Zambian referee Janny Sikazwe will officiate today’s FIFA World Cup match involving Belgium and Panama.

Full Results of games played so far:

Russia 5-0 Saudi Arabia

Egypt 0-1 Uruguay

Morocco 0-1 Iran

Portugal 3-3 Spain

France 2-1 Australia

Argentina 1-1 Iceland

Peru 0-1 Denmark

Croatia 2-0 Nigeria

Costa Rica 0-1 Serbia

Germany 0-1 Mexico

Brazil 1-1 Switzerland




Sweden Vs Korea Republic

14:00 hours

Belgium Vs Panama

17:00 hours

Tunisia Vs England

20:00 hours





  1. mwimwi

    Congrates to Sikazwe for this woundeful achivment


    I have to watch this one.

  3. Biyela Kakupa

    A big hand to our referee,wish you all the best as you represent our country Zambia.

  4. Diga Man

    Congratulate to Mr. Sikazwe for this great achievement you have made Mr. Kamanga the FAZ President proud and the country in large am happy for you may God continue to blessing you so that you can given more tournaments

  5. Vicker Sweetman

    Great movement Mr.Sikazwe am wishing you all the best

  6. Self nyokozi

    Utaizyo kuli ya Sikazwe pakuleta utumpuluzi my caalo cako Zambia.

  7. Bruno mars the moonshine junglez

    One Sikazwe

  8. Chulu Stephen

    Great pipo in the society..🙌🙌

  9. clyt

    I waiting for this game

  10. Norris

    Our own….represent Zambia for us Mr sikazwe…proud of you.

  11. Angoni

    Wamukombe u have given us smiles despite poverty in our Nation work well the sky is the limit!!

  12. Pencil

    Congratulations Mr sikazwe. May our Lord be with you and continue blessing you till the end of this tournament.

  13. Kellys Mukuma

    I have no doubt in you.

    Mwaice we miss you at work -EBS

    Have a nice day!!!!!!!

  14. Martin mwewa


  15. Laban k

    Good lucky Mr JC, as proud and free Zambians, we are behind you.
    Remember u are presenting Zambia

  16. Simwanza Yolanta

    Tho our National team isn’t there but through you it feels like we are there,wishing u all the best ya Sikazwe only the sky is the limit.

  17. Gift Justal Nkhoma

    God Bless You Mr Sikazwe…


    Holder holder holder!!!

  19. Milla

    We are proud of u sikazwe

  20. Sali

    Well done Mr Sikazwe

  21. Withus simbeye

    Congratulation Sikazwe for representing Zambia on the world cup 2018. May the almighty God be with you and let u to be honesty.

  22. Nkombo Charles Mweene

    Yes Janny officiated he did us proud personally I think he was magnificent;Janny job very well done!

  23. Collins mwamba

    Zambian Referees should learn from him coz they are destroying the beauty of the game because of poor officiating.our own sikazwe is getting K700,000 after the tournament and per game it’s K30,000.AM wishing him to officiate more games for him to get more allowances.all the best Mr JS.

  24. Oj Empire

    Congrats Mr sikazwe

  25. muhamubi

    May God bless you mr sikazwe j


    Dear Bros.Continue With That Unwe Avering Spirit Your Will Be Able To Lift The African Flag To The So Called Whites.Mind You Mwanche Their Is No Limit Go Go Higher By Grace Of God. Chris sills.


    Congrats janny sikwaze..

  28. jr Bee

    One sikazwe

  29. Davison Bwalya

    The fist game at 14:00 Sweden will score 2 and Korea will score 1 let’s bet

  30. Bravo

    Happy we are for him

  31. Kunda

    I don’t want to miss

  32. Jomwechi

    Play for him

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