Mulenga Sata Re-joins PF…Eyes Mayoral Seat

Mulenga Sata has resigned from the UPND and re-joined the Patriotic Front where he once served as mayor of Lusaka.

Mulenga who is the son of late President Michael Sata immediately declared that he would apply to contest the vacant mayoral position in Lusaka.

He was welcomed by party Secretary General Davies Mwila at a press briefing today.

Mulenga resigned in the aftermath of a fractious succession wrangle of late President Sata that ushered in President Edgar Lungu.

He later crossed over to the UPND where he contested the Kabwata Constituency seat and comprehensively lost.

The former Lusaka mayor joins other PF bigwigs that had ditched the party and returned.

He described himself as a prodigal son who was returning home.

“I wish to publicly declare that I have resigned from the UPND to re-join the mighty PF. I am the prodigal son who has come back home. I was lost, now I am found,” Mulenga said.

The PF has been reaching out to former members that had left in the aftermath of President’s Sata’s death with former First Lady Christine Kaseba Sata appointed as ambassador to France.


  1. Jackson shawa

    Politics ,wow lost son indeed

  2. jjj

    Well done mr mulenga but watch out next time we will not allow u to come back, thanks for ur sharp mind

  3. Claps James Mphande

    Imwana walubile welcome back to our peaceful party

    • Jk

      peaceful party? mwechipuba mwe pf is peaceful party yanyoko

      • umwana wamano alanda ifyamano

        kuton tonkanya pakulanda ifintu

  4. chris

    Well done Mr MULENGA sata,so that nafuti ada nabeve for lusaka mayoral seat.come 2021 ni walk over.

  5. Eden

    Its only in politics you find people today calling each other name’s tomorrow embracing each other POLITICS DUTY GAME like pigs


      Ba Eden duty or dirt ba chikala

      • Eden

        Shi Aliko I have a D phil in insults so don’t force me to insult your entire generation and generation yet unborn so if you want let start SITAMPA

  6. Apostle mighty stensa

    Comment on Jesus Christ, leave the politics otherwise u will be like king Belshazzar

  7. Brashe L/stone

    Good thinking Mr mulenga SATA,well done Efya kuchita indeed you’re a prodigal SON of that part PF,U have seen that this idiot so called small god HH is just confusing the people of this country Next is GBM his also welcome,l have also defected from my United part national for Destruction to The might PF with immediate am sorry to my fellows l can’t 2021 l see danger we’re losing again.

  8. Apostle mighty stensa

    By apostle mighty stensa ambross

  9. Apostle mighty stensa

    Rocks baba she reed(tongues)


    Welcome back home my son Chi mulenga instead of continuity chaya mukuchema ngo’mbe bembas no brain

  11. Venancio

    To do what is right is good so if you think coming back to your fathers line is right then you deseve a warm clap welcome beck..

  12. jemude

    insala yamunyokola!!!

  13. Nyawu yakumawa

    Kkkk nice,the suck of money was gone,thought of how he enjoyed money mamamamamamaaaaa…….

    • Benny

      This so called prodigal son is shallow minded how can he behave like a child l hope he will not be allowed 2 win mayoral position, he crossed from PF 2 UPND thinking that he knows which party would win general elections when his pocket becomes dry then he comes back 2 PF thinking about how 2 make money he is not like his father who was wiser than him shame on u Mulenga sata

  14. Starboy

    Circus merry go round, the Zambian politics, when they are not making money they go where money is. Bukabwalala bwekabweka, tukalalya imwe bafikala because u are the former president son

  15. Eugene

    Mr mulenga sata welcome back..

  16. Me is Good

    HH and GBM will also join and Contest as a mayor

  17. Shachz

    Buluya ba Mulenga. Mano kushipila suntwe!

  18. martin chiyesu

    Welcome back the lost son.

  19. Lee

    ukabwekeshepo nafuti ukuya ukamona ukanya amafi kukutoba amapi idiot.

  20. Jk

    For 2


    Thanks mulenga you are most welcome.

  22. Ignorant

    Wellcome back mr Sata, next is GBM & then Dr Chifentelo.

  23. Immortal


    hope he has returned to serve and not to be served.😋😋

  24. Royd

    You are most welcome to the real part

  25. mwaba

    pipo who insult H.H & Tongas make me sick.but us Tongas we dont insult Lungu & Nyanjas but u,you are busy insulting yo friends anyway only God knows time wil come for judgement.

  26. Bravado Chewe

    Welcome back, Mr Mulenga

  27. Mukomango Mwansa

    Ba mulenga mwaliimona amano imweee ,but nikwisa mwabwela nomba ,nganiine Edgar chagwa I can even chase you ,but anyway we are still welcoming more people e.g ba kambwili, Mr Harry kalaba and many more!!!

  28. Razor

    How many times you want to be mayor. Please move on and do other things like fisho mwale

  29. Lawrence muma

    Lost son welcome back

  30. Self nyokozi

    Bupuba cabe

  31. LWAZZ


  32. icho

    mwanaka ukuchema ing’ombe nomba

  33. DERNKO

    Don’t adopt him to contest on the mayoral vacancy,he went to upnd thinking HH will win,its because of the vacancy that’s why he is back.”ukwalola umwela ekobolola”kkkkkkkkkkkk,he recently announced to have retired from politics now why?

  34. mcbenny

    u re wel come 2 the big family, the wining team.

  35. Bridger

    It’s Okay but..,………

  36. 2016 we campaigned sonta apo wabomba this time it's sonta apo wabomba reloaded, i really support PF

    Mwaba, I really support u

  37. Vicmalo

    PF kuwayawaya fye, other wise they have destroyed the country na 2021 ba kose….pantu bazamuziba Yeah.

  38. Vicmalo

    PF kuwayawaya fye, other wise they have destroyed the country na 2021 ba kose….pantu bazamuziba Yesu.

  39. Ree-shar

    Itx politics so we can not be surprised with ye sir and should i simplely say
    Welcom bck

  40. Mukomango Mwansa

    No Mr vicmalo it’s your sister who has destroyed this county not pf,come 2021 ba UPND muzamuziba yesuu!!!! Whether hard or soft kkkkkkkk

  41. commander

    What a dirty game zoona.
    Politics….,yachabe chabe

  42. Henry kahangu

    chachine ni chilost son, but u seems to be forgotten tht u ar leaving a blessed part anointed one…just remember that in 2021 UPND is coming soon.watch out.

  43. nkandu luo

    So ba kalumba ngatabafwile ba sata ngatamubwelele muleumfwako nensoni mweshilumwe pamfwa yamunenu Imwe mwamonamo opportunity to bad for that I hate u swine

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