KCM Miner Blasts Accidentally Himself to Death

A 35-year old underground miner at Konkola Copper Mine (KCM) has died after he accidentally blasted himself.

KCM Corporate Affairs Manager Eugene Chungu has identified the deceased as Ezekiel Mwape a scraper driver.

He has explained that the deceased accidentally blasted himself at 970 metres deep at 12 West, 6B drift and had his hand cut off with his stomach ripped.

“I can confirm the incident happened in the early hours of today where Ezekiel Mwape accidentally blasted himself, the body of the victim is in Nchanga South Mine Hospital mortuary awaiting post-mortem and police have opened a docket of inquiry,” Chungu said.

“The accident that has happened today has claimed the life of a KCM employee, no other employees were injured and all works at Nchanga Underground Mine have been halted while investigations are underway,” he added


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  2. shimaini (underground miner)

    Blasting till the end of time

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  5. JMB

    Comment MHSRIP

  6. GM

    Too bad , may his soul rest in peace

  7. martin chiyesu

    God’s comfort to the family & mhsrip.

  8. ivan nawa

    Comment I know that level. I once worked at this level as a rigger. mhsrip

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    Its a big loss to that family mhsrip

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    Too bad..

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    Imwe ba lipota. Accidentally blasted himself means nothing. Give us proper details. Ash Mwe!

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    Only God himself can help

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  16. Jobless & homeless & hopeless

    MHSRIP @KCM if you need a replacement am available

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    M.h.s.l.p,big lose to the family

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    Chabipa saana icho chintu. How assured are we that he just blasted himself?. RIP

  19. Elizabeth

    this is so bad,, my condolences to the deceased family and may his soul rest in peace


    Bembas muletekanya pombo wibilima that’s your say m. Y. ‘s. R. I

  21. Mr Kutemwa Humphrey

    Why can he blast himself and what caused him to blast himself and why was it that he was the only one evolved



  23. pw

    does the mining company have safe blasting procedures for transporting , handling , loading and firing blasts underground including restriction access to explosives

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    May his soul rest in peace

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