Edwin Sakala’s Kasenengwa Bid Anidst Funeral Raises Eyebrows

Zambia Direct Democracy Movement leader Edwin Sakala has drawn sharp criticism for opening campaigns for the Kasenengwa seat before even the incumbent is buried.

Sakala has been spotted in Kasenengwa laying the ground for campaigns for the seat that was held Gender Minister Victoria Kalima who died on Monday evening.

The vocal former civil society activist has been hopping from one radio station to the next announcing his candidature.

Sakala is reaching out to the Patriotic Front to back him for the support he has been giving them.

He said he would have an audience with President Lungu to seek his support.

But former Dilika ward councilor in Chipata Central constituency Alberto Phiri said it was unfair for Sakala to start announcing his candidature when the nation was still mourning former Kasenengwa MP Victoria Kalima.

“I am very much disappointed with Mr Sakala because when somebody is in the mortuary you cannot be talking about his or her position. What Mr Sakala said to me is very unfair. We are Zambians, we are Africans and we have to believe in the African way of thinking. I think it is better for Mr Sakala to apologize to the people of Kasenengwa and the country as a whole. I am not happy, I don’t know what kind of a person Mr Sakala is?” he said.


  1. Claps James Mphande

    Batata wait until burial End.

  2. chris

    Dad wait until after burial,and informed tha

  3. chris

    Be informed that we need young techs to stand as mps and fresh brains in our province.

  4. masy

    mr sakala,that’s more like talkin”isambolyamfwa”b4 burial.


    Kikikikikikikiki sakala wakumawa tiye nayo tate

  6. Chris B

    Mr Sakala you are discgrace

  7. Benny

    Zambians have become selfish these days especially those in politics even when somebody dies they seem not 2 be grieved all they think about money and food 4 themselves. The bible says do not enjoy other peoples’death remember that all we will die some will die after u while some will die before politicians please reduce ur selfishness and egocentrism.


      atase chi sakala that why you pick left over food from state house waste bins mboloyako kufipa

  8. Macpherson Muyumba

    Imwe naimwe ama typo what is Anidst?

    • Tom London

      Jesus said and I quote , * Let the dead burry themselves , * end of quote . And unfortunately he later to be sold by his treasurer , Judas carriot for 300 pieces of silver .it is a crazy world .

  9. Davido

    What is wrong with that it happened when sata died the current and his rivals were campaning even before the burial forgert about the dead go and campaign after all we should look for the future

  10. martin chiyesu

    Boss don’t be power angry Okey?

  11. chris m

    Ba sakala maybe you have a touch in this death why

  12. Martha

    bad manners fool

  13. King cool

    I told you that the Easterners balimbe nzelu, the Bible says, the Wise come from the East and they did not go back to where they came from,but they went somewhere else.

  14. King cool

    I told you that the Easterners balimbe nzelu, the Bible says, the Wise men came from the East and they went somewhere and did not go back to where they came from,but they went somewhere else.

  15. GBM

    New song Petersen Zagaze protege “Zambia Tifunika ku chinja”. download here;

  16. Shai D

    Pipo from kasenengwa yashani menso cimdala cilibe nzeru ico ba Sakala idiot! Were are you coming from? Nzeru kununkha.

  17. Mukomango Mwansa

    Ba mudala ,we are still mourning imweee ,how can you come up with such a story?? I pray that may the good Lord deliver you from such demons !!

  18. Kaumba

    This man is not himself, he shouldn’t be adopted

  19. d

    respect the dead coz one day you ll die, no politics on death bcz its for every one, the poor the rich the wise nd the clevers

  20. Razor

    Is not the brother to former convict Richard sakala with his one man party. Why can’t he stand on his party ticket against the PF if he thinks he can win.

  21. Uncle Bizzo

    People you shouldn’t blame him instantly first find the root cause why he is saying so,then you will know why he is doing that,is he speaking his words or words from somewhere.

  22. M W

    Mr. Sakala is the opportunistic man who has decided to shame himself for a position forgetting his culture and values that the president was talking about in parliament.
    I think we deserve better as people of this country not these politics bellies like that of my uncle from the South who left us just yesterday with the same ideology.

  23. Ree-shar


  24. Mafuta

    The brother to one criminal Richard sakala.

  25. Mailoni Bro

    Where is Edgar Lungu? Funerals have lost value in Zambia. What can stop Sakala from campaigns if the President can leave the country during such times?

  26. FGM

    We the Easterners don’t want an old man. We want a young energetic lady.

    • jl

      bushe chainama balisala?batwaleni batata aba ba bapime.

  27. J m

    Its too early Madala ,from party leader to mp ,why degrading yourself ?sign of power hungry

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