Wina Leads Hundreds in Sending Off Kalima

Gender Minister Victoria Kalima has been laid to rest at the Leopards Hill Memorial Park.

Acting President Inonge Wina led hundreds of mourners that included Fourth Republican President Rupiah Banda and his wife Thandiwe.

Church service was held at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross with the procession heading to Memorial Park.

President Edgar Lungu declared three days of national mourning in honour of Kalima.


  1. FGM


  2. Lawrence muma

    My the soul of mrs victoria kalima rest in internal peace, we going to u remember u as nation during the time shared together

  3. Richard Chikopa Tembo

    Zambia as a christian country has lost a formidable and gender activist who worked tirelessly for mother Zambia. May her soul rest in peace.

  4. Richard Chikopa Tembo

    I urge all family members to ironically and jerously look after the four children. I decree and declare peace and God’s blessings as our lord is comforting them in this solemnly period. May our God give them warmth and comfort in this trying moment. Amen

  5. mwaka mulonda

    May her soul rest in peace

  6. DO OR DIE


  7. Jk

    Zambia is mourning, when are others are enjoying in Kenya Zambia ,zambia twatekwa!

  8. Ree-shar

    May her soul rest in peace

  9. Claps James Mphande

    We will find u mama thank you for the great work u have done weldone. MHSRIP

  10. Charlesmicklay

    Rest in peace mama



  12. Augprina

    So sad indeed!!

  13. Trevor

    Still mourning a
    Vibrant and courageous icon.
    M..H. S. R. I. P .
    Ms Victoria Kalima.

  14. Trevor

    It’s wise to leave a name by good deeds than to be famous bcoz of chaos and mehems.
    As for you Ms Kalima, well done.

  15. Benny

    I hate say things like she worked tirelessly, she is difficult 2 replace etc better 2 say may her soul rest in Peace we will meet l think no one in GRZ has worked tirelessly everyone worked 4 his or her livehood that’s the truth

  16. Kachizo

    R.I.P ….till we meet again

  17. Harks

    May her soul rest in peace 😔

  18. Richard

    All these troubles will come to an end.revelation 21:3,4

  19. Samson phiri

    May her Saul rest in peace

  20. Walaza zulu

    She was realy a woman who was trying to promote gender equality.MHSRIP

  21. Siame v

    Comment:what a great loss as a nation&family M.H.S.R.I.P

  22. Jackson shawa


  23. Zamtunes

    Petersen Zagaze new song. Ziko yatu ichenje. Download here;

  24. Masauso

    M .h.s.r.i.p she was a man. Not woman

  25. brian force m

    M.H.S.R.I.P mama Victoria kalima.

    • ANDREW

      I feel bad to hear that kalima has Been in rest we have lost an important person as Eastern province and the country at large madam rest in peace

  26. joseph chitalu


  27. Foster simazaba

    Mupumule kabotu nobachizi sole twausa muchisi Chris.

  28. Joseph leon chipayeni

    mama may you rest in perfect peace, antil we meet on the other side.

  29. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle

    Cabija eco ohhhhhh we will never 4get u

  30. chri m

    M H S R I P

  31. Mk

    Rest in peace till we meet again in God’s palace.


    R. I. P mama

  33. Joel kamfwa

    Rest in peace

  34. Martin mwewa


  35. Abraham phiri

    May her soul rest in peace

  36. Soft

    Rest in peace..

  37. BTK


  38. Milla

    R est in peace my sister .we are missing u as a country

  39. Mwiende

    Mama lukamiupula will remember you mama may so rest on PC us pf&upnd will not forgot you from you’r job which you have did to the Zambian people Zambian peoples under you

  40. Mwiende

    Mama lukamiupula will remember you mama may so rest on PC us pf&upnd will not forgot you from you’r job which you have did to the Zambian people Zambian peoples under your ministerial

  41. Emma

    MHSRIP…We will remember you on your work mum.

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