehehe, some pipo are so funny! They are on this platform just to advertise their political parties songs which leads them to doom always. Some pipo kuwayawayafye

  22. Mukomango Mwansa

    Ba chishimba kambwili, iyeeeeee insonii !!!!! Tabalwisha uwakucila amaka even the Bible says that

  23. Augprina

    That is why mwefibatonga you will never rule this great nation. Cinshi nwashishitila ifi? Ni saint ya ng’onbe yaikata amabrain yenu nangu ninshi imwe bakembo? You should first insult yo HH before insulting others. If you don’t know, you are the ones who have brought this issue of tribalism because of the way you see and treat your useless leader in the name of HH who you consider as your god USELESS!!

  24. Munasi

    Any way which tribe is great in Zambia can anybody guide me?

  25. William simwaka

    Understanding and accepting yourself that you rilly wronged your fellow takes pipo that understand other people’s personalities and the value they have .good man ck wonderful thoughts God bless you.

  26. Foster simazaba

    Don’t be foolish iwe augprina, the one who brought tribalism in this great nation is rupiah bwezani vintu kumbuyo banda after introducing wako ni wako slogan. Mind you people if things become bard then it’s affect all of as if it good we all benefits so this tribe disease you are preaching you are destroying yourself. Thanks.

  27. Gibson Ngulube

    We are oh human being guys let as love one another?

  28. Gibson Ngulube


  29. Ba Gee

    Kambili limbi Lishilu

  30. Lungu

    He’s the biggest fool ever



  31. kelvin Simwanza

    if you are tired with politics why not resign you want to become a corrupt thief one day so that we can vote for your impeachment

  32. ABRAHAM mundia

    Pf party, to start with LUNGU up to MPs, they behavers like kids.

  33. Nesha

    Ungaseke Mwe

  34. Luyando

    Don’t insult jxt Bcoz of my tribe Ohh it parliament issue’s u insult tongas if u have nothing to do sleep umozi nizakamu satanila

  35. Martin mwewa

    That’s good to apologize

  36. val encia

    Kabwili must stay away…………

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