Democratic Republic of Congo president Joseph Kabila is scared an attempt to further circumvent the constitution may throw the vast central African nation into unmanageable chaos.

The Head of State now two years in office without a people’s mandate has established intelligence report that if he fails to exit office in December, his end could be more disastrous than fallen dictator Mobutu Sese Seko.

President Kabila has since began a process to secure legislative security which will grant him and his business associates as well as members of his family immunity from prosecution if he leaves office when the elections are held in December.

Lawmakers and multiple sources have confirmed the development.

Reuters reports that Prime Minister Bruno Tshibala said Kabila would not be a candidate, the clearest declaration yet from a senior government official on the matter.

But Kabila himself has refused to publicly commit to leaving office and some of his supporters have in recent weeks floated a legal rationale that would allow him to stand again.

“At the request of the president of the republic, an extraordinary session will be convened,” lower house speaker Aubin Minaku told deputies on Friday at the close of the latest parliamentary session.

“We will examine several items including the law on the status of former chiefs of state, the designation of a new member of the constitutional court and the law on the tax to promote industry,” he said.

It was not immediately clear when that session would take place.
Under the constitution, former presidents already receive broad immunity from prosecution as senators for life.

Modeste Mutinga, a senator from an opposition party, introduced legislation in 2015 to reinforce those protections in an effort to encourage Congo’s first ever democratic transition.

It stipulates that former presidents and their aides will not be liable for arrest for common law violations committed in the exercise of presidential functions. It also provides for bodyguards for ex-presidents and increases in their pension.

However the bill never came up for a vote.

“As the initiative for taking up this law during the extraordinary session comes from those who blocked the law, we think that this time we are really going to examine (it),” Mutinga told Reuters.

Kabila succeeded his assassinated father as president in 2001. He was required by the constitution to step down in December 2016 but the election to replace him has been repeatedly delayed.

Since then, security forces have killed dozens of anti-Kabila protesters while surging militia violence has raised the spectre of a repeat of civil wars around the turn of the century that cost millions of lives.

The special session will also select a new Constitutional Court justice to replace Felix Vunduawe Te Pemako, who was named president of a separate court this week.

Last month, Kabila and parliament named two close Kabila allies to the court in moves analysts say could be geared either at securing a judgment that allows him to run again or bolstering the chances that his preferred successor will win.


  1. Benny

    Kabila please step down

  2. master

    kabila sweet does not finish , just leave office mwana a game the hour has come for another president

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  4. Wilson mashumba

    The problem of this african presidents is that they re foolish and selfish,only want to hold things by themselves without reasoning of others.mr kabila just step down all else u face charges,it ain’t mean steping down is the end of the world mr president.its time for your friends that you have workt with to take charge also,u saved as a good president but why refusing to quite? which shows that you are a problem,change that habbit you were not voted its the constitution that chosed you.don’t make people run from their home land like you did.

  5. Zagaman

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  6. kel

    Learn from Zimbabwe, Kabila

  7. Diga Man

    Wilson you are right some African leaders there selfish they dont want others to rule the late Nelson Mandela given an example but they pretend like there blind fools

    • Chipe

      We look at some leaders as delfish because they are in position. But what we should learn and know all of us is that man is a selfish being. Man can not love without God’s love poured in us. Insults eminates from the hearts that has no love.


    You pipo you should understand that we are blacks even our minds are black too,so stop blaming this so called idiot kabila

  9. Mk

    Bwana Kabila leave the stage when people are still dancing for u or the dancers will turn against u and force u to dance

    • Haha

      The law of diminishing returns in full swing, what a waste of space. Let him go and join Mugabe at the blue roof mansion and enjoy the diamond lot.

  10. chalusa moses

    No man is an island. Learn from central African Republic

  11. Ree-shar

    Mr Kabila what do u want to do with the office again, just step down otherwise your people shall lose respect had for u sir, and u will end up called a biggest fool in the world

  12. FGM

    Because of misrule, dictatorial tendencies and corruption during their tenure most African leaders are not willing to leave their positions for fear of victimization in retirement period. Leaders should respect their electorate and national constitutions if their exit are to be smooth.

  13. Killer B

    All partners in crime are waiting for you in Hell:Zuma and Mugabe, you shared Congo’s richness so they can protect you and criminals like Mende. Time to pay back.

  14. Killer B

    Come on December 23rd 2018. Angola,Uganda and Rwanda are ready to intervene and force you out like it or not. Thanks to Macron. Call Mugabe and Zuma they won’t answer your calls anymore.

  15. Benny

    Kabila do want 2 end like ur father? Please learn that life is precious keep it properly until God calls u. Life is not only about eating expensive foods.

  16. Richard Chikopa Tembo

    Nearly no one has ever enjoyed peace after his similitude. Hence his fears.the battle is not to the strong nor the race to the swift but time and Chance happens to them all. It’s over once again. Give chance to others.

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