Kasenengwa MP Dies

The Patriotic Front has lost one of its gallant fighters in Victoria Kalima who was the Kasenengwa Member of Parliament.

Kalima was also the Minister of Gender in President Edgar Lungu’s government.

The Kasenengwa lawmaker had made the seat hers to lose with her constituents fiercely loyal to her making her one of the MPs that could win the seat under any ticket.

Her fighting spirit was severely tested when her seat as an MMD legislator was nullified in 2011 when President Michael Sata came to power in what was seen as an attempt to wipe off the MMD.

She appealed and had the nullification reversed and retained her seat overwhelmingly despite being in the opposition.

In 2016 she stood on the PF ticket having joined the Edgar Lungu team and also won her seat.

Below is a statement from the PF:



Lusaka, 11th June 2018 – Patriotic Front Secretary General Mr Davies Mwila regrets the untimely demise of Minister of Gender and PF Member of Parliament for Kasenengwa Constituency.

“The Patriotic Front knew Hon Victoria Kalima as a fighter. She fought so many battles and overcame. Even when her health started failing her, she remained extremely dedicated to duty, giving all of us hope that she would pull through. She was a critical voice in the Patriotic Front. Sadly the cold hand of death has robbed her from our midst”, he has said.

Mr. Mwila has mentioned that late Hon Kalima will be missed as a strong voice for the people of Kasenengwa Constituency and Patriotic Front in general.

“As Minister of Gender, she ensured that her Ministry occupied its rightful place in fast-tracking the place of the Zambian women in the country’s development aspirations,” he said.

The Patriotic Front Secretary General has since sent a message of condolences to the deceased family and is calling on all members of the Party to join in mourning late Hon Kalima with a sense of unity of purpose.

Hon Kalima was Minister of Gender and PF Member of Parliament for Kasenengwa Constituency in Eastern Province. She passed away this evening, 11th June 2018, at Maina Soko Hospital in Lusaka.

Issued by:

Sunday Chanda

PF Media Director

Party Headquarters


  1. Shepherd mwale

    So sad zambia, M.S.R.I.I.P

  2. Sansamukeni

    Too bad. Go well daughter of the soil.
    Why do we always lose vibrant people in Zambia???
    Rest in peace Mum.

  3. Nicholas

    Sad may her soul rest in peace.

  4. Claps James Mphande

    My condolences😥😥😥😥😥😥😪😮😥😫

  5. McBright

    Oh hail mother Zambia
    where are we going from this point of time M H S R I I P

    • Chapuswike

      It’s a great lose to country Zambia and the world at Large to lose a vibrant leader like hon mp and minister madam Victoria may her lest in internal pice

  6. costa moyo

    May your soul rest in peace

  7. Anthobalachio

    M H S R I P

  8. Brashe L/stone

    Oosho Victoria kalima,my condolences to the entire kalima family,kasenengwa constituency & the PF at large what a loss too Bad M,H,S,R,I,P, Amen

  9. Mwale George

    Deeply sad may the almight lord give confort to the entire kalima’s family

  10. Benny

    My condolences she seems 2 go too soon may her soul rest in peace but why not mention her age and what was she suffering from?

    • Mcdonald Milimo

      So sad at 45 years old ,death has taken you!!!!!

  11. Kay2 Pack M

    Tooo bad mama kalima, may her Saul rest in internal peace,
    My condolences to the family of kalima, may the Almighty God comfort your Brocken hearts.

  12. Charlesmicklay

    Rest in peace mama we will meet again

  13. nicroid mweetwa

    I knew madam Kalima as a vibrant leader & now losing her at a time when serious leadership is needed, i’ts so sad .

  14. Cox

    My condolences,mhsrip and may God comfort th family of th deceased.

  15. Kelvn samala

    May her soul rest in peace

  16. King Daniel

    My condolences to the Family

  17. Augprina

    Sansamukeni and Mweetwa I conquer with you, she was indeed a vibrant leader I will personally miss her voice in parliament and the way she articulated issues. Too bad indeed!

  18. Jms

    U can see that here the opposition won due good leadership of the Almighty great leader where judgment was for all Zambian citizens mhsrip

  19. brian force m

    M.H.S.R.I.P. Hon kalima we really miss you.

  20. ZONDA

    Comment condoles 2 the family may her soul rest in peace

  21. Mulenga. k

    so sad losing a vibrant leader, may her soul rest in Peace.

  22. Shadrick

    Thank you God for her death. May your soul rest in entenal peace mama we love u

  23. Efford ngoboa

    We will miss you a lot mama,RIP

  24. rocka bye

    Answer loadin…

  25. chakamba muchinyanja

    Why hav we continued losin biggest pillars of economy in Zambia..Go well mama rest in peace is all i cn say by nw God b with you till we meet again on the other side


    My felt heart condolences to pf party and the family,Rip

  27. Zagalyfe

    Petersen protege Song; Change. Download here.

  28. sunday chisha

    please accept my condolences kalima family

  29. Kaumba

    Too bad for Zambia and my condolences to the family

  30. Patrick Tembo

    I join the many people who mourn the gallant fighter Vic.Your lost your husband Clement in a fatal road accident but put up the struggle to live on in spite of his absence. The dark forces have cripped in pick you untimely.Rest well in peace wherever you are Vic….We shall on day follow up as the route you have used is inescapable by anyone leaving.Goodbye Vic and rest in internal peace

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  32. bruce kawaya

    sory mama

  33. Numbing Mulenga

    Rest in peace mama

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  37. Sandmo

    Rest in peace mama Zambia

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    Rest in peace mama until we meet again go well may the good Lord receive you.

  39. mwaba

    jokes aside tomorow it wil be u. m.h.s.r.i.i.p mama.


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    Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted, let help the entire kalimina family in this trying moment.m.y.s.r.i.p madam


    Sad news, MSRIP


      maweeeeeeeee maweeeeee another by-election and UPND and NDC will definately lose

      • Abeuty Mukupa

        Always time you dreams about Elections mammmmmmmmma

  43. itel

    R.I.P mum till we meet again

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  45. Christopher

    may you rest in peace mother Zambia 😊😊😊😊😊

  46. Emmanuel Zulu

    May your soul rest in peace.

  47. Benson Kalumba

    MHSRIP, too bad to my credible leader ,may God receives you in his greatness with both hands in heaven.

  48. Mbuzi

    so sad and disturbing for this huge loss in the demise of Hon Kalima. Go well mum and MYSRIP.

  49. Chisha

    My deepest condolences to the family..

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  51. Davies Mwila

    Sad, M H S R I I P.

  52. Razor

    I knew this lady when she was running an Agro shop and supplying Boam cockroach killer but lost in touch once she went into politics.RIP my dear sister.

  53. kay wonder

    May your soul rest in eternal peace .

  54. Soft

    Pf members dying too much…wat happened to Lusaka mayor

  55. Soft

    Chris Jericho Dave us..

  56. uncle m

    may her soul rest in peace.
    too bad

  57. alfred sampa

    will are going to meet

  58. Alice simakala

    Will miss you in action

  59. Akomeza

    Eeee!!! Sure May your soul R I P.

  60. Foster simazaba

    Soory mama and the family.

  61. Ton Bruce Brown

    If it was transferable, I would had transfered your death hon to someone I know more better to have died than seeing or hearing that you have died, since my thinking are in vain,kindly rest in peace my dear sister.

  62. Frank Bwalya

    How vibrant was she? Well come to another by election. More drama and more wastage expenditure. Here in Australia it’s different.

  63. Albright

    Sad indeed R. N. P

  64. zeckman

    When it comes to serious matters, like this (about life ) let’s put politics away & mourn together as one Zambia, one nation, our father’s motto KK. May your rest in peace mama Kalima

  65. Fredy G Ndhlovu

    i get shocked after hearing the news that hon. victoria kalima has passed away, my deepest condolences to the deceased family. m.h.s.r.i.e.p

  66. tk

    rest in mum

  67. John mwansa


  68. lackson f mvula

    very sad news to all of us,MHSRIP

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  70. Young Munaz

    It pained me when i herd about the news yesterday and why do we lose young pipo GOD have mercy on our. She was indeed a brave young lady who stood for the pipo of kasenengwa. M.H.S.R.I.P we will miss her voice in parliment

  71. saul


  72. Abeuty Mukupa

    Eccl.3.2 – A time to be born and a time to die. A time to plant and a time to harvest.
    So everything has a season
    M.R. I. P we will remember you for your good heart and your job

  73. Simon Fumbilwa

    May her soul rest in peace

  74. jelvis

    May her soul rest in peace

  75. William simwaka

    We know God’s plans are not our plans may her soul rest in peace

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