Kalaba Linked DP De-registered

The Harry Kalaba aligned Democratic Party (DP) has officially been de-registered by the Registrar of Societies.

Party spokesperson Judith Kabemba has confirmed the development stating that the move taken is illegal and will be challenged in court.

The Democratic Party has had the Registrar of Societies on its tail since it announced Kalaba as its Presidential candidate for the 2021 elections.

Kabemba alleged that actions of the Registrar of Societies were arbitrary and suspicious as there were no credible grounds to de-register the party.

“DP will not be moved or shaken by the political hooliganism and manoeuvres being perpetrated by Chief Registrar of Societies. Instead DP will draw inspiration, courage and determination to soldier on knowing confidently that we are a force to reckon with. The decision taken by Mhende (Chief Registrar of Societies) clearly demonstrates that there is a big hand pushing for this action,” Kabemba said.

She has appealed to part members to stay calm as the party will challenge the de-registration in court.

“The DP would like to therefore urge its members not to panic but to stay calm and collected as everything is under control. Let it be put on record that the DP will take this  matter to court and our lawyers will explore every possible legal way and  justice will be given because the Registrar of Societies has no reasons whatsoever that warrants the deregistration of the party,” he said.

Two weeks ago, the Registrar of Societies had written to the Democratic Party informing them of its intentions to deregister them following a random check at its party Secretariat.


  1. Benny

    Is this not politicians doings? It seems as PF is not happy with Kalaba for leaving them

  2. Shaka

    Kalaba is really a threat to P F

  3. impunuswa

    good move too much political parties thats y u will fail to remove pf in power.

  4. butter

    jst wait u wil be colapse in 2021 we r going to remove pf evn if they want or not.we want change we sufered alot enough is enough we want upnd now we r tired of crying day & night.

  5. Don doc

    Yes! Thats good too much to ntemba political parties.

  6. King David

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha too bad mweh.

  7. Mk

    Now Mr Kalaba u’re on other side of the political arena,prove your self.

  8. Angoni

    Mr Kalaba just join the already existed party to chuck PF out!


    you just joining the NDC, rather than pf party.

  10. Munasi

    Hey it,s a party for bembas.No proper thinker can join this party.

  11. Munasi

    What’s wrong with kalabas face he looks as though he is smelling fe…..

  12. Citizen

    Umuntu kumuleka,,,that’s y i hv stopped supporting any ov these parties,,,cz thy add no value to my life.

  13. Idk

    Too bad

  14. Mukomango Mwansa

    What is wrong with our integrity man today??Mr kalaba sir !!! I don’t think you will make it even if am not your GOD

  15. Cuthbert beltrand

    I love this man but why?

  16. Kafman siçh...one

    Mr HK we wanted to see if you’re man of enfruence resign from pf to start your on part if you do like that I will join you if not you’re going no were

  17. bruce

    bembas power hungry hyenas

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