Musukwa Labels NDC Members as Prodigal Sons

Chiliabombwe Patriotic Front Member of Parliament Richard Musukwa has challenged the National Democratic Congress Party (NDC) leadership to disband the party and re-join the Patriotic Front.

Speaking when he handed over 200 bicycles to structures in Chilabombwe for Party mobilisation activities, Musukwa said all members of NDC are prodigal sons of the Patriotic Front.

He wondered why members in the NDC have continued to give themselves confidence when they know the party has no direction.

Musukwa alleged that the leadership in NDC is using bitterness against President Edgar Lungu and that was not helping them win more members from other political parties.

He dismissed the NDC leadership as only being motivated by their anti-Edgar Lungu sentiments.

Musukwa further added that doors are still open to those willing to join the ruling Patriotic Front and be part of the on-going developmental agenda.

Meanwhile, 8 members of the UPND security team defected to join the Patriotic Front and stated that the opposition political party had nothing to offer Zambians.


  1. zek manx

    Another bootliker for ECL

  2. Masters

    I Second Him

  3. offender

    ba musukwa APA pene mwaamboukuponta you ar a fool Mr man

  4. opinion

    akamutwe kwati ni water meroni we mbwawe!!

  5. Mukomango Mwansa

    Knowledge is like an underwear, it is good to have it but not necessary to show it off!!

  6. benny

    ECL na lesa! bitterness wil jst take them to hell.

  7. Munasi

    It is true, bitterness does not pay. Any way what is the political agenda for ndc. What do they want to offer to the Zambians?

  8. Malumo smartjr

    Another spy ware, that disturbs the smooth living of the mother zm,if u know you’re among the following people,,,,, spy, plagiarist, burrier,and malicious note that, 2021 installation of anti virus you know what I mean”

    • banxy


    • phillip

      whats wrong with this man kansi?
      that is why political violence will never end in zambia

  9. barotse man

    I sent him to say such things

  10. banxy


  11. Davis Mwila

    Iwe chi richard!!…ulepanga chongo imbwawe…shut up!!!!!. Chikala…..

  12. Ba B

    Don’t u see the development is everywhere ba opposition party?

  13. fk

    Ni pf chabe 2021 we don’t want the dreaming parties like NDC and UPND.

  14. Kedrick siame

    At development is every where like if you go through Zambia, have you been in Nakonde before development is there were you are.

  15. Kambwili

    Us what we want is development (PF) that’s all and not tribalism (UPND) nor conspiracy (NDC) e.t.c.

  16. Ashamo Makofi

    We just hope all those in PF will not ditch the party when it is out of power.

  17. Razor

    Where are all these bicycles coming from. Remember Maxwell Mwale the former minister was convicted of distributing bicycles bought from state funds.

  18. Claps James Mphande

    PF forever

  19. Foster simazaba

    Akusabaileni ba musukwa kabili imwe muleikuta taste, nangu mwatilati umwana wenu aleya ku China kumasambililo PA basali balamyumfwa kabili yenu mwema m p ,ba manager, nabambi mu ruring party fye chapwa chalo chemistry.

  20. Davido

    I’m sure what made this man to say that is the vacancy u have seen in the ministry of gender Victoria kalima is no more u areying for that wamona a

  21. Jps

    I can see fear in this cowards eyes, he is able to notice that his so called ruling party has lost a lot of members who have joined the NDC in the copper belt, now he is begging them to rejoin PF. We ll see..

  22. Albright


  23. Benny

    I think davido very right musukwa has just seen the vacancy left Kalima

  24. Mk

    Politics of the belly

  25. Muchemwa

    It’s great even monkeys have started defecting from the bush ukubutuka impepo to join the ruling party pakuti bengafwalako ifitenge

  26. F s

    True muchemwa you are 100 percent right. Kikikikiki.

  27. One nigga

    Politics is a dirty game musukwa just eat your dirty money but remember one you will be out of that office

  28. Martin mwewa

    Just know that everything is time

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