Chipata to get a Thermal Power Station

Eastern Province permanent secretary Chanda Kasolo says government has intervened in the alleged problems between Paramount Chief Mpezeni and the institution that wants to put up a thermal plant in Chipata.

Addressing journalists recently,  Kasolo said he was very happy with the project.

“I was being asked that there were some problems between the Paramount

Chief and the people who want to develop (a thermal plant), now we did the necessary intervention and the Paramount chief has given a great blessing to these projects,” he said.

Kasolo said there were two pieces of land had been identified with one from government which is about 74 hectares and another which was between 110 to 115 hectares from Paramount Chief Mpezeni.

He said consultants had already done the topography testing on the same land which is earmarked for the plant.

Kasolo said the project would help create employment for local people.


  1. Zach

    Plz do it,zesco isn’t stable.

  2. semmy

    Thats wat kings should do

  3. Randy Shackelford

    Thank you to Paramount Chief Mpezeni and Permanent Secretary Chanda Kasolo. May your leadership continue to bless the lovely people of Eastern Province.

  4. Jones Chilufya Kamo

    Yes please 😍😍😍
    Bring it on,once we have address energy challenges only then will we hope in escalating our economic growth. …Thank you God bless you


    I wish zesco to disappear for ever, pliz bring it

  6. The Zambian

    Thermal Power runs with COAL.
    COAL sourcing logistics can be costly and are limited.
    DAM the LUANGWA RIVER. Think big and long term.
    A dam will also provide water for the animals.

  7. Emmanuel Banda

    We can appreaciate sir may it be done thanks.

  8. emilios

    Your quick action will be highly appriated because peopl don,t thank wat happens.

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