Hichilema, Esther Warm up to Each Other at Memorial Park

There was a bit of the beautiful side of Zambian politics when First Lady Esther Lungu and UPND President Hakainde Hichilema exchanged pleasantries at the burial of National Assembly staffer, Muswa Theresa Muhau Suuya at Leopards Hill Memorial Park.

Hichilema and his wife Mutinta softened up to Esther who had also been attending the burial of late Minister of Gender Victoria Kalima at the same cemetery.



    One Zambia one nationa

    • Martin mwanza

      We are one let’s just love one another

  2. Mwiende

    That’s good MY President.



  4. Augprina

    Good spirit to both of you!

  5. kachizo

    So nice

  6. Chikwimi Mwila Chisombo

    Mr hakainde god for your kind, one Zambia one national, please go forward Mr president look forward not backwards because to the back there’s no eyes pls.

    • Chikwimi Mwila Chisombo

      Mr hakainde god bless you for your kindness and blessed also your family 👪 sir.

  7. Chanda

    Keep it up,l. Ma president

  8. Dolph MC Wayne

    That is so privileged.
    Nice one my president one Zambia one Nation.May God bless you for being kind.

  9. Harks

    Wow that was good… Keep it up with the same spirit

  10. Naphtali Sakala

    That’s wonderful Mr President. It’s One Zambia One Nation One People One GOD who is taking care of us all. May the almighty God bless Zambia.

  11. zeckman

    That’s matured politics, wonderful guys keep it up. These are the leaders we need.

  12. Raphael Banda

    Thanks so very much Mr HH, and that is the spirit we need from you leaders? Zambia is for all of us ” one nation…

  13. ray mulowa

    keep it up my president we want a good leader in our mother zambia and others will definately follow your steps.

  14. Claps James Mphande

    One Zambia One Nation

  15. Albright

    Nice one

  16. Gift m Hachikole

    One Zambia one Nation God bless you all

  17. Oliver juwa

    I thank the upnd leader Mr HH abt the respect he has given to our first lady mama Esther lungu May please God bless you and God bless currently president, Zambia is lovely

  18. Jackson shawa

    This is lovely

  19. ndamwumfwa maisa

    Congrates our first lady for showing him hw to love and also thanks goes to my frnd and his wife mama mutinta for the gud gesture.l hope that is the begining of dialogue in disguise may God touch your hearts so that you change for gud and stay blessed for our mother zambia in jesus’sname.Amen and thanks to you on behalf of zambians

  20. Edwin Lupasha

    That’s the way to go

  21. fidelis


  22. Zagalyfe

    Petersen Zagaze new song. Ziko yatu ichenje. Download here;

  23. Active Muchelemba


  24. Mwiende

    Thats a sanity what we want God blessing you Sir & all part & do this even to ecl my President

    • Tom London

      Bribge the political divide between the two presidents lady Esther and lady Mutinta . Nice spirit Republican president hh and the pf leader Edgar must see sense in what Lady Esther did .

  25. Nancy

    One Zambia one nation

  26. Barotseland

    That’s the way things should go as we are one in the image of God . I salute all.

  27. Isaack

    We are proud of you mr hakainde hichilema

  28. Diga Man

    May God continue blessing you all for this, I hope its from heart

    • Tom London

      Diga man that was the beginning of our long anticipated national dialogue between the upnd and the pf don’t you think so ?

  29. Paul

    Wow…🙌..this is good. Congrats to HH and Our First Lady.

  30. mcbenny

    thats the spirit we want in our country, mr hh God bless you.

  31. Foster simazaba

    That’s wonderful my dear president, extend this love to the sitting leadership to show them that you are not bitter the way they think you are, conclusion we only have one zambia that accomodet so many refugees in short we are parents of Africans ,keep it up my dear leader God bless your family and God bless Zambia thanks and thamps ichongedwe.

  32. Angoni

    May u show her the love,by greeting her,shame yo hubby who is out for leasure in the name of working holiday

  33. John simuyota

    much I know,hh is a good leader but these thieves politicians they disturb him.

  34. Reward Faraday

    That’s good

  35. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle

    President hh you are so called peace keeper.Fighting is taking zambia no were i thank you

  36. Kelvin kangwa

    May it continue

  37. Kelvin kangwa

    May it be continue

  38. Ree-shar

    One zambia one nation!!! Thats why i like politics coz there is no hatred in even u insult the other coreque shall just take as a joke.
    Well wonder Mr HH and you too Mrs Ester Lungu for showing peace

  39. Oscarmwale

    This is nice and good.

  40. Agatha

    One Zambia one nation-GOD for us all.

  41. chris m

    that’s what we whant

  42. Cox

    Nice one my president

  43. Christopher Silwamba

    Indeed To God Be Glory For His Mercy Endurath For Ever We Give Honor To Jesus And God The Father For Touching Our Leaders To Be United In Time Like This, Hh God Be With You And Mama Esther Lungu. Br.Chris Sills.


    Careful ESTHER Kali nayoponya ka hh nikakuluku don’t trust a snack

  45. F s

    Shi aliko ,you are the only snake we have now .

  46. Given Sibalwa

    How i wish these two major political parties PF and UPND cadres are able to read the comments posted this is a true picture of zambian,iam very much sure and convinced people dividing us are not zambian but selfish foreign individuals we warmly welcome,even give the asylum at the expense of donar funding.these foreign individuals while fighting amongest ourselves in the name of politics,they are busy manipulating and stealing our most treasured natural resources,copper and emeralds.the black mountain is just one good example on the copperbelt,and it is not even jerabos running the site,selfish foreign individual are using our few ignorant brothers, who are given peanuts (less),when it is us suppose to give foreigners peanuts (less).please politician put the interest of zambia first,whatever policies that does favour zambians refuse them,as the americans leaders do any policy that does not favour americans or britons is useless.thanks for the spirit madam and hh way forward.

  47. Mj

    I look forward to more of this kind. Bigup our leaders. This is the spirit we want


    That’s a nice couple my PRESIDENT MR HH keep it!!! lungu please forget about your wife ESTHER HICHILEMA HAKAINDE.

  49. Joe

    Hope it wasn’t for public stunt! It’s difficult for the leopard to change its color!

  50. Joe

    It’s impossible infact for the leopard to change its color!

  51. PHIRI martin

    That’s nice ,hope there was no backbiting .

  52. ndamwumfwa maisa

    Mr ecl is the president of zambia voted by pipo for the pipo but uyu mu boys you call president HH is for which country maybe they ve added another country in africa called upnd (plc) ltd were u just appoint individuals as prsnts bcoz of there wealth even if they dont ve qualities to be president ala mulemu wishapofye akashe nabana bakwe balecula melekwatako luse leave him alone with his family stop cheating by calling him prsnt lazy pipo. My frnd HH a word of advice to u, when a man or a woman divorces twice jst knw that balisulwa by pipo and families around them they are condemned same as GBM he is jst destroying yo repitation he cant help you in bembaland balimusula,we never knw even his grade 12 certificate yabukuluku that person cant pass any exams,bawelewefye abo.Nibamuselela kwakaba u may think that u are using him he is using u niba pf abo besu.

    • Joy

      ndamwumfwa maisa, shame on you. Thriving on hate, jealousy and envy will send YOU to your grave early. Repeat and use your energy, time and talent to build “bridges”.

    • Joy

      ndamwumfwa maisa, shame on you. Thriving on hate, jealousy and envy will send YOU to your grave early. Repaint, use your energy, time and talent to build “bridges”.

    • Break News

      You are still refering to shameful votes learnt from Zimbabwe. Look at what is happening already;
      Anybody appointed by ED the Butcher of Matebeleland is suspect. Justice Chigumba was appointed by ED on the understanding that she would help ED and Zanu PF to rig the 2018 Election. Justices Chiweshe, Makarau and Chigumba same same. Mugabe and ED same same. To legitimise the November 2017 Coup they are trying to rig the 2018 Election smartly. The New BVR Voters Roll and the Ballot Paper are the Election Rigging “Smoking Guns”for 2018. The Voters Roll must be full of irregularities and illegalities thats why Chigumba is reluctant to release it and subject it to an External Audit and Verification. Chigumba is keeping the Ballot Paper Printing Road Map Secret becoz they want to print bloated, Pre-marked and Chromotographed Ballot Papers. All eyes on ED and Chigumba.


      Maisa kkkkkkkkk!!!

  53. Joel kamfwa

    Keep it up.may God bress all of u

  54. ABRAHAM mundia

    This is a spirit of one zambia one nation.

  55. Vvvv

    That’s the way to go both parties. We r one. Bravo to HH and Bravo to Madam Lungu.

  56. Lungu

    One Zambia one nation


    I we CHI ndamwumfwa maisa!!! …. Let me tell you without fear, walipena, tawakwata mano, Umusula obe, sata nyako and you are very silly and you are mother fucker…. Chikala weimbwa…… You will die while defecating.


      Satanyoko ngosa leave ndamwumfwa alone fuck you too!!

  58. Antonio Mwanza

    shi aliko, I curse your daily life that you never prosper and you will die soon because of your bad attitude and immorality…. Mulungu Ayangane po.


      Amen Mwanza for cursing me your brother

  59. Florence

    This was a historical moment to witness, after madam Lungu laid her wreath, the Hichilema’s got up, walked across to not only greet but hug her. It was the two ladies first then HH who clearly shared a light moment with madam Lungu…it was really wonderful to see and wish it could happen more often…..Muswa, RIP!

  60. David mafumu njobvu

    Thats ubuntu you will win 2021

  61. Simwaba Vincent

    One Zambia one national

  62. FGM

    What the members of the ruling party and the opposition do in public can unite or divide our unitary state. ZNBC should also take the lead in promoting unity. ZNBC , Times of Zambia and Zambia Daily Mail should promote unity unity in our multi party politics .

  63. dziko latu

    good anyway

  64. magwaza

    thus gud both of u may God bless u all H.H’s family & E.C.L’s family one zambia one nation thus real love.

  65. Lilato la jesu

    I love this

  66. Shachz

    That is the way it ends; friends at last. Remember Michael & Levy !

  67. kipps

    I love to be in love,zambian we speech about love to both leaders please Lets be like a child u beat him now stil he’ ll cal u dady, please u the forower do not speak heat provoqing speach please do not mislead thèse traders they re Good people God bless zambia


      Sorry boi we are step children ‘s if you beat us we will co you chikala

  68. Adrian Jere

    Hichilema when you do that to president Lungu in truth and in spirit of forgiveness God will remember you mark my word.

  69. Dick Mbewe

    Brother or Sister, we are brother’s keepers in and out of season. Gooood.

  70. Mac2

    Cadres are fighting, political leaders are changing happiness, attending events together. Look at us😂😂😂😂😂🤗


      Where because of hand shake hh is a snack

  71. daniel sichone

    that’s good let’s peace continue in our nation

  72. KwaZulu

    Mr mulongoti,kambwili,rb,tayali,kalaba, mwaiona picture iyo? Respect Zambian pipo.

  73. mwami bazungu

    We’re all one thanks mr HH and esita.

  74. Pinner sepeto

    This is wat we need in zambia.in times of problems let us embrace each other and be there for one another.

  75. Milla

    That is what we call love

  76. pride mulungushi

    That’s nice

  77. Umu Zedian

    That’s the way life should be. Not I ukulafyolana ngamwakumana when you are all Zambians

  78. innocent

    Thats the Zambia I know

  79. Emmanwamunyima

    Best one

  80. Michael


  81. Brian

    l see pipo need alot of growing up to do.lm talking to you cadres. why negativity always? why do you always want fights to continue in our land? why do you rejoice whenever you see bloodshed? Lord have mercy on your souls! Forward with the nation, peace!

  82. coy power

    cisi chomwe anyika yomwe.cabota kapati maningi DUNDUMWEZI nditukkide abbeeke mubbasi.

  83. Wise

    Good one Mr President and mama First Lady

  84. lawance

    hh the real president of all Zambians.

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