UPND loses Seventh Councillor in North Western

The exodus of UPND councillors to the Patriotic Front has continued with Nkenyama Ward councillor Alick Kikwama becoming the latest to defect in North Western Province.

Kikwama’s resignation takes the tally of defectors at councillor level in North Western Province to seven.

The Kasempa local government leader was unveiled when Foreign Affairs Minister Joe Malanji addressed a rally at Kyawama grounds in Solwezi.

Malanji who welcomed Kikwama said that North Westerners should reflect deeply on voting for a party that never won national elections.

The UPND has continued to lose Members with Kikwama’s resignation being the seventh so far in the Province after 2016 General Elections.


  1. Sansanukeni

    Mmmh things are bad in UPND.
    Can someone do something.

  2. Claps James Mphande

    Guys come and see the End of UPND

  3. Benny

    Kkkk tribal party seems 2 go backwards let’s watch where HH is heeding

  4. jjj

    Hh please!! can u just focus into your business, u can not rule this country called Zambia,because sonta is not a small symbol it’s big,maybe can u change the slogan try it.

  5. derrick hatontola

    kkkkk HH whats wrong with ur party

  6. Jms

    Kinda (wallet) just your name can just tell me what kind of a person you are I tell you that follow education to acquire money not money to acquire education vise versa that’s why we are down shame

  7. Richard chule

    UPND..new faces are needed on its leadership, consider other tribes-it will help

  8. ZONDA


  9. Claps James Mphande

    I agree with you ZONDA

  10. Efford ngobola

    Things are bad in upnd what could be the problem

  11. kopala.

    people hv realized that, the person they call hh is not a leader.it’s only those with selfish interests who r still clinging to this party.anyway! teti tupape pantu nakonto alekala kumbwa iyafwa.hh should stand as a mayor,not Republican President. mulangala sana ba upnd.Republican President tekwangala,na green party yakwatapo amano mwati nyaba?ati hh,ukutali nempanga.

  12. mawema

    Let them go for convention before it’s too late because all the people will run away .

  13. mwaba

    iwe chimphande who told u that its end of upnd.its like u dont have something to do is he the only upnd councillor in this country?wath out chipf cadre atase malinso.

    • kopala.

      ur right,he is not the only upnd councillor in the country. but he is the seventh to resign. hop that tells u something.

  14. mwaba

    iwe chi jjj yo chifinga can point anyhow even faeces can point dont say sonta,y sonta things wich u found already?suntwe go away ochamatako mapati oceelo chingasibbende nkoma.upnd nankwe nankwe mpaka infa.

    • Frank

      Your response can even tell the type of person who you are wise people don’t insult

  15. mwaba

    upnd is the intelligent party & God fearing party they all humbled.pipo who are serous in life & knw wat is doing can not vote for pf unles those who dont know wat their are doing can go to pf.if H.H is tribalism y he chose G.B.M to be a vice coz G.B.M is a bemba,u pipo dont jst put things hard if u dont something to do jst keep quite iwe chicadre u think we are hapy for kiling upnd pipo & burnt our cars.Mind u God is luking wat is hapening in this country.

  16. mwaba

    upnd has strong votes in this country :central province,c.belt,n.western,lusaka,southen,northern,western all these are upnd strong votes.in 2021 u wont see the time to steal we are going to shift until elections is over no sleeping day & night monitering the elections & wil be surounded by big people.

  17. John

    If UPND collapses,it means poor Zambians will suffer until a new leader comes to take over PF.Believe me,how Kwacha is stragling compared to other currencies.

  18. Benny

    remove this HH frm the top he is a failure.

  19. Christopher

    Never give up the is time for everything, save the people you also win it just matter time prove to the people of Zambia ,that what they saying true,
    Politics is the dt game, Jesus Christ failed to make everyone happy, do what is right people will be there to support you try next year or later good luck to you our future Leader,

  20. based on logistics

    Nankwe nankwe whether lose or win always forward no reverse gear.

  21. Jms

    Never mind no matter how you how you talk rubbish to our Master HH you will never find his good behaviour compared to your lungu if it was possible let Zambians start interviewing is lungu verses HH you can see who is who we need people who THINK A head who doesn’t think for the people isn’t a leader he is just a headman that’s why he is claiming the land in Swaziland

  22. MJ

    People of zambia pray to God to help you to choose a good leader not by insulting each other…May God 4give us all,Nene from matero.

  23. Razor

    Politics of the belly.

  24. Doshas

    Kkkkk waimvwa dununa

  25. Ups

    Our current President does not have a good strategy to move this country forward, let those who have a good strategy take over otherwise we ll become more poorer than any other country in Africa, try HH we ll see what’s best for us as a country..

  26. Jps

    Our current President does not have a good strategy to move this country forward, let those who have a good strategy take over otherwise we ll become more poorer than any other country in Africa, try HH we ll see what’s best for us as a country..

  27. Senior citizen

    Leadership is from God

  28. Claps James Mphande

    You jps what are u thinking😨😨😨😰😬😬😰😱😱😰😰😰😰😰😱😀😀

  29. Tom Bruce Brown

    When I failed grade seven exams in 85,I said that teacher hated me,in 86, I failed to school I repeated to ,I said the said,again in 87 I continued and later I went into society with that mind but four years later I knew why I was failing. This has come into my mind when I read the failure if UPND,the whole the team is power hunger,if they were to understand their shortfall,they could not point a finger at other.Due to power hungery,they leave national duties in Parliament and boycott aiming to impress party gain or personal interest. Their doing is not to save those who voted for them but party gain or personal interest.Sorry for you guys but check your selves and the surrounding in order you see why you’re losing seats and members.2021 seems to be far but just at the southern corner of the universe. Thanks to those who will see sense into this than just to think like I hate someone.

  30. Peter

    Everything has got tym,the right tym for our hh is camin if no 1 can eat for sam1z anger then don’t talk about our president it’s our choice no sam1z choice

    • Jps

      You claps James mphande, am thinking about this country and it’s future, the future of our children and the generations to come, I don’t know what you are thinking by asking me that question..

  31. XANDER

    Zambia will never improve because it is full of ignorant people who don’t vision for it. The country is being ruled by corrupt, thieves and selfish government but you are still Celebrating, let me tell my fellow citizens your die hard heart will not take our country to another level it will only continue to go down just like you slogan DUNUNA RIVES . HH is person who can take our country to another level

  32. Kaingu

    Loser will allow be a loser unless he/she wins in a place of losers


    Let traitors(judas iscariot) continue to sieve out sothat we remain with hardcore only

  34. Elizabeth Mphande

    When God has spoken blessings, no man can curse… We’ll be just welcoming you people to the chosen government(PF).

    • ba chlorine

      2021 vote edger chagwa Lungu vote PF go Green go it’s sonta apo wabomba reloaded

  35. jjj

    Mwaba you die like that following sameone who is a failure, that’s wy u also a failure like your friend hh,u can not achieve good because wat u know is failure very thing in upnd failure

  36. Magwaza

    u pretend as if things are ok in zambia,u pipo try H.H in 2021 things wil change dont regret palast the earlier the better,choose quality leader who has a vision a brain bursta like H.H a God fearing man very humble.

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