Hichilema Calls for Demonstrations in Support of FIC Board

The opposition UPND says it will hold a peaceful demonstration to protect the attacks on the Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) board that has come under fire for their report.

And UPND president Hakainde Hichilema says his party is available for the dialogue process as long as it is not under the Zambia Centre for Inter Party Dialogue.

Addressing a media briefing at the UPND secretariat, Hichilema urged Zambians to stand in solidarity with FIC on account that they were being persecuted for speaking the truth.

Hichilema directed his secretary general Stephen Katuka to notify the police of their intentions to demonstrate in solidarity with FIC.

“FIC is a statutory body meaning it is a creation of parliament. It is not Tshuma’s report, it is your report. We in the UPND support 100% the FIC board because they are doing a good job,” he said.

He said that his party would invite the ZCID to do clerical work at the dialogue table as they had no capacity to oversee the process.

“There is no issue of someone not wanting to meet, we are available but not under ZCID because they have no capacity. I am told they are crying to the church that they want to secretaries, well, be my guest but we will scrutinize those notes,” he said.

“We are willing to go to the dialogue table as long as ZCID surrender that role to the church.”

Hichilema launched his trademark tirade on the Electoral Commission of Zambia labelling the conduct in Chilanga as disgraceful.

The UPND had put up a half-hearted acceptance of the outcome but Hichilema was back on the attack.

He accused the PF of being the architects of violence during by-elections.

“The PF are the source of violence, they are the brainchild of violence. We are the victims of violence,” he said.

Hichilema urged his members to fight back each time they are attacked saying they were tired of being brutalized.

He also said that the constitution should be amended to ensure that if a councillor resigned the party that hold the seat should find a replacement without going for an election.

Hichilema said that most councillors found it easy to resign as they were only picked as a result of having grade 12 certificates and not on merit.



    That is wonderful news and don’t give up we are in total support of UPND under your leadership. God bless you and country at large.

    • Wanzelu

      VIVA Mr President HH. We all as Zambians need to unite to get rid of this corrupt and thieving regime.
      President lungu and his PF thugs have really taken Zambians for granted.

      Lungu must go by what ever means possible because elections have failed to remove due to vote stealing , intimidation and violence.

  2. Jms

    impeachment is knocking. Where are the military men

  3. Claps James Mphande

    But this dog

  4. Hammer

    I thought you wanted the commonwealth ! Can’t you be principled ! Even tomorrow you will refuse whatever dialogue will come up with resolutions . Because the ONLY resolution you want is to be lifted ( may be by a folk lift) and put in state house by any means

  5. Apostle mighty stensa

    People of God, world will never take u anywhere come to the kingdom of heaven where everything is free and everyone is free to participate_____ ____
    _____________by apostle mighty stensa ambross.

  6. Chris B

    Ichilema ichilema really you are lame so lame that even your brain in now disabled, have you forgoten that civic leaders are only voted for and not hand picked as you put it. This is the reason why yo united party for national doom is only in your pocket. You never go to any convention and you remote control your mps but Councillors have realised and are brave enough to challenge you. Zambia is not like your house were you just wake up and give instructions to your wife and children. If you do not respect your party and you have no regard for its dead constitution know Zambia is governed by democratic Parties only no wamuyayaya party types like your kantemba upnd. Now you are so scared to face election such that you now want to hand pick Councillors and impose them on the eletorate then what’s the reason for holding election you dull leader.

    • Munasi

      If opposition means not accepting what government is doing even if it is for the good of the country , then I think it is not worthy becoming a politician.

  7. Venancio

    Hahaha let’s hope its not a trap


    HH you are a comedian each and every time I see you,you always reminds me the late legends thousand and maximo

  9. Ba special B

    Don’t speak things which you will later on refuse.
    Ba kamba ba HH if you were a car would have been a scrappy metal. Do do u know that?

  10. Mfumukazi

    Mr Hichilema the way things are, your tantrums sound like the noise you get from an empty tin.

  11. Nyawu yakumawa

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    I we chi claps James mphande, musatanioko and umusula obe….mother fucker.

  13. Emmanwamunyima

    We love u

  14. nosiku

    organize your family to demonstrate wth you.

  15. Shachz

    Why all these insults bafikala imwe?

  16. fisunge

    HH my dear why should you insight people to demonstrate you lack wisdom I believe you have a big family including your live stork so if you don’t want to go and dialogue then don’t bring trouble in this country because not even your MPs are paid by you it’s tax payers money they enjoy what have contributed to this country’s economically you’re a seasoned thief as well lets us stay peaceful go and demonstrate alone now young men and women don’t be used by this devil he will leave you to face law alone like what Satan did to Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden twakana go alone olo iwe wamene siuzatisunga

  17. Magwaza

    Chimphande u r a big dog,big fool even yo house is a big fool idiot,y insult H.H. iwe mind yo language atase watch out.

  18. Magwaza

    who is stealing gvt & H.H .you fool u dont know wat u r saying jst keep quite leave H.H alone imwe bantu mulishani kanshi.

  19. Magwaza

    chichris b walitumpa sana,upnd is inteligent party thus y u pf u r fearing us 2021 is ours evn if u want or not nankwe nankwe.

  20. Zagalyfe

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  21. 5 times loser

    Iwe ka HH you look as if you are shitting, just concetrate on the defections in your party

  22. ZONDA

    Comment Ba HH tekeni umusula panshi kachiteni demostration ne ngombe ku farm yenu mu tauni mu kailo balamunkonekesha MWALABAAAAAA BOMA NI BOMA

    • Abeuty Mukupa

      Behave ba BOSS is the blessing from God you to be alive others are have no luck of being a live

  23. Abeuty Mukupa

    Well done Mr president

  24. magwaza

    chishi aliko big idiot waunfwa tekanya i wil bit u stating from yo dogs,cats,catle & yo children.


    HH u ar a only man whose going to make Zambia be come a country in this word
    let this poor talk about u,, u jst continue

  26. mcbenny

    crying baby aka mr ka looser.


    HH Beloved President by wise men and women but hated by those Pfoool foooooools and idiots. You are a Man of integrity. Never mind them and never give up.

  28. nndamwumwa maisa

    Desparate for power ba HH stop inciting pipo my frnd we are all educated and wise we can distinguish between the truth and lies infact yo lauguage of saying zambians defend yourselves must stop coz it seems that u are the one who is provokative jst respect the Republican president Mr ecl. You HH you jst ordinary zambian like me noone ever voted for u even in upnd you were jst oppointed by your tribes men and your few frnds dont even call yourself president you never be one.

    • M W

      What inciting are you talking abound?.
      The man is trying to stop the loot that the government is doing.
      It’s your monies man….

  29. Bright munkondya

    Politics will take u no where.do other things

  30. Brashe L/stone

    I we ka hh ka small god, u think u can be a President l now know u’re saying PF is corrupt and yet u’re the one who is corrupt,u pipo who re claiming to be upnd please tell me or challenge me, have u ever seen someone in yo life climbing a tree from the top,no no no u guys advice yo little god to start from the ground l mean grass root,yo so called small god has never been a councillor or MP not even were they praise him as a ka god l mean were he comes from,so wakeup blinded chaps mukayakandwa kumo noyu mbutuma,haaaa no convention what a part eyendela fye mu pocket no way,u’re even busy supporting such nonsense 2021,2021 ya nyoko u can’t see Development uka bwekeshepo naka god Kobe save yourselves yourselves work with the government of the day ala PF viva,UPND maybe 2071 at least Mayo in maybe watch out.

  31. Brashe L/stone

    Kena ka chikala ka confusion,mebo basa ndakaka kutobela aka kaleza,wezu echi chiuno chipegwa amwami leza mupati waku Julu so imebo kuzwa sunu vote yangu ndiibika ali PF,kambo mfulumende ya PF ilatupa ma cash transfers, ma fertilizer tukala buyo kabotu kabotu,you mwana tajisi bulemu tana komena atumubone maybe 2071 and ayalo ngu maybe mwendii ninsh wakomena achili mwana munini that is Y uyanda kuleta confusion.

  32. sim1

    Ku wa yawaya fye,ninga upnd converntion when is it coming .ba mbi mwikala sana .

  33. Chimfwembe nsofu

    Please pipo stick to the issue at hand ,the FIC report which is a serious report affecting our day to day life. Corruption in this country must end. Good governance and accountability in public office is must. Why should we support or depend a few greedy people stealing tax payer money so that they can buy Hummers or build mansion for they girl friends while there is no medicine in clinics and no Reading materials at schools. This culture of insults must stop.both ruling and opposition leader live a luxury life with 3 square meals a day. While us the majority who only eat a soya meal a day are busy insulting each other

  34. Ree-shar


  35. Mr Zambia

    Iwe pa Zambia

  36. Mr Good

    Are You Going To Be At The Front During The Protest Or In Your Home?

  37. Don doc

    Everything comes from this man’s mouth is useless and dirty, boss sometimes u just keep yo mouth closed than showing us yo foolishness ba boss ba ba upnd.

  38. ndamwumfwa maisa

    Ba MW if u dont understand politics better learn from this platform it forfree,as the saying goes if u cant defeat them join them,if u cant join them confuse them,if u cant confuse them eliminate them.That is what ba HH is doing so my frnd be adviced apply critical thinking on HH this matter.Having saying this since baHH ve money to waste he will call for press briefing condeming govnt gud policies crying fao evryday wen u are a looser always a looser like ba HH ba ku dununa fye lyonse.ba sata bali sosele ati u mulembwe wacipuba upwila kuli tumfwe.Advice HH keep yo money to yo family and indeed protect them from yourself coz u are stealing from them us zambian we are ok with mr ecl we voted for him with the majority vote that is why is a zambian prsnt including u and yo upnd ( PLc) Ltd.waumfwa boy
    We ve pipo with clean money in this country dont even tk about it or disclosing there health for what,zambians dont feed from yo pockets we feed ourselves maybe your tribesmen since they are the oncs who appointed u as there small god we cant knw.

  39. Don doc

    Everyone is running away from yo party, be careful and watch out! Pantu kwashala ba Mutinta to join PF, take it or leave it boss! U will soon remain alone, i heard that even yo cartels ar planning to defect to NDC. Wapya muzi boi.

  40. Brashe L/stone

    Iwe ka chikala ka nsofu what are u talking about which FIC,u fool u neglect GOD & replace Him with stupid hh yo so called god,do u want the government to bring food on yo doors that’s spoon feeding work hard idiot we’re all tax payers,which medicine er u about & school materials rubbish, we don’t need pipo who are Greed like yo small god becareful,u’re busy complaining hh is ease than Ecl l know the boy very well.

  41. Don doc

    I heard that even your cows ar planning to defect to NDC. Wapya muzi boss.

  42. ndamwumfwa maisa

    Nothing is remaimg in upnd naliumfwa ati even his children,nephews,goats,chicken and hid dogs are defecting from this company upnd to chishimba coward lier kambwili. Too bad ba HH ala jst follow suit join pf kuti twamipelako bu ward trustee in dundumwezi.

  43. Wesley

    Mr President you are the only one Zambian dependent , all those children who are backing are pf they don’t have voters card,i will say for give them father they don’t know what they’re talking,they support because of the to ma k5 the get,but they have forgotten about tomorrow , voting for the poor people there aim is to still see a lot of taxes even in our pockets that’s where the sleep for them to eat on plan for the Zambian,why a child fail in grade nine to go back to grade six is that normal? Useless government think twice guys you must go to the church.

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