29 Vie for Mayoral Ticket Under PF

The Patriotic Front that has received 29 applications from both their Party members and interested individuals for consideration to be adopted on the party ticket to contest the 26th July, 2018 Lusaka Mayoral Election and will select their successful Candidate on 23rd June, 2018.

Party secretary General Davies Mwila says the high number of applications demonstrates that the Patriotic Front is the most attractive Party and that the party’s internal democracy cannot be compared to any in Zambia.

“I wish to inform the nation that there has been an overwhelming response from the general membership of the Party who have applied to stand on the Patriotic Front ticket for the Lusaka Mayoral and Council Chairperson positions and Local Government elections” said  Mwila.

He said that the party Central Committee will meet on Sunday next week to select their preferred Candidate out those who expressed interest to contest the Mayoral Election.

“Let me also announce that Central Committee will sit on 23rd June 2018 to consider applications for Mayoral and Council Chairpersons in all the upcoming by-elections. I want to call on all our members to prepare for a people centred-campaigns in all the affected districts” he said.

He has also called on all the aspiring candidates to appreciate that under a democracy, there can only be one candidate and once that decision has been made, the party will be expected as always to move together and embrace the unity of purpose.

“In its deliberations, Central Committee will consider what is best for the people of Lusaka and other districts where the elections will be held as well as the Party at large” said Mr. Mwila.

The Former Chipili Lawmaker has preached peace telling their member to shun political violence ahead of the Mayoral Elections for the Greater City of Lusaka on 26th July 2018 in order to promote a culture of peace and tolerance.

“This call is in line with the directive His Excellency President Edgar Lungu made for all political parties, ourselves included, to carry out serious introspection on the question of violence by our members” he said.

He added that the Patriotic Front is therefore calling on its membership at all levels to exercise high levels of restraint even under great provocation from our opponents.



  1. Kambwili@yahoo.c

    Those who have shown interest just want to eat with PF or steal with them.


      You chikala you are still alive chi kambwili

  2. Munasi

    Disgruntled element. So you don’t want people to participate freely in their country on the party of their choice! I think you are groping in the dark y ou need to be shown some light.

  3. Matthews Chifwenta

    Am only encouraging the party to be focus for the work not for what people say

  4. Mwana wakwi2

    Only pf z de strongest party in zed wch will win de position, banangwa

  5. Mukomango Mwansa

    I can only encourage the patriotic front party to focus on coming up with developmentall projects everywhere, let them make this place better than they found it .not ukwibaaa

  6. Sexist

    29??? Its a party of hungry politicians. They just want the salary. What are their plans?? Palibe

  7. James claps mphande

    Mmmm awe mwadi pf illechita bwino

  8. ndamwumfwa maisa

    This is pure democracy in pf.Ba upnd learn from your frnds not jst pount pipo by one individual let pipo compete so that in future we come up with gud leaders for the nation to learn from others ebuntu taba insni

  9. zam

    Of all things go and find good for your family than what you are doing

  10. CHISUPA mathews

    OK we’re watching the film

  11. butter

    ba pf kuwayawaya fye party yanjala iyi,i cant west my time to vote for pf .beter to vote upnd coz its a the only party in zambia wich can take us a very very long way to change this country to be beter.

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