Kavindele Writes Pres. Lungu to Return Dr Chiluba’s Seized Properties

Former Vice President Enock Kavindele has written to President Edgar Lungu to facilitate the handover of property that was grabbed from former President Frederick Chiluba on account of alleged corruption.

And MMD faction secretary general Raphael Nakachinda said that his party would be forced to conduct peaceful demonstrations to ensure that Chiluba was honoured.

Meanwhile the Jewish Community in Zambia held a Memorial ceremony for Dr Chiluba at Embassy Park that was attended by his first wife Vera.

Kavindele who served as Dr Chiluba’s deputy said he had teamed up with former cabinet ministers in the Chiluba administration to compel President Lungu to restore the seized properties.

He said that he would lead a fight that would ensure that Chiluba’s immunity was resolved posthumously.

“Dr. Chiluba wanted Zambians to become property owners that is why he sold council houses to sitting tenants, the idea was to start the construction of the Presidential Housing Initiative-PHI, Dr Chiluba, was a great man,” Kavindele said.

Kavindele said Chiluba never stole but was framed by individuals he helped ascend to power.

“I know that Dr. Chiluba, was not a thief and society has been made to believe that. He was framed by those who used the media to make Citizens think that the Man, who brought democracy in Zambia stole money in Government” said Kavindele.

Kavindele said that he was writing a book detailing the presidency of Dr. Chiluba, which he hopes will avail more details which most Zambians may not be privy to.

And Nakachinda said that members of the former ruling party will be forced to conduct peaceful demonstrations in view of pressing the current administration to honour late Chiluba.

“Some of the people, who are now cabinet ministers, are beneficiaries of the freedom of association that Dr. Chiluba, believed and wanted to see to it that Zambians can freely talk” said Nakachinda.

The event was attended by former first Lady Vera Chiluba, former ministers Peter machungwa, ambassador Mumba Kapumba, former deputy speaker of the National ASssembly Mutale Nalumango among other eminent persons in Society.


  1. Frank

    Rest in peace DR FTJC

  2. BTK


  3. Victor

    M.h.s.r.i.p #Ftj


    Peace is all that we need as zambians r.i.p.p

  5. Paba

    To me he is and will always be the best President Zambia has ever had. Thanks EK and Clue I personally support that… You will always be my Hero FTJ, REST IN ETERNAL PEACE because you too Loved Peace.

    • ROKA

      PABA,you are right!FTJC initiated the development we are deiing today.One of his former ministers who shared his vision was Mr.Sata.That’s why when Mr.Data ascended to power,he embarked on what fat john disturbed in conjunction with unip leaders and pot newspaper and some lawyer.He must be honoured!!

  6. Bowise

    With due respect to EK, we have more serious issues of national interest such as “political hygiene”, creation of jobs, public order act … Not this business of patronage, which has created super creatures, unaccountable even to the voters. Like Prof Lumumba put it, voting for them is like they have won a jackpot. We need strong institutions Parliament, Judiciary, Media to facilitate continuous development. The Executive is proving to be a let down, maybe we have vested too much power in an “individual” with no supervision. But how come Magufuli has had such an impact within a short space of time, watch Tanzania in the next 5 to 10 years.

    • Sexist

      Yeah The people of Zambia are behaving as if it is not democracy they want. The people continue to give the president more power when every democracy minimises a president’s power. They pass stupid laws for him such as defamation of the president. What for? Do we want to be a democracy or a King Mswati enclave?

  7. Mukomango Mwansa

    I strongly agree with you Mr Bowise

  8. MUM KK

    What looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quarks like a duck is a duck.

  9. Razor

    Why don’t you allow this thief to rest in peace. Do you still want him to suffer ridicule in death as he was ridiculed in life. A thief will always remain a thief.

    • What did he steal!people want to project what they on others!People who persecuted FTJC were suffering from superiority complex!

      What did he steal? People who persecuted FTJC were suffering from superiority complex.They did believe that he defeated them at the polls!!

  10. Sexist

    Was Chiluba a jew?

  11. Milla

    Do not say that rover that man opened thing that was hidden.

  12. John tembo

    Paper ulemu wanu,koma mau a ndale lekani sitibwelera kumbuyo ziko LA Zambia siku iriyose kubadwa ana a zeru ,kale kunali imwe lero na a lungu mawa niwina so sitibweleso kumbuyo koma zelu yanu ya bwino koma thawi

  13. Lungu HH Gbm is my name

    Honour FTJ we are a Christian nation not a satanic nation….Respect the dead.

  14. zam

    Why now????!? Where were you when the man was trabled and you want raise today and say he was a great man no that’s madness!!!!! The man is dead, buried and decomposed then you want raise him ……. You were quite all this time and you didnt want to bring these issues on the table .. .. why??? Take that issue to your members if you are interested let the man sleep and rest in Jesus name

  15. Collins mwamba

    To those who are saying chiluba must honoured I think you need medical checkups.you should have done that when chiluba was alive,you should have fight for him when he was alive not this nonsense you are taking.you want to reap where you don’t sow,you want to be the owners of those things chiluba left the only thing that the government can do is to give chiluba’s family something to do especially the wife and the children.

  16. Davis Matak

    Chiluba will always be my hero

  17. muzo

    These ar crucks. They want 2 have shares n reap where they did not sow.

  18. muzo

    These guyz ar crucks. They want 2 have shares n reap where they did not sow.

  19. Benny

    Kavindele is just a useless man he is was trying 2 do everything in order 2 find employment when he woke up from no where just 2 support RB that was in 2011 but his preferred candidate was defeated now he followed ECL and now he is trying 2 use the dead stupid Chiluba was labeled a thief and died with that title now u are rising useless senses that will enable some people 2 insult him even in his grave please ba kavindele let him rest peace with a little respect that he gained.

  20. Brashe L/stone

    Iwe chikavindele no Zambia ya nyoko,u think we re blind u’re the same idiots who crucified that man,today u want a Peaceful demo Lee forener in chani, why today infarct u also we need to grab your property,l wish Mr EC lungu is not going to listen to these idiots coz their the same idiots who crucified him atase nensoni taukwete u went behind yo friend then lelo u think we are blind, ataa lwe ba kolokombwa mutasha umuntu chilya afwa,u’re just guilt of yourselfs which property today?forget mufuna mo ngenela mu PF nima tricks.

  21. Self nyokozi

    He declared Zambia as a Christian Nation and is the man who knew the suffering of Zambian people. How possible is it that he stole ? Check this out don’t be stupid


    Where does he want to take them?

  23. ndamwumfwa maisa

    Remember the gud things FTJ have done the freedom we are enjoying today.A garrant trade union fighter who fought for our parents mega salaries almost sacrified his life went to jail on our behalf in hands of kk,an advocate of freedom( democracy).pls let us honour him Our listening prsnt mr ecl i know u are there for us pls do something even to his family they need empowerment listen to there humble cry u are the only father we have.

  24. JOJO


  25. Emmanwamunyima


  26. Maxiwena Maxinal

    I agree with you Mr E kavindele

  27. Jay jay m

    It’s obvious this guy(kavinde…) Is after sumthing

  28. Chikwimi Mwila Chisombo

    Stop asking things from dead person think tomorrow will you Mr kavindele.

  29. PC

    FTJ a great man indeed mhsrip. Right now we need to do better than this situation .

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