Recalled Chileshe Seals Maureen Romance

Recalled diplomat Cosmas Chileshe has followed through his romance with veteran broadcaster Maureen Nkandu and tied the knot today.

Chileshe and Maureen have fended off public condemnation with the former having lost his job in the diplomatic corps and gotten married at Hotel InterContinental.

Maureen has a colourful love curriculum vitae that has seen her in her heady days engaged in a celebrity affair with then football star Kalusha Bwalya with whom they have a child.

After falling out with Bwalya, Maureen got married to a Mundea with whom they broke up leaving her to her devices.

Chileshe sent his wife packing from Washington where he served as press attaché angering government that recalled him.



  1. Barotseland

    This marriage will soon fade out because they are all still young in mind .Ubuhule fye balecita

  2. Isaack

    Nice couple

  3. Isaack

    Barotseland jealous ki buloi

  4. Claps James Mphande

    Nayo nayo

  5. Angoni

    Mulukeni bu Bemba mwebantu

  6. Angoni

    Mulekeni mu Bemba mwebantu

  7. F s

    Nice caple ,but we don’t want vibaka uko guys ka. God bless you all.

  8. Benny

    I admire this lady she seems 2 be nice in bed hope next time she will be mine conglats couple

  9. chris m

    so this moman nichiule che,even you chileshe soon you will be dumped you have pressed a wrong button my dear you will regret

    • Getrude

      Marrying while the divorced wife is alive is sin. Chileshe knows the word of God


    Nxt its me with her kkkkkkk!!! Chilepule baby

  11. Shaka

    Congratulations, let us hope you keep the marriage longer.

  12. PHIRI martin

    Nice couple, hoping no more divorce to both

  13. kopala.

    so soon! a few weeks ago,this was just a mere friendship with Chileshe and his former wife then, still struggling to resolve their marital desputes.but hey!today that same Chileshe is somebody’s husband. how time flies.or Chileshe is just too fast.well!only GOD knows.

  14. Mamadu

    Comment Anyway ivi vintu ni va muzhiko ,Let’s wait and see!!!!.

    • kambwili

      nothing really is new, its not the first we are witnessing and this is wat has sustained local courts.

  15. Bunda

    Comment. Okey guys, congrats but…………!!!!!!!?????

  16. Able

    Comment The sad part is that They are both Divorcees ! Two Wrongs don’t make a right.. Looking at it on a Godly point of view its not just right! …… Am also a sinner who is struggling to do what is right… Good luck though….


      atase cosmas uza jumbwila mukati mwa cunt

  17. Soft

    Big ups to you…God protect your marriage.

  18. Shachz


  19. Edward

    Guys just pray to god every time, and your marriage will be strong forever.

  20. Barotseland

    I conquer with u Chris M that’s not marriage the man will soon be ditched for a new guy

  21. Mbala k

    I agree with those who are sceptical but again maybe since ba Maureen is in the after noon of her life. She may not want to lose this ‘diamond’ and be single again. On the other hand since she does not fear adultery ,if the husband does not provide all her needs (even money) she may meet a tycoon and she would fall for him whether he is married, she does not care.I hope the man had waited before tying the note,in case of reconciliation with his first cut wife.

  22. Al kaida

    Those ar the results of promiscuous behavior, there were a lot of defense about this affair, calling names to pipo who blew it ,that they were just friends ,wat is this rubbish we are seeing, God is seeing u ,lost souls

  23. Milla

    Truel love there is no saperetion

  24. Popoloza

    Akantu ako!

  25. Dominic Phiri

    The woman loves money.just in her teens way back in the early 1980’s when we were at Leopard Hill secondary school.lets hope this Chilesha will satisfy her with money.

  26. Michael


  27. Starboy

    The pussy tastes alot of salt, mayo mwakausho umunani

  28. nkandu luo

    I feel sorry for the xwife

  29. Chrissy ndhlovu

    The only worrying thing with maureen is that each time you hear she’s getting married just know that she had a device some were. She’s now a grown up woman, let her change her altitude of leaving husband that’s a shameful thing to us. What is she going to tell her on children and grandchildren? Maureen keep that marriage very self God is with you. Nice couple

  30. Patrice

    Nice! I wish I can marry her as well. Lucky blustered.

  31. Justin case 2

    Imagine if marriage was like a 7 year contract. Renewable. And if you manage to finish the tenure .government gives you a plot .
    And if you sign the next 7 years you re exempted from taxes.and zesco reduces your malaiti by 70 %.
    And if you dont divorce then government builds you a house

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