UPND Blames G12 Certificate Clause for Defecting Councillors

The opposition UPND has been lamenting the exodus of councillors with Kasempa District chairman Davison Wahuna saying economic reasons were the major reason.

Wahuna said that the grade 12 certificate requirements had forced the party to adopt councillors who were not loyal to the party.

He said the party shoulders the blame for the mass exodus of its members as most councillors adopted were not based on loyalty but merely on academic qualification.

Wahuna has alleged that Alick Kikwama of Nkenyauna Ward who recently defected to the Patriotic Front was not a popular candidate but won merely because he stood on a popular party.

“Yes, we are worried but I can state from the onset that we did not look at loyalty when adopting some of these candidates in 2016, most of them we focused so much on their academic qualifications because most of our loyal members had no academic qualifications,” he said.

Meanwhile, Patriotic Front North Western Province Chairman Jackson Kungo has lebelled the UPND a feeder political party.

Kungo said because the UPND was now a nursery party in the province, the will continue to poach its members to the ruling party.

He said the executive will work towards finishing the UPND ahead of 2021 elections.


  1. Emmanwamunyima

    Yes it’s true


    This the importance of school

  3. Anthony chitefu


  4. semmy

    Upnd has finnished jst accept being rich is the passport of winning elections us we win even with a poor man we will win again 2021 continue wit your tribal party u wiill cry even 2031

  5. Lolo

    So UPND in short u are saying all your so called loyal members don’t have certificates right? Fili eko tuleya

  6. magwaza

    pipo who is serous abt lif & thos who has children cant vote fo pf.dont pretend as if things r ok,jst say the truth that pf destroyd the country & rb as wel that slogan of wakoni wako he is the one who brought tribalism in this country.


      Even your name magwaza can tell that you are a typical useless tonga and a upnd member in particular

  7. Brian

    Magwaza you are very right my brother.

  8. Lolo

    Does it mean UPND ni party yafikopo? (a paryy of empty tins)

  9. Lolo

    Does it mean UPND ni party yafikopo? (a party of empty tins)

  10. magwaza

    try H.H in 2021 if u want to end all problems u r facing in this country,H.H is most educatd person in this country & richest peson he is going to change zambia within few months let us once u vote let us
    wait & see.he did economy,finance,busines,law & many more.


      Education is very important.
      If one is educated he can not end up being violent & a good for nothing praise singer.

  11. Mukwa

    Should I take it the only consideration at that time was only a G12 certificate? Not even the duration of membership in the party prior to adoption? Not surprising that the party was invaded by opportunitisits.

  12. Self nyokozi

    Ba pf just have yo own people with G12 certificates not getting from other parties. Koswe mumpoto (rat in the pot)


      How can you become a leader without education

  13. Mukomango Mwansa

    Mr magwaza u are a liar ,being rich it doesn’t mean that one has got wisdom or that he can change this country. Maybe in your place…………….


      Mukomango leave this fool so called magwaza nd concentrate on ather important things

  14. butter

    iwe mwansa H.H wil change de country coz he has qualities for leadership & he is very inteligent & famous de whole world than…..


      He will change your family not the country chi butter


    Some have been to school for 12 Years within your party nd busy putting on suits, holding posts you don’t even qualify

  16. VIP

    Shi aliko, you are very LUNATIC and ILLITERATE/IGNORANCE. KAPALA.


      Vip boi careful i will castrate your manhood fuck you too

  17. VIP

    Ooh! Point of collection, You are mother fucker and without hesitating I want to tell you that, Satanyoko chikala.

  18. Frank



    CHI shi aliko, you will castrate your father and your mother NOT VIP.you are moving grave imbwa we!

  20. Milla

    Take your member to school it is important.

  21. buter

    iwe chishialiko ndiwe chofunta unvela.Is it problem to stay in the vilage?wach out 2021 is ours upnd evn if u want or not.if u dont want upnd its beter u hangyourself or u go to other country not zambia.

  22. MÆJOR

    Hmmmm…. So what will happen HH he’s beaten again in 2021, will he resign or what coz it’s too much

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