Katumbi Addresses Kinshansa Supporters via Video Linkage

The Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Bruno Tshibala, said that President Kabila does not intend to run for re-election.  This is certainly a positive announcement however, there are still concerns over the integrity of the method by which the voting will take place, as well as questions over whether the elections will take place as scheduled, this December – two years after the constitution requires.

Over the weekend, thousands of Congolese gathered in Kinshasa to hear remarks from opposition leader Moise Katumbi. Governor Katumbi addressed his supporters via video to reiterate the need for free and fair elections in December and to remind supporters of his coalition with fellow opposition leader Felix Tshisekedi. Katumbi reassured supporters, stating, “I will return to Congo to end the suffering of the Congolese people”.

Separately, following the tragic and untimely death of 33-year-old activist Luc Nkulula on Sunday, opposition leaders and rights groups in the Democratic Republic of the Congo are calling for an investigation. Among the voices speaking out is Felix Tshisekedi, who stated in a tweet that the “main suspect” is power. Nkulula, a well-respected activist and the founder of civil society organization LUCHA, had repeatedly called for President Joseph Kabila to abide by the constitution and step down, fuelling suspicions that his death was not an accident.


  1. sunday chisha

    could it be a plot?

  2. Mac2

    Please kabila step down and end the Congolese suffe

  3. FGM

    The Congolese, the economy and neighbours have had enough from the misrule of the Kabila regime. African leaders advise your colleague to peacefully organise elections in December and handover power to a democratically elected government. God bless Congo D R.

  4. Ree-shar

    Mr kabila just step down , to create space for new leadership ,eeeeh !!!

  5. BTK

    Kabila should learn to respect Congolese constitution,infact the AU SADC and COMESA are the ones to blame cause they are seen what is happening & they are just watching,mind you,innocent souls are been lost nearly everyday.please may higher othorities Jake that niggar before so much late.

  6. Kachizo

    Mr kabila people don’t want you anymore,please step down .

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