Riotous UNZA Students Stripped of Bursary Support

The Ministry of Higher Education has moved swiftly to withdraw bursaries for five students believed to be master minders of the riot last week after a 10-minute power outage.

Higher Education Minister Professor Nkandu Luo said that university students would be made to pay for the damage caused to some vehicles.

She named the students as Mischeck Kakonda popularly known as Neighbors, Richard Malambo whose moniker is Buffalo, Kellys Chikelwa also known as Chilepule Baby, Muyendwa who is known as Pamukanjo and Muyangwa Lifuke known among students as Mafiki.

The above named Students will not be supported and she has assured that all their appeals will not be entertained by UNZA Management.

“There are a lot of children out there seeking education who are not being assisted and I would want those students to benefit. And I want to commend UNZA Management for effecting suspension Letters to the named Students,” said Luo.

Two other Students at UNZA are being investigated according to Professor Nkandu Luo, to ascertain their involvement in what she says was a premeditated demonstration.

Professor Luo said that a woman with a sick child was roughed up in the riot and had her car and several others damaged, a situation she labelled as barbaric not befitting university students.

“As Minister of Higher Education, I take this opportunity to apology to the woman, who had a sick child on the material day including all other citizens caught up in the riot,” she said.

Professor Luo has toed a hard-line stance on dealing with unruly behaviour of some UNZA students with the union suspended after having identified it as a major source of tension in campus.


  1. Mpombo

    I like the nick names especially neighbours and Buffalo,Chilepule baby maybe a cassanova playboy hence not suited to the academic or rough side life of a monk.

  2. Jms

    Did they do that for better or worse their is a reason behind that a university student can not do a thing without thinking unless that bursary is given to useless students the minister must think twice on this insure don’t worry guys Jesus suffered for us to be better and you are suffering for someone to be better. When you sim to loss God opens another way for you


      You are a proper fool jms someone is busy destroying government things nd you are supporting is that chilepule or neighbour’s university idiot

  3. dra'y

    Lol ‘Chilepule baby’

  4. Venancio

    Before doing things check were the source is coming from ßäçæñm

  5. Nyawu yakumawa

    These chaps,re those names of normal students? I dont think so.manje banyela pamene bagona,fools.boma ni boma

  6. Johnson

    Bazamuziba yesu…

  7. shu shu shu

    All the suspended students have UPND sounding names

    • Jk

      Bushe Munali naulification how far I hate this old professor

  8. Starboy

    My parents died when I was three months in my mothers womb, I have 11 brothers and all of them are handicapped, we eat half a meal per day,
    am the only person who got 11 points after failing grade 7 eight times. These are the lies you tell when applying for a bursary, they assist you then you start misbehaving and even review where your parents have been hiding. Fools

  9. Shachz

    The government must learn to scrutinize students before giving them a hand.

  10. chris m

    its a good move actually

  11. Mwaba

    Iwe chishushu dont be stupid idiot y mentioning upnd uliciyanga mbuli ulinvwide.

    • Mwaba

      Govt warn them first 2 times b4 u act these are yo children have mercy on them they did not know wat their are doing.

  12. Magwaza

    forgive them for the first time & second time then third time act.Verb,writen & final.Dont jump verb & writen warning no its unprofesional act.

  13. fisunge

    This is what we want our children have not been given places even on self pay then mwanionongela nakamotoka kamalift where I get money to pay tuition for my son muzanigulila motoka yaanga minister weldone muvichoseko chabe vimabuzari Tione atase demostrate to your parents if you have no food kupusa monga imbwa yamuzungu kansi mugona pamasaka ya roller where you come from

  14. Nalumango

    Good move ba prof. Apa manje bazamuziba jesu

  15. ZONDA

    Comment well done ba pr at least it will be a lesson to others BOMA NI BOMA ba professor teine ine na poselefye libwe fimbi shifishibe

  16. Immortal

    Even if a child is a Mafia(problem) him/she will never be rejected by his/her parents. He/she may misbehave but still be loved by the parents.

    The fact that a son/daughter misbehaved it doesn’t disapprove him/her of being a son of his/her parents.

    Sonship(ubwana) tabumpwa.

    A son will always remain a son nor matter how bad he/she misbehaves.

    The only role a real parent should play is to chasten his/her child and not to deniey his/her child.

  17. mwana wa ?

    More freedom more problems

  18. Razor

    Yes they deserve this. Even if the students have grievances they should not take it out on the innocent public.

  19. David

    Self control. And understanding of situations is important. Because things may not be in a way u want them to be. Please Mr chilepule baby behave. Everywhere u go there are rules and regulations.

  20. King-G

    What coursed the riot?

  21. Self nyokozi

    Ba Luo, have the heart of the mother and make sure u also investigate the source of the riot caused don’t go directly to withdraw their bursaries. Your professionalism is not of ending to the conclusion but the solution, check this out don’t be stupid

    • derrick shipunga

      why are suporting stupid fools?u are an idiot

  22. brucet kawaya

    osakamba pali upnd

  23. RAS L.L

    That’s why our country cannot develop the so called intellectuals are behaving like rats punish them madam

  24. mcbenny

    namushala muli mwamoneni nomba guys!

  25. Joel kamfwa

    I can’t surport. Those fools after all i also need the same assistant.if possible let them go to panama prison

  26. Joel kamfwa

    Let them go to fox river prison where Michael scofield. And t-bag escaped so that they can escape too

  27. derrick shipunga

    they are all upnd kids just expell then and let see if hh will give them a degree


    This are upnd caders now in universities mwanya muzachiona 2021

  29. Mr Good

    Dirty Chaps Why Behaving Like Dogs?
    Well Done Madam Minister We Are Behind You.

  30. Mukomango Mwansa

    You guys in universities don’t forget to utilise the chance you have of being in school,there are a lot of people out there who are not been assisted but imweee mwaya mukucita rubbish things, ahhhhh Zambia!!

    • rmx

      ama OG…. pipo have a good opportunity to study but they end up waisting it just becoz the power went out for 10mins

  31. rmx

    its good. strict punishment for the rioter is in order. maybe then they can start to see the importance of School

  32. Patrick


  33. Patrick


  34. Washeni kasapo

    Guys, (referring to all the culprit’s of the riot) its an honour to be accepted at the university of Zambia, most of us we pray and wish everyday that we can be accepted there, u guys who are there are luck but u forget what u went there for once you are accepted there, U start following wrong ideals from wrong people and forget your goals, remember you and your parents struggled so that u can be accepted now you will be expelled imagine how your parents will feel? Violence does not bring any good but only bad, if there is any issue, try to solve it through a mutual discussion like civilised people please.



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